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Wed 21st Jul 2010

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triforceofcourage commented on Those Wii U Launch Details Might be Coming in ...:

I would be concerned if they plan on selling it for less then $300. If it can't even come close to competing with other consoles then Wii-U users will miss out on great 3rd party titles again. I'll buy the Wii-U if I can play Nintendo's awesome 1st party stuff, other 3rd party Wii-U exclusives AND 3rd party games that are cross platform on PS4 and Xbox 720. This generation we don't really have to worry about making another leap in terms of resolution. It looks like tvs are staying around 1080p, with anything mroe being expensive and overkill. If Microsoft bundles in kinect with it's next console as well, that evens the playing field again because they can't put as much money per system into power. Sony is likely doing the same thing with their playstation eye as well. I'm optimistic that next generation will be similar as far as power goes, because then I'll be purchasing the Wii-U.



triforceofcourage commented on Nintendo Leaves BAFTA Empty-Handed:

Skyward Sword deserved the Innovation Award. Nintendo made a FULL motion control game that worked beautifully in the standard (but new and refreshing IMO) Zelda format, which also proves it can work with other adventure games the same way. I didn't play Peggle so I'm not going to say it wasn't as good a SM3DL, but I do believe a yearly awards show shouldn't give out awards to HD remakes... And SM3DL got me a lot of entertainment... I actually found it engaging enough to go back and get all star coins and gold flags with both characters, which is more than I can say for NSMB Wii.



triforceofcourage commented on Talking Point: The Great Nintendo 3DS Price Dr...:

The launch should have been in a few months. Everything could be ready. They failed the launch very badly. The original price should have been lower. The name should have NOT had DS in it. It just seemed like an overpriced Dsi upgrade, and those who actually understood what it was didn't see enough games worth buying to spend the $250 on it. They wouldn't have had to drop the price like this if they had done everything right in the beginning. Better advertising would have made all the difference imo.



triforceofcourage commented on Investors Urge Nintendo to Develop for Smartph...:

I think they would make loads of money... So why not? I think their reason to not develop for smartphones is stupid. It's all about the money. Developing on smartphones is where a lot of the money is. I would still greatly prefer a "real" console, but to make money I think if I were in their position I would do it.

From my perspective, it wouldn't lower my trust to Nintendo or anything like that. As long as it doesn't effect the games I want to play, who cares?



triforceofcourage commented on Capcom Apologises for Poorly Worded Tweet:

I think it's clear that someone high up in CAPCOM decided to cancel the game, uncaring about all the people who put days upon days of work into the creative process of the game. The people lower down in the company are concealing their real rage for fear of losing their jobs. They couldn't even give a legit reason for the abrupt cancelation. This game was definately going to work out well. All the fan based input created tons of people who instantly considered the game a must buy because they felt like they were a part of it. Not to mention all of the money they had already spent on development. I think they should have at least followed through with the prototype? It seemed like they were going to try it out to gage intrest, if they were going to cancel it, I would have expected them to at least wait for that to cancel. Sureley they weren't far away from that point.
This was a game series that was only revived from years and years ago because of popular demand... Did they think the "popular demand" suddenly left?
The whole thing confuses me.



triforceofcourage commented on Nintendo Trademarks Mii U, WiiWare U, Wii U Mu...:

Wii-U speak.... theres a mic on the controler. So is it just an application you can use with it? If they make another thing you have to buy for it, then they're stupid. If they make it requiring friend codes of compatible games, they're MORE stupid.



triforceofcourage commented on Capcom COO Thinks Monster Hunter Will Make It ...:

MUST HAVE if true. Unfortunately though, I would RATHER have a Wii-U MH game. I just feel the gameplay is more suited to a fullscreen, HD, Powerful online, dual circle pad system. If it came out on the 3DS I think it would definately come out on Vita too. Sooooo... That means we'll be waiting a bit.



triforceofcourage commented on Uncharted Studio: "Wii U is Full of Holes, Not...:

PS3 & Vita will be like Wii and U-draw tablet. They just really won't be worth buying because there aren't enough good games to support them, so people won't develop because not many people are buying the tablet/game. It turns into a cycle. Same thing with the motion+. Not everyone HAD to buy it, so devs were afraid to produce games with it. Now that the wii -U comes with both technologies, we can see some really interesting games.



triforceofcourage commented on EA Founder Criticises Nintendo's "Feudal Dark ...:

How did they ever approve Wappy dog!?!?
I think this guy has a point. Developers should be able to develop what they want. I really can't imagine that they gave too many games the stamp of rejection though... If so, how did they let all those terribad games in?



triforceofcourage commented on Talking Point: Wii U - Revolution or Evolution?:

Evolution. Not revolution. They've taken things they've already done and altered them, to fit a home console. GAMES will be the selling point for me. If the games don't live up to what the wii-U is cappable of, then I won't buy it. Also I think online play is a must. Nintendo is falling so far behind online, and if I can't easily and reasonably play with my friends (or strangers) online in games that do deserve online play, I will not buy it. Nintendo needs to embrace online, to allow other publishers on their systems to do the same.



triforceofcourage commented on Super Mario 3DS Has a Wardrobe of Famous Power...:

Kuribo's shoe would be fun! Also Cloud Mario, Fire/ice flowers can be fun to play around with, Starman, and maybe a few new ones. I'd like to play around with big and mini mushrooms too, I think the SMG style worlds could benifit with those. Or maybe instead of ice flowers we could use penguin suits?
Maybe something like in Bowsers inside story where mario wears a koopa shell. That could be incorperated into the gameplay.



triforceofcourage commented on Talking Point: The Resident Evil: Mercenaries ...:

Well this is what I do. I play through the game on my first try with file 1. I let friends try the game with file 2. I re-play the game with file 3 and keep file one to make me feel good at my accomplishments.

I prefer 3 files. I geuss I can live with one, but I think it's a really poor choice considering how people have generaly come to expect multiple save files, never mind being able to delete the first one. I don't understand their reasoning for this... I really don't...



triforceofcourage commented on Nintendo has no Desire to be Number One in Onl...:

Take it as far as Sony has. Stop there. Keep it free.

I think the way the Wii-U works in general should be like the gamer Monster Hunter Tri plays online. Meaning the features should be the same. (messaging, friend roster works, etc.) I want to be able to "friend" someone I meet online, and keep them as a system friend. And I want more developers to embrace online gaming. Nintendo can do whatever they want with the system itself, but the games need to have good online play. Online leaderboards would be appreciated too.



triforceofcourage commented on Wii U Striking Balance Between Performance and...:

I'm a bit skeptical about the talk of Sony and Microsoft coming back to blow Nintendo out of the water with tech specs. I forsee them keeping Move and Kinect bundled with the next systems. The price for this newfangled equipment will offset what they can put out in that respect too.

I expect the Wii U to be slightly less powerful than the PS4/720. Only slightly, I think the differences between the companies are shrinking, and while they will all still be different, less so then in recent years. That said, I expect to see many people change from the respective companies they are loyal to.