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I play violin and piano.

Male, 16, United States

My "main thing" is violin. I'm hoping to get a master's degree in music composition so I can go on to compose soundtracks for video games(preferably for Retro Studios). Favorite movie: Grave of the Fireflies. Favorite game: Xenoblade Chronicles. Favorite show: Friends or Cowboy Bebop

Sat 21st Jul 2012

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triforcepower73 commented on Video: Check Out a Graphical Comparison for Th...:

Dang I always wanted a TP rerelease in HD but mainly because, even though I know it would've probably been impossible due to licensing and other crap, I wanted them to use the ZREO Twilight Symphony album or at least overhaul the soundtrack with better MIDI.



triforcepower73 commented on Interview: Here's Your Chance To Ask The Voice...:

When video games as a medium started becoming more and more popular, especially in the 80s, did you ever think that you would start doing voice work in them?


What's it like to be the voice of arguably the most recognizable fictional character of all time.



triforcepower73 commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U Bundle and Specia...:

If the special edition doesn't come to NA....I'll be sad. But I don't really care about the eShop XC release since I already have the original physical copy and have beaten it three times. But I guess since it would make the game even more accessible for newcomers, then that would be good for others.



triforcepower73 commented on The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Still Has a TBC R...:

I remember the last generation when SS was being developed for the Wii and everyone was convinced that it was releasing for the Wii U. All this craze over the fact that Nintendo has never explicitly said "Zelda is releasing in 2016" is just ridiculous. Literally nothing has changed between this financial report and the one released in March.

But seriously, everyone acts like just because the Twilight Princess ordeal happened once in the history of Zelda, that it's happened multiple times. I predict that Zelda will remain a Wii U exclusive and release November 2016, with the NX being announced at E3 2016 and releasing sometime in 2017(probably Fall or Winter).



triforcepower73 commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles X May Have Been Su...:

Yeah maybe. But literally everything else in the game looks loads better. Did you see the Japanese introduction video released today? It's better looking than that E3 trailer by far.

Also how come there's an article about this but not one about the awesome introduction video released?



triforcepower73 commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains That The Legend of Zelda ...:

As much as I love Zelda games and I highly respect Aonuma, I have to disagree with the "we've had as large a world as can be realised with the hardware" statement, because that's simply not true. XC on Wii was many many times bigger than SS. Now, of course I know that Zelda games tend to go with filling the world with stuff to do over making a huge world, but still, that statement isn't true because quite a few games on the Wii were bigger than SS.



triforcepower73 commented on Gallery: It's Time For Another Influx of Xenob...:

I honestly don't understand why people think this has a different art style than XC. I think if you were to make the Bionis' Leg HD, it would look exactly like the Primordial Wilderness. And there's just as much color in a lot of these environments as XC.



triforcepower73 commented on Hironobu Sakaguchi to be Honoured with Lifetim...:

I wish I had been born in the generation that played the FF games when they first came out. Now I can't really get into them because...I don't know. I just can't. And don't think it's cuz I'm a "young 'un" and I'm spoiled and I don't appreciate the olden golden days. Of course I respect those days. The time when JRPGs were king and revolutionary storytelling was so prominent. I try playing older games as much as possible, but something about the old FFs keeps me from playing them. (In general I like older stuff a lot. I like Casablanca, It's a Wonderful Life, and To Kill a Mockingbird. So I do appreciate the old classics of games/movies/tv shows/books, etc.)

But, at least I got to enjoy the Last Story quite a lot. That was a great game.



triforcepower73 commented on More Details Emerge on Xenoblade Chronicles X ...:

@King47 Um I don't know what to say to someone who denies that Sawano has better production values than ACE+. A simple way to put a damper in that argument is that ACE+ doesn't always use live strings/orchestra/band to record their compositions while Sawano always uses live instruments or at least really top-of-the-line MIDI to make it sound identical to a live orchestra. Also Aldnoah Zero's music doesn't try to be epic. It is epic.

