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TrueWiiMaster commented on Potential Massacre Averted At Pokémon World C...:

No, I don't, but that doesn't mean there will never be a time when people need to take up arms against a tyrannical government. Regardless of whether that time ever comes, the right to bear arms is guaranteed so that people can protect themselves and their freedom should either come under attack. So no, I don't think we're in immediate danger from the government, but I think the citizenry having the ability to fight back should there be a danger is an important right. As kind of an aside, I doubt the Germans would have thought their government was capable of the horrors the Nazi's committed 10 years before they came to power, either.

And again, guns are frequently used for self-defense, too. Many people have used guns to protect themselves and their loved ones. People use them to hunt, too, of course.

Globally speaking, most other countries don't have the same freedoms as the USA, and most other countries weren't born by escaping tyrannical rule with the citizens' guns.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Potential Massacre Averted At Pokémon World C...:

Assault rifles, as in the automatic rifles used in the military, aren't legal to own. The gun many people confuse as an assault rifle, and which is almost certainly what these guys had, the AR-15, is not automatic, and isn't very different from a regular rifle. Many people use them for hunting, and some people just like them better than traditional rifles. Because of its appearance, it has become the go-to example for gun control advocates, but it's just another semi-automatic gun like almost every other gun on the market. It's also worth mentioning that murders with rifles, including AR-15's, make up an incredibly small number of the murders in America. More people are killed with bare hands than rifles.

Feel free to tell the people who defended their lives and property with guns how "barmy" it is that they were able to do so. I'd ask you to say the same thing to Holocaust survivors, but they were disarmed before being put into concentration camps, so they weren't able to defend themselves. History has shown us time and time again the danger of being a disarmed populace. It's not some theoretical idea thought up by gun owners.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Potential Massacre Averted At Pokémon World C...:

That's both bizarre and disturbing. At least they got caught. Hopefully the police can get them for more than just possession.

To all the people bashing America and it's gun laws, the 2nd Amendment exists for a reason. If people are unarmed, they're defenseless. We can look to history and see numerous cases of disarmament followed by subjugation, including Hitler, Stalin, and various other regimes. On a more personal level, gun ownership allows you to defend yourself from other individuals, whether they be rapists, terrorists, murderers, or burglars, without relying on someone else to save you.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Director's Cut G...:

I'm not at all interested. If they put the DLC on the eshop, I might buy it, because the game was a lot of fun, but there's no way I'm going to buy it again, especially at almost 7 times what I originally paid for it (got it on sale for $6).



TrueWiiMaster commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

I feel sorry for the guy being out of a job, and a great job at that, but as he himself admitted, it was his own fault. I don't blame Nintendo in the least for firing an employee who spoke publicly, sometimes in a negative way, about Nintendo without permission. He didn't have the authority to say what he said.

And you don't need a $300 Japanese 3DS to play Project X Zone. It was released in America.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Editorial: Super Smash Bros. Should be Integra...:

I could see a version of SSB that included all of the DLC, and maybe all of the levels from both the Wii U and 3DS games, coming to the NX. It wouldn't be a remake so much as a "Greatest Hits" kind of thing, and it wouldn't be unlike Nintendo's recent decision to do pretty much the same thing with Hyrule Warriors on the 3DS (actually, Hyrule Warriors Ultra on the NX would be pretty cool too).

Aside from such "Ultimate" versions, I'd much prefer if Nintendo looked further back for games to remake. I'm still rooting for Mario Sunshine HD.

And as for Animal Crossing, the only way it will come to the NX early is if it skips the Wii U, or comes to both as one game. If Animal Crossing U came out in the the next two years, as it would have to, it would be too soon to release a new Animal Crossing on the NX in its first year. That said, and as much as I'd love a new Animal Crossing on the Wii U, the idea of Animal Crossing being a launch game for the NX does sound pretty great.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Weirdness: Revenge is a Dish Best Sold on eBay...:

Unless he cheated or something, which would be worthy of revenge like this, it sounds like she was the real problem in the marriage. She's clearly a very spiteful, jealous person. We'll never know what actually went on in their marriage, but her actions represent her, and they don't make her look good.

And what judge in his right mind awarded her the husband's games anyway? How does that make any sense?



