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Fri 12th Apr 2013

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Trokkian commented on Review: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Inf...:

Yah im a hardcore PMD fan but yes this game is way to easy there is no good story honestly i mean i completed like half the game in a day almost and your teams AI are so dumb. im in a Staggered I formation with two pokemon and and i wanted the the enemy pokemon to come to me and when i step back my partner steps in the spot i just was and now were in an I formation me being 2 turns away from attack. THEN THEN when a party member attacks an enemy pokemon and breaks formation in a Tunnel it starts wandering around the floor even with the tactic set to Follow me.

Uggghhh this game just overall is frustrating to play if ur a hardcore fan like i was. I would have rather have an updated Sky's graphics and play that game again. like seriously and i was gonna have my partners Mudkip and Snivy now i cant have that . I just wish chunsoft didn't throw this games story together.