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Sun 24th July, 2011

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Trash-Boat commented on Cancelled ZombiU Sequel Prototype Featured Co-...:

It's nice to see so many people liked this game. I just started playing and I'm alteady loving it! It really feels like a SURVIVAL horror game.

Too bad we won't see a sequel, Zombi U2 would've sold well just because of its name :D



Trash-Boat commented on Nintendo’s Free-To-Play Experiment Pokémon ...:

When this was announced back in January, I understood the hate it was getting, although it was a bit exagerated. Now that I've played it for about ~20 hours I can say that this is a nicely done game, not just a money grab, and it doesn't deserve all the hate from people who haven't even played it.

I've just bought 1 jewel, but I'll give Genious Sonority my support buying some more later on, they deserve it.

... Oh, and the music is awesome



Trash-Boat commented on Mario Kart 8 Misses Out at BAFTA Game Awards, ...:

@Quorthon I don't know how you play Mario Kart 8, but anti gravity changes gameplay, it may not seem like a huge change but it still makes playing MK8 very differently from MK Wii or 7. I've played a lot of Mario Kart through my life and I don't play this game like any other in the series.

AND the course design is amazing as well as the soundtrack. Not nominating MK8 in some of these awards is a joke... Like you comparing F&F with MK. What the heck man?



Trash-Boat commented on Mario Kart 8 Misses Out at BAFTA Game Awards, ...:

@Quorthon MK 8 is more than a solid game, and the anti gravity along with the 1-item mechanic make it different from MK Wii in many ways. Do I have to mention its music? Bowser's Castle song is beyond great

The only bad thing about this game is the lack of battle arenas, but that's it



Trash-Boat commented on The Nintendo 3DS Was North America's Best-Sell...:

@Quorthon Why do you people like to exagerate everything? What Mario remake? And ORAS is the only Pokémon remake since HG/SS wich was released back in 2009. Metroid? Just Zero Mission and the Prime Trilogy, and both were long time ago.

More on topic, it's great to see an amazing game getting the first spot, Majora's Mask should've have sold more units, but I'm happy with this