TrueWiiMaster commented on The Square Enix Teases for Dragon Quest 3DS Lo...:

I'm definitely interested in DQ7, but I'm a little hesitant about DQ8, mainly because it's going to be a visual downgrade from the original version. I might still get it, though. I have it for the PS2, but never got around to finishing its long campaign, and no longer have my PS2 hooked up. The 3DS would certainly be a much more convenient way to play it.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

We'll see. If it's coming in 2017, as many believe, its design probably isn't even set yet. I'd be surprised if Nintendo didn't make the NX about as powerful as the PS4, mainly because even at that level consoles can barely push 1080p, which is the next step from the 720p most Wii U games are restricted to. That said, if the NX is a handheld/home console combo, it might make sense for the system to be a bit on the weak side. Even just 720p would be a landmark for dedicated handhelds. If that is the case, though, it may not bode well for the system as a whole, as it would probably be little stronger than the Wii U.

In the end, I'm more interested in what it will do and how it will do it than in how many pixels it can push. 1080p would be great, but gameplay's always most important.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Hands On: Blast Ball Brings Crude Button Mashi...:

"but it still felt laborious and with all players taking the same approach it quickly felt like an evenly matched tug-of-war, with both teams making little to no progress and settling for stalemate."
That's basically why I don't like watching soccer. 90 minutes of playing and you end up with just a few goals. It sounds like Blast Ball at least captured that aspect.

Blast Ball is something I'd play, but only for a short time. It would probably be okay in local multiplayer, but online it would get boring fast, and I generally don't have 3 other people with 3DS's around to play locally. I'm more interested in the main campaign of Federation Force. At first I thought it was awkward and annoying that the next Metroid wasn't going to star Samus, but now I'm genuinely interested in what they'll do without her.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Exposé Reveals Torrid St...:

Meanwhile Retro and Next Level have had great experiences with Nintendo, and have never, that I've heard, accused Nintendo of any kind of racism/nationalism. The situation with Project HAMMER is/was unfortunate, but I think this is a case of each side blaming the other when both sides deserve some blame.

Some of those suits know more about game development than most developers.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Interview: Warren Spector on the State of Nint...:

"I got to meet Mr. Miyamoto twice. One time he put his hand on my shoulder and I instantly became a better designer – I heard the Zelda theme go off."
That's awesome.

I really enjoyed the first Epic Mickey, despite the lack of voice-acting and the bad camera. The personality and design of the game really shined through. I still haven't gotten Epic Mickey 2, but that's mainly because I haven't gotten around to it. I was pretty disappointed that the Wii U version lacked motion controls, and seemed pretty glitchy/laggy, so when I do get it, I'll be getting the Wii version.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Review: Never Alone (Wii U eShop):

Are these problems unique to the Wii U version, or in all versions? If it's just a rough Wii U release, maybe there's still hope for an update to fix the issues. It would be pretty disappointing if this is just how the game is, period. It looks like it had a lot of potential.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Mario Parody Kill The Plumber Rejected From iO...:

"No assets were stolen"
Perhaps, but I'm pretty sure drawing a picture of Mario and putting it in your game is still copyright infringement, even if you change the "M" on his hat to an "X". The game sounds pretty interesting, and could be legitimately fun, but they should use their own stuff rather than ripping off Nintendo's.



TrueWiiMaster commented on The Current State Of Virtual Reality Just Isn'...:

I think VR is cool, but I don't know if I'd want to use it in any significant way. I'd rather not become blind and deaf to the world while I'm playing video games.

When he was talking about the social aspect, he was probably referring to actual socialization. VR could be used for online connectivity, but at the cost of completely cutting you off from those around you while you use it. Nintendo has always promoted local multiplayer, and VR is the complete opposite.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

I wonder if he intended to reveal as much as he did. Not only did he reveal that the NX is Nintendo's next home console, and that it will replace the Wii U in the next 3 years, but he also confirmed that Retro's not currently working on Metroid, which has long been rumored. He also suggested that the Gamepad will not be supported, or at least not be standard, on the NX, by saying that dual screen gameplay would be great, but probably won't happen since the game isn't being developed for the Wii U.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Iwata Vows To Listen To E3 2015 Digital Event ...:

"Do you think the Digital Event was really that bad?"
They announced only 2 new Wii U games, neither of which was a major title, and one of which (Animal Crossing Party) was a huge disappointment. The 3DS support was much better, but simultaneously disappointing, because the games it got were generally wanted on the Wii U. Yes, it was pretty bad.
Nintendo did show some genuinely awesome games, but they were all games we knew about a long time ago.

