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Sun 5th February, 2012

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TruenoGT commented on US Release Date Confirmed for Duck Hunt on the...:

This is awesome, hope to see other NES zapper games as well. Thanks to clever unofficial methods, I've been able to enjoy my old Super Scope collection on a modern TV with the Wii remote and it works extremely well. Many of those games seem destined for the Wii remote and I'm surprised we haven't seen more new games ala Yoshi Safari and Battle Clash for Wii or Wii U.



TruenoGT commented on Mega Man Zero Arrives Along With More Discount...:

After falling in love with Azure Striker Gunvolt, I went on a Megaman buying spree last week getting the DS Zero collection, and the PS2 X and MM collections. I'm totally set on Megaman games! Still, might snag a GB game or two... :)



TruenoGT commented on Game Boy Advance Shooter Pocky & Rocky With Be...:

Yes, it would be awesome if this and eventually the SNES games came to the VC. SO expensive on eBay. I have the original as part of a Taito arcade compilation and played the first SNES game on rental many years ago. So cute and very fun.



TruenoGT commented on Developer of Retro City Rampage Explains, Agai...:

Even if you'd still have to go to Wii mode to play them, it would great if Nintendo could at least sell WiiWare games in the eShop. There's a lot of great games on the service that could use the exposure, and it's not like Wii U is overflowing with games at the moment.



TruenoGT commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

The N64 always sticks out for me because it's unique in so many ways. I think more than any other Nintendo system since the NES, the N64 brought new concepts to the table and reinvented gameplay styles like nothing else since. A lot of games and hardware still to this day are simply evolutions of ideas pioneered on the N64. Credit to the ushering in of 3D for much of this, but Nintendo and Rare were in my eyes among the first companies to take 3D games from advanced tech demos to being full on gaming experiences.



TruenoGT commented on The Next Theatrhythm Game Is All About Dragon ...:

Loved the premise, but hated the art style of the Theatrhythm games. I'd be arguably more excited for a DQ version of this, but I hope they don't use the same "cupie dolls with Flash rigging animation" style of the first two, totally turned me off the series.



TruenoGT commented on Video: Use Your amibo Figures Without Removing...:

This is cool. I've got a couple Amiibos now, but haven't taken them out of the packaging yet. I don't really care about resale, but would like to use them and keep them dust-free so this seems a good way to do it.



TruenoGT commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

I'd love to see their next gen gaming handheld just add a cell modem with capabilities for traditional voice (via a bluetooth headset) and text, i.e. add phone capabilities to DS. Combine that with a kick-butt browser to effectively access web services from Google, MS, etc, and you'd be all set. I'd buy it.



TruenoGT commented on Nintendo Download: 4th December (North America):

Will get Captain Toad this weekend. Wonder if we'll see another ubisoft discount this year, would like to get ZombiU digital for $20 or so. Will probably stock up on a few lower priority titles with the DDP expiring soon.



TruenoGT commented on Rumour: Has Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem B...:

Hope this isn't the case, though it wouldn't surprise me with how little we've heard. I'm not particularly interested it to be honest, but it's clear that for others this is THE Wii U game so I hope it's still coming (and be great!).



TruenoGT commented on Masahiro Sakurai Admits That Super Smash Bros....:

Yeah, hopefully Sakurai can move on and develop some small, new IP projects. I can't imagine being up against the ever increasing expectations of the massive SSB fan base every time. Once upon a time, there was no Smash and he created something new which became a phenomenon. Hopefully he has the chance again.



TruenoGT commented on Review: Tetris Ultimate (3DS):

Another vote for Tetris DS. Speaking of which, I wish Nintendo could manage to put retail DS games on the 3DS eShop, and retail Wii games on the Wii U eShop. Great way for people to catch up on some last gen classics that are hard to come by these days.



TruenoGT commented on NINJHAX Exploit Is All About Nintendo 3DS Home...:

There's like a half dozen other homebrew capable handhelds. I understand the appeal of doing this for 3DS, but looking at the big picture it's a bad move for the industry and a handheld that's already struggling to attract publishers. I think they should have waited until the 4DS or whatever was released.



TruenoGT commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

Guy's entitled to his opinions regarding the Vita (though I disagree wholeheartedly), but he's dead wrong about the casual void left by the Wii being latent. It's been filled with smartphones and tablets without question. Sony has as much hope of capturing it back as any other dedicated video game device.... ZERO.



TruenoGT commented on Table Top Racing: World Tour Dev Isn't Sure Ab...:

That's like not releasing a 2D action game because Super Mario Bros. is on the system... clearly that hasn't stopped other companies/indies from releasing and having great success with similar styled games. If you like MK8, you might be interesting in checking this out for some variety!



TruenoGT commented on Review: Pier Solar and the Great Architects (W...:

I don't know, there's plenty of classic 16-bit RPGs I haven't played yet and I'd rather have the real deal. Wish Square Enix would localize some of their SNES RPGs for Virtual Console that never made it west such as Treasure Hunter G, Bahamut Lagoon, Seiken Densetsu 3, Live A Live, etc, etc, etc. Like that'll happen!



TruenoGT commented on Nintendo Aiming To Create A Stronger Bond With...:

I understand the need for them to do this because the majority of potential customers connect with the world through "smart devices", but as a non-smartphone user, I see it as more of a distraction for Nintendo than anything. Still, it's clear Nintendo needs to expand their fanbase 'cause us diehards can't float the Nintendo boat on our own.



TruenoGT commented on Nintendo Discusses Plans for amiibo Cards, Fra...:

I'm OK with this as long as it isn't too inconvenient. The e-reader was fun, but needing to scan card after card to load a game or level (every time you wanted to experience it) was a pain. If Amiibos become basically DLC in a less convenient, more expensive package, I'm not particularly interested. For example, if I need to NFC the appropriate Amiibo every time I want to wear a particular outfit in MK8, that's going to be lame after the first one or two times.



TruenoGT commented on Region-Locking May Be a Thing of the Past Soon...:

I've bought a number of import games/systems going all the way back to Final Fantasy V on the SFC, and while I understand the business side, it would be nice to have to jump through less hoops in the future. This has been the hardest generation yet, and I'd really like to buy some more recent JPN-only releases without buying extra systems.