Anyway, I don't think I'll change your opinion anytime soon because you seem to be pretty firmly set against Sawano's music. Maybe XCX will change your perception of him. And you won't be changing my opinion of him anytime soon because I'm pretty firmly set for Sawano. But here's one last bit of food for thought. Takahashi knows who to get for good music. Every single one of his past games has had at least a good soundtrack, if not, really great. Why do you think he would have hired Sawano if he didn't see something in him that he liked, and known that he could get a good soundtrack out of him. Takahashi takes the OSTs of his games very seriously-well he takes everything seriously, but you get my point. So obviously he chose Sawano for a reason, and while some people like you are skeptical of that reason, even cynical, people like me already know why he hired the man for the job. Just wait and see. Maybe you'll be surprised.



triforcepower73 commented on More Details Emerge on Xenoblade Chronicles X ...:

@King47 The whole OST most likely isn't being composed by just him. It said he's worked on all the tracks, not that he composed them, meaning he probably wrote a good chunk of the songs, and that all of it is produced by him. Even if his music arguably sounds all the same(if you dig deep into his lesser known stuff, you'll find he actually has quite a lot of variety), you can't deny that it sounds good. He writes good melodies, he has much better production values than ACE+ or any of the other XC composers, and his stuff generally gets the job done(50% of AoT's epicness was due to the soundtrack, and one of the biggest reasons Aldnoah Zero is worth watching is the soundtrack).

When you accuse his music of sounding exactly the same, you're showing you haven't listened to most of his works. And by the way, that accusation is kind of flawed at its base. Accusing a composer of having his own style that he sticks to is stupid. A style is what makes a composer distinguishable. Nobody accuses John Williams of having too many epic fanfares in all his soundtracks, or Hans Zimmer for having similar sounding string parts with underlying profound chords. That's because a composer's style is what makes their work separate from the rest.

Anyway, the only thing a composer can write, is what the producer or director of the show/movie/video game asks him to write. Most likely, because Sawano's recent soundtracks have blown up in popularity ever since Gundam Unicorn, the directors and producers have just told him "write something like what you did on Gundam Unicorn or Guilty Crown." So hopefully Takahashi will bring the most variety out of Sawano. I personally think he is a very talented composer and that there is a lot of potential for variety in him that just needs to be tapped into by Takahashi. Judging from the astounding amount of variety that Takahashi demanded from the composers of XC's OST, I predict that he won't take a step back from his demand for a great, varied soundtrack in XCX.



triforcepower73 commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Adventure on Wii U an...:

@Haru17 I didn't think SS and ALBW were underwhelming! I loved them. Anyway, how about we agree to disagree? I love both Zelda and Xenoblade. You love Zelda and hate Xenoblade. While I don't understand how anybody couldn't at least appreciate Xenoblade, I'll respect that your opinion is different than mine.



triforcepower73 commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Feature An "Outsta...:

Why are people wanting British voice acting? I mean I get that the first game's VAs were good. But it would make absolutely no sense to have British guys talking in an American city-ship thing. I'm with everybody that says they should have many different accents and cultures. After all, modern LA is a melting pot just like NY. And it would make sense in the "people of Earth gathering to escape" plot.



triforcepower73 commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Adventure on Wii U an...:

@Haru17 Umm yes, Zelda is my favorite video game franchise. See my name?
And I wasn't talking about dungeon design, since XC doesn't have dungeons, or at least what most people would consider dungeons. I was talking about world design. I would rather explore XC's fantastically imaginative world than Zelda's fire area, wood area, water area, etc. for the 17th time. I still love Zelda and Zelda Wii U is my 2nd most anticipated game of this year. It looks absolutely fantastic. But XC blows any Zelda game out of the water imo.



triforcepower73 commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Localisation Work is "W...:

Can't wait! I have faith in NoA to bring it over here sooner than most people think. I'm thinking maybe late June/early July. And also I have full confidence that Zelda will be out this year. Aonuma reiterated like 3 times in the gameplay footage that the game would be out in 2015.



triforcepower73 commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Adventure on Wii U an...:

@Haru17 Don't worry. XCX will absolutely eclipse Zelda in world design, story, and music. Zelda will probably take the cake for art and graphics, but everything else XCX will certainly be better in. I know from having played the first XC for 120 hours and it being better imo than any Zelda game I had ever played. Also about the "MMO gameplay", it's a matter of preference. Some people loved it like me and some hated it. You're probably one of those people that played it for an hour and hated it. I played it and for the first 4 or 5 hours I didn't like it. But as I got the hang of it, I started loving it, and now it's one of my favorite battle systems.



triforcepower73 commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Adventure on Wii U an...:

Well with Xenblade Chronicles X's script apparently being much longer than XC's, I'll definitely be spending probably 200+ hours on that game. And Xenoblade Chronicles X is all I care about right now. I mean, sure, I love Zelda(my favorite series) and I'm definitely excited for Zelda U, but it doesn't even compare to my hype for XCX.