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Fri 5th June, 2009

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Trikeboy commented on Weirdness: Shigeru Miyamoto Takes on a Shinya...:

@MarioKartParty57 It show cases Mario Maker, a game many are highly anticipating, it shows off one feature I don't recall seeing before, enemies inside question blocks, also a look at how far you can build up a level. I'd say it's a valid story. I also do notice there is a glitch in the game with coins falling under the level right at the start. I wonder if they can do anything about that.



Trikeboy commented on Weirdness: Pokémon Fan Finds a Way to Trade F...:

@mjc0961 through a combination of backing up your saves and programs on your computer, you can do it easily. Once they are in your Gen 3 game it's very straight forward. It is also not possible to trade with yourself but the video on this article shows how to do it. Before you call someone a troll, make sure you know what you are talking about.



Trikeboy commented on Meet Playtonic, A Studio Of Ex-Rare Staff That...:

@icedude545 Have you played any games by Rare on SNES or N64? They are anything but easy.

@MasterBlaster Rare died because MS squashed their creativity and the people who didnt agree and left are now in Playtonic. Under Nintendo they were allowed almost free reign to develop and produce great games, like they did with Platinum Games with Bayonetta 2 and like how they trusted Retro Studios with Metroid and Donkey Kong.



Trikeboy commented on Meet Playtonic, A Studio Of Ex-Rare Staff That...:

Nintendo need this, badly. The people working there made some of the best games in the SNES and N64 era. Aquiring them and letting them develop their ideas, instead of stifling them like MS, would be nothing but beneficial to Nintendo.



Trikeboy commented on Live-Action Netflix Series For The Legend of Z...:

I'm not worried. Back in the 80s and 90s, the peopke making movies and cartoons werent tbe fans of the games. Many people did it because their kids loved it. These days, the gamers have grown up and can now do the movies with the justice they deserve. There is a Zelda fan film out there that is ok but the budget was low. ImagIng what they can do with a good budget excites me. Also, it should be on Netflix and the eShop.



Trikeboy commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Should be Prod...:

Nintendo needs to make their franchises relevant again. Back in the 80's Mario was everywhere, nearly on the Mickey Mouse level. Animated movies, live action movies, we need them so new audiences can play the game then tune in and watch them play out.



Trikeboy commented on Nintendo's 'Stability' 3DS Update 9.5.0-22 Tak...:

I only just recently got my Gateway. As i own three 3DS consoles, soon to be four with the Majora's Mask N3DS, I have that one to play all my legally purchased games, which there are many, and the older systems to play games from other regions (such as the Attack on Titan titles) through the flash card. Considering how much i have spent on Nintendo games this generation, getting to play other region games shouldn't be an issue.

I also use it for exploring the file systems and getting models for making pictures such as my profile pic, It was fun to make Brendan riding a Tyrantrum, weilding a Honedge.



Trikeboy commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

All I can see and read from Youtubers is this: WAAAHHHH!!!!! No more money!!!!!

Simple fact 1: They are making money off of someone else's Intellectual Property with out the IP owner getting a cut. In any other business that would be shut down completely.

Simple fact 2: Nintendo are fully well within their rights to put a 100% ban on people making money from Nintendo videos on Youtube.

They should be thankful that Nintendo have even allowed them to continue. I can honestly see this being the first domino to fall and other companies follow suit.



Trikeboy commented on The Hyrule Warriors Majora's Mask Pack DLC is ...:

Tecmo Koei really have done an amazing job with this game. The DLC has added tons of features on an already packed game. I just wish it was possible to run a campaign with Link, Zelda, Sheik, Impa and Ganondorf in their OoT costumes at the same time.



Trikeboy commented on Nintendo Launches Beta of 'Creators Program' f...:

People make money based on copywrited material. Nintendo are well within their rights to completely shut youtubers down. Doing this is them saying you can do it buy remember who owns the rights to these characters.