What I don't understand is why they left out indies altogether, especially after releasing the 9 E3 indie demos. They didn't mention the eshop or the Virtual Console at all. They also left out Project Treasure, Fatal Frame, Chibi Robo, and Mystery Dungeon, as well as the handful of 3rd party games the Wii U's getting, like the LEGO games, Just Dance, Disney Infinity, and Rodea. They even left out Bravely Second. There was also no mention of any New 3DS exclusives, or new special editions. The Direct could have been a lot better. In fact, it's so glaringly lacking that I think/hope there will be more coming as the live coverage continues.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

The Direct was a big disappointment. Almost everything was previously announced, and the new announcements were the opposite of what people wanted. People wanted a Wii U Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, and Metroid Prime. Nintendo gave us a 3DS Paper Mario crossover, Animal Crossing Party, and Metroid Prime for the 3DS. They gave us the franchises we wanted, but not in the ways we wanted them, which might actually be worse than if they hadn't given them at all. To be clear, though, I do want Paper Jam, it just isn't what I wanted them to announce.

All that said, I still expect to see more announcements this week. Unlike its competitors, Nintendo's E3 goes for 3 days. There were key components missing from the Direct that have always been present (indies, VC, and the eshop in general). I'd be very surprised if they left things as they are. Within minutes of the Direct ending, they already announced that Platinum is working on Star Fox, and I expect more to come.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Weirdness: Bethesda’s Fallout 4 Features Min...:

I'm honestly not that interested in Bethesda (not really my type of games), but I did watch their show last night, mainly out of curiosity. I thought it was kind of annoying that the guy basically bashed the Wii U, saying two screen gameplay is almost always a worthless gimmick, while simultaneously announcing Bethesda's own two-screen play, which included a game that's basically Donkey Kong.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Best Buy Canada Message Suggests a Mario Maker...:

It seems like it would be better to release on Sunday, if only to avoid releasing on 9/11. The idea of releasing Mario Maker in America on one of the most infamous days in recent American history (or history at all, really) seems disrespectful.

The difference is that 9/11 is still pretty recent, and the war it started isn't really over. Also, more people died in 9/11 than in any other attack on American soil. I think it's still too early to relegate 9/11 to the history books.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

I'd love a new Paper Mario for the Wii U. Ever since I first played the original Paper Mario on the Wii VC, I've looked forward to and enjoyed every sequel, and it quickly became one of my favorite franchises. I'd definitely prefer a turn-based Paper Mario (Super Paper Mario being by far my least favorite), but other than that, I'm open to new ideas.

"by that token those creating fake footage of Paper Mario on 3DS could also have a point; why work on a Wii U game when the Sticker Star engine can be re-purposed for a release on the significantly more successful portable?"
That seems more applicable to 3rd parties than to Nintendo. I mean, by that logic they should just drop their home console in favor of their handheld. I don't think the two platforms are competing for games within Nintendo (I could be wrong).



TrueWiiMaster commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Slashing Its Way to 3DS:

I'd rather get an "Ultimate" version for the Wii U that included the DLC than a 3DS downgrade with all the DLC. I'm not really interested in getting this for the 3DS (especially since I still haven't gotten the Wii U version), but that doesn't mean I wouldn't become interested later on, especially for that Wind Waker DLC.

Aside from that, I'll be surprised if this runs well on the 3DS. The Wii U can barely handle 2 players at once, and it's obviously much, much more powerful than the 3DS. I expect there will be plenty of lag and popping on the comparatively weak handheld, but maybe it'll surprise me. I guess if they make it a New 3DS exclusive it could run better.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

I'm interested in getting the Amiibo figures of my favorite characters more than in collecting all of them or getting them for specific games (though I do really like the Splatoon Amiibo figures). As far as in-game content, I don't think it's that bad, all things considered. You are basically paying $13 for optional DLC of varying levels of quality in a dozen games (random number; probably doesn't reflect the actual number right now), plus a figure. That same DLC from 3rd parties would probably cost twice that, and you wouldn't get a figure, or the future DLC Amiibo unlock.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition Will Not Be Ava...:

I wasn't going to buy the special edition either way (I'm not a big Mega Man fan), but I do think this is the wrong decision. The majority of Mega Man games were on Nintendo platforms, and Nintendo fans tend to be the most receptive to platformers, and classics. He's putting the special edition of Mega Man's successor on every platform except for Mega Man's "home" platform.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Looks Like We May Get To Play PoPoLoCrois Har...:

I'd rather have Fantasy Life 2, but since that's going mobile, maybe this will fill its spot on my shelf. I've never been able to get into the Rune Factory games (I tried one on the DS), but I like this game's lighter style and tone, so hopefully it will be different.



