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Sat 20th Feb 2010

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TrevorTheChan commented on Feature: The State of WiiWare:

I just hope Nintendo takes all this WiiWare experience and learns from it. We all know the service didn't live up to its potential and it seems the more we find out about the intricacies of the service, we more we wonder why such a thing was rolled out to the public.

As a massive Monkey Island fan, I was sure that I would get every episode of Tales of Monkey Island when available, but one look at the PC version and a quick comparison of prices, reasons to buy each episode on WiiWare evaporated fast. For Wii-only gamers, they would of course buy the game on WiiWare, but people with a choice will likely not. How an amazing and fun series made so little noise on WiiWare is a fair indication of how badly WiiWare has been handled.



TrevorTheChan commented on 3DS Could Be Your Ticket to International Museums:

I think this is a very good idea. Imagine a service similar to Google Maps with Street View where you are actually travelling through the museum. I'm sure there are other interesting possibilities beside museums that Nintendo can explore, too. Collaborations with the tourism industry to take users to iconic landmarks, for example.



TrevorTheChan commented on Wii U is Technically 3D-Ready:

@BJQ1972 - Because he's made it clear that 3D is not something Nintendo is focusing on. It being technologically possible sounds to me, a functionality that isn't a standard feature. This is, of course, based off a translation and the final design could change I suppose, so who knows?



TrevorTheChan commented on Following Wii U Unveiling, Nintendo Shares Dro...:

@madgear - Why are you moaning about a new console being packaged with a new controller?

EDIT: As for stock, they go up and down. I'm sure this dip is because of how little Nintendo has actually revealed about the console. Watch Nintendo's stock rise again in the coming weeks/months.



TrevorTheChan commented on Wii U Hopes to Rectify Problems that Wii is Ex...:

@y2josh - Initially, I thought the same. The first thing that came to mind was, "Why have 'Wii' and 'U' in the name? The former has been done already and the latter is no different to having a lower case ' i '." The second thing that came to mind was that it sounds too much like the European Union (EU). I still can't get that out of my head and hopefully I've spread it on to some of you readers now.

But now, I see why Nintendo's kept the "Wii" part. If it didn't, it would essentially have to start all over again in building a brand. With "Wii U", it seems to me Nintendo is building on what it has already created (much like Sony and Microsoft's continuation of their respective console names). I'm still not convinced with the chosen suffix. The whole "This product is made for 'you' concept" has been done to death and I personally think it's a bit of a cop out.



TrevorTheChan commented on Wii U Hopes to Rectify Problems that Wii is Ex...:

Regarding the comments here about the marketing ― and I guess I'm playing devil's advocate here for a sec ― it's much easier to sell a product to a consumer who already has intentions of buying it than it is to convince someone who is either on the fence, unaware or uninterested.

The fact that most of Nintendo's marketing campaigns look and feel the same regardless of what game is being promoted is something I think needs to change. Switch things up a little. Stop making adverts that are interchangeable.

@edhe - I wouldn't say Rockstar "shunned" Nintendo consoles, it did try. I thought Bully: Scholarship Edition, Manhunt 2 and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars are all good games, especially Chinatown Wars. Whether reported poor sales were because of game concepts or advertising/marketing, I don't think it's fair to infer Rockstar didn't bother. I certainly hope more Rockstar IPs arrive on the 3DS and Wii U, but even if they do, it's no use if the target audience doesn't see the 3DS or Wii U as consoles that cater for those types of games.

With the recent interest from third-party companies regarding the Wii U, it seems Nintendo finally realises that imposing restrictions on developers because it doesn't want to do what others are doing is counter-productive no matter which way you look at it.



TrevorTheChan commented on Ubisoft Announces Wii U Support with IPs Old a...:

I see no reason why a Red Steel 3 won't happen somewhere further down the line, but regarding the titles that Ubisoft has announced, I must admit I'm only moderately excited. Assassin's Creed can get boring and repetitive, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online might be fun if a substantial online community emerges and the unnamed FPS might make good use of the Wii U features. Then again, it might not. We'll see.