Trikeboy commented on Satoru Iwata States That Around 5.7 Million am...:

I hope they do two things with new a hand held device, DS and 3DS compatibility and a strong line up when it does launch. 3DS has defied the doom and gloom squad but we dont need a repeat of that. Also, it it comes in 2016, put it in the latter half. People will either just got a N3DS or planning to get one (which is why 3DS sales have dropped lately).



Trikeboy commented on Weirdness: According To McDonald's, Mario And ...:

OMG, why are people flipping out over a commercial that promotes friendship? So they used Mario and Bowser? They have a famous rivalry. The same can be said for all of the characters seen in the commercial, they weren't in there but I would have expected to see Optimus Prime and Megatron hug it out too. McDonalds spends a bit of cash to promote friendship and it just generates hate from mindless fools.



Trikeboy commented on Former Nintendo Indie Champion Discusses the C...:

Many people here don't seem to realise that indie developers are third party developers. Wii U has a fantastic support by third party developers, just not the big named third party developers. My Wii U library recently broke the 50 game mark and is made up of many eshop games that are so much fun to play. Cheap games that are fun to play. Most recently I picked up Gravity Badgers and played through 3 sections before I realised it.

I'm surprised by the gender split as I know many women that love Nintendo games. I wonder if it is due to more men taking those surveys?



Trikeboy commented on Reaction: Nintendo Direct Went Crazy With Reve...:

This Direct was clever. The 3DS puzzle games, great idea for the iphone crowd. Free to play and micro transactions like they are used to. It will help entice casual gamers to buy them, adding Mario and Pokemon helps expose them to the brands too. More amiibo and more support. It helps sell the amiibo if more games are compatible. It isn't like Skylanders when you only play with one game. Hunt the pixel Toad was hardly what kept Captain Toad from feeling like a complete game. With a new line, they can add characters that don't appear in Smash too.

Lots of first reveals is great because, especially for 3DS, it was looking a little light on releases this year. This announcement let everyone know that there is plenty of software coming out now and very soon. Nice teasers for future releases too. I get tired of the Directs that only talk about games we already know about. I'm really excited to see what Project Treasure will be and I'm also excited for the new Fire Emblem. I do wish there was a Wii U game but Fire Emblem is Fire Emblem.

Wii games on VC console (kinda). Amazing Wii games for less than £10 including Mari Galaxy 2 and Metroid Prime Trilogy. Samus on the Wii U, yay. Nintendo embracing Cross Buy and Cross Play with Mario vs Donkey Kong, superb. Rather than just getting a discount like other titles, this is giving you the other version for free. I am in love with that Majora's Mask N3DS and since I'm a UK gamer, it is pre installed.

There were a few bits of bad news too though. I'm disappointed the cradle and ac adapter are sold separately for N3DS consoles and a little disappointed the red one isn't available to the UK. However, the Majora's Mask version more than makes up for it.



Trikeboy commented on Weirdness: The Secret History of Princess Zelda:

Ok, I used to work for the Tesco Customer Service center in Dundee, actually on the team when the Tesco Direct website launched. We got so many people emailing about things being wrong on the website and I know that they are going to have no idea what to do about this. It will be logged away into a computer and ignored.



Trikeboy commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 14th January, Wi...:

I knew it, with the New 3DS consoles coming out, we were bound to get a new direct. I hope we get a release date for the Mewtwo DLC in Smash Bros and a teaser trailer for Star Fox. I don't care if it has footage, anything Star Fox related.



Trikeboy commented on UK Retail Survey Highlights the Challenges Fac...:

Maybe if GAME were actually good at stocking Nintendo products and not hiding them in the back of their stores, they would get some better customer experiences. I've actually had a terrible time with them lately one which has led me to miss out on the first edition set for Bayonetta 2. Their online service has declined so much in the last year or two as well. This is the problem when they run almost unopposed in the high street market.