TrueWiiMaster commented on The Days Are Numbered For The Nintendo Video 3...:

Even though many of the videos were probably available on Youtube, I did enjoy checking the app and watching 1-2 videos every few days. For the last few weeks it was only updating every Thursday, and only adding re-runs, so I expected it to end soon. It might have been trivial, but I will miss it.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Allows Wii U and 3DS eSho...:

I'm definitely interested. I've been getting Humble Bundles almost since they started, but I rarely play the games I get because they're on PC.

There are some awesome games in this bundle. I have Guacamelee, Steamworld Dig, and Mighty Switch Force already, but I'd love to get some of the other games, and I can't wait until they add more in a week.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

The DK Country Trilogy being removed from the Virtual Console is totally different from license revocation. People couldn't buy the DKC games, but people who had already bought them could re-download them anytime, as is the case with every game that gets removed from Nintendo's various digital stores. As for Nintendo's licensing policy, that almost certainly applies to hard copy games too. You're never allowed to rent, alter, copy, or distribute games you buy without permission (except possibly in the case of back-ups, but very few people make those).

I'm pretty conflicted about digital games. Aside from the usual limitations of going digital (you can't take the game with you to play somewhere else, or sell the game), there's the always-present fear that the games could be unplayable or unobtainable in the future, due to a policy change, a server shutdown, or a company going out of business. Because of that nagging fear, I usually buy Nintendo's games as hard copies, so that I'll always be able to play them. Unfortunately, that won't apply to updates and DLC.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Monochroma For Wii U Scrapped Due To Technical...:

This is the kind of thing that keeps me from supporting Kickstarter campaigns. The people who supported this game to get it on the now cancelled platforms should get a full refund, no matter what that means for the developer. They paid for a product that wasn't delivered, and therefore should be entitled to a refund, not a different product.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

I would like more platforms on the Virtual Console (mainly Gamecube), and better promotions, like bundles and sales. Personally, I'd like a VC "Game of the Month" deal, in which a different game is featured each month (a weekly deal would work too), with gameplay/Let's Play videos and a low price, maybe 50-75% off.

I absolutely do not want a subscription based service.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Paid-DLC Details Emerge...:

As a general rule, I hate day 1 DLC, but this game seems so big without the DLC that I'm not really bothered.

At similar prices I might buy this DLC, but it really depends on how much I like the game, and how much content is in the game. I loved Fantasy Life, but I still didn't buy the DLC until I had finished most of the main content, which took about 100 hours. Xenoblade Chronicles X looks like it will have more content than Fantasy Life without the DLC, and the DLC looks comparatively light on new content, so I might be content with just what's on the disc.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Treyarch Isn't Working on Call of Duty: Black ...:

It probably won't come to the Wii U then, which is a little disappointing since BO2 was pretty great (I enjoyed it a lot more than Ghosts anyway). It doesn't matter much to me, though, because I'm not much of an FPS fan. The only reason I have the two CoD games on the Wii U is because I got BO2 for $15 and Ghosts as a gift.



TrueWiiMaster commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble World (3DS eShop):

I've been enjoying Rumble, but I hate its system. Every 30 minutes to several hours you get to spin the roulette and try and get the level you want, which might have the Pokemon you're looking for, which you might catch if you're lucky. It's a chance at a chance at a chance, and I found it very annoying, especially since you have to catch new Pokemon to advance. I've progressed enough that I won't be getting any new areas anytime soon too. I need another 41 diamonds to unlock the next area, and with the challenges' difficulty rising faster than the level of the Pokemon I catch, it will be weeks before I have enough.

Overall, the game is okay, but it feels like it's built to pressure you to buy diamonds (which I'm sure it is). I'd probably give it a 6/10.