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United Kingdom

Wed 6th Sep 2006

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Tritoch commented on Super Mario War:

I love this game... absolutely amazing.
Love the simplicity, the humour, the cool Booooiiiiing! sound.

KingKRool, my 5 year old brother has no problem playing this game, how did you find it difficult?

anyway, this game is one of the most addictive free open-source games a the moment. kudos to the creators.

As for the "Online Play" question, why do you need online play? Online play would mean at least 1 dedicated full time server must be available. if you can pay for that, im sure they won't mind including it in their next release.

This game is free, remember. the developers are keeping it that way. so, they make no loss... if they were to maintain a server, they would loose money. and when it comes to loss of money, companies go boom.

Overall 10/10 for everything.

Well Done 72dpiarmy.