TrevorTheChan commented on Thundering Typhoons, Details Regarding Tintin:...:

I'm a massive Tintin fan and the fact that Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright are involved with the screenplay seals the deal for me.

I just hope these video game adaptations are worth the time and money and not a mindless way of cashing in on the film. "Exploration, puzzle-solving and combat" sounds like a good mixture to me. I've always thought a Tintin point & click puzzle game would be more than appropriate but this also sounds like it could work. Can't wait to know more.



TrevorTheChan commented on Nikkei Corroborates Previous Wii 2 Controller ...:

If true, it won't be a dedicated handheld console, it will essentially still be a controller. You're not going to find game slots on it. Or will you? Hmm, I'd like there to be a DVD slot.

On a serious note, I worry about the battery consumption with all this supposed functionality.



TrevorTheChan commented on Tennis:

This game brings back memories. And yeah, so much fun. At least that's how I remember it.



TrevorTheChan commented on Work Out With Your Own UFC Personal Trainer Th...:

Kids that fight will fight regardless of what a video game aims to achieve. From what Troy Sheets says, the aim is to show users how to work different muscle groups without hurting yourself, but I do understand your concern. I just don't think it will be an issue. I agree that there are right ways and wrong ways to working out, so it will be interesting to see how each version factors in how body movements are recorded given each console's different approach to motion control.

Is this pointless? I don't think so. Given the number of exercise DVDs that are available, I'm sure there are productive ways of getting fit even if you are following instructions on-screen as opposed to an actual person. The trick is to pick and choose what is taught.

@The Fox
I've never tried fitness video games before, but if I can work up a sweat playing Just Dance (I may regret admitting this), then I'm sure fitness games (especially this which aims to provide high-intensity routines) will be of some worth.



TrevorTheChan commented on Get Fired Up Over This Conduit 2 Weapons Preview:

Anyways, I didn't think the weapons were that bad in The Conduit, but it's always good to see developers trying new things and striving to make them better. Is there anything you guys want to or don't want to see weapon-wise in Conduit 2?

Online seems to be a one-player affair, although there are offline multiplayer modes that can be played via split screen.



TrevorTheChan commented on Who Dares to Release We Dare in the UK? Not Ub...:

I think the main concern is the ambiguity, both in game content and marketing. Having spent so many years in the industry, PEGI knows what it's doing. The public reaction is probably more to do with the way Ubisoft is suggesting this is a party game with an adult theme even though the ratings board deems it suitable for 12-year-olds. Is this blown out of proportion? Probably. Does Ubisoft need to be more decisive with its marketing campaigns? Probably. Would parents think that We Dare is something suitable for their young teens judging by the adverts? Probably not. Personally, I think the more regions that won't be getting this game the better as it makes it less likely to sell big numbers and spawn a sequel. Ubisoft, just because games like the Just Dance series is flying off the shelves, doesn't mean you should make less compelling games.



TrevorTheChan commented on Iwata Talks 3DS Expectations and Wii Successor:


They might even announce a whole new periphral for the Wii enticing more developers to develop.

Because developers have gotten all they can out of the Wii Speak and Wii Vitality Sensor. Oh wait...

Back on topic, as well as the range of DS handhelds have sold, I'm optimistically confident that the 3DS will perform even better. The effort that Nintendo is already showing in securing partnerships with companies outside of the gaming industry is a very good sign indeed. It should mean the services will not only be advertised by Nintendo, but by the companies they are working with too. Hopefully.



TrevorTheChan commented on Review: Jewels of the Tropical Lost Island (DS):

What I mean is the game only requires a handful of hours to finish. How many more you spend playing after reaching the end is of course, up to you. It's not a bad game, but personally, I don't have the incentive to "perfect" every level and complete all the challenges because there's no reward as such for all the repetition.