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Sun 24th July, 2011

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Trash-Boat commented on Cancelled ZombiU Sequel Prototype Featured Co-...:

It's nice to see so many people liked this game. I just started playing and I'm alteady loving it! It really feels like a SURVIVAL horror game.

Too bad we won't see a sequel, Zombi U2 would've sold well just because of its name :D



Trash-Boat commented on Nintendo’s Free-To-Play Experiment Pokémon ...:

When this was announced back in January, I understood the hate it was getting, although it was a bit exagerated. Now that I've played it for about ~20 hours I can say that this is a nicely done game, not just a money grab, and it doesn't deserve all the hate from people who haven't even played it.

I've just bought 1 jewel, but I'll give Genious Sonority my support buying some more later on, they deserve it.

... Oh, and the music is awesome