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ToxieDogg commented on Gallery: A Closer Look At 13 amiibo Toys:

I've already preordered a DK one...arcade Donkey Kong was the first Nintendo game I ever played and represents everything I love about gaming. The others? Pretty sure I'll pick up most/all of them at some point. :p



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Ubongo (WiiWare):

It's being removed from the EU Wii E-Shop in 2 days, just in case anybody's interested. Can't see there being a rush of people to download it somehow :p



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 31st July (Europe):

I definitely get Rainbow Bell Adventures, used to really enjoy playing that and I like the Twiinbee series as a whole anyway. May also get X Type Plus as it looks interesting and it's dirt cheap..

I'll avoid Midtown Crazy Race like the plague though, the preview video alone was enough to put me off. The Wii U really doesn't need crap like this and The Letter, and whilst I applaud Nintendo for being more welcoming to indies nowadays, these guys really should be taking into consideration that the console gamer market is a hell of a lot different to the mobile gamer market when they put a game on the Wii U E Shop.



ToxieDogg commented on Feature: Ten Wii U and 3DS Games That Are Perf...:

Mario Kart 8 may be the people's choice, but each summer I always go back to Wave Race 64 and Wave Race Blue Storm. :)

At the moment I'm hammering Xenoblade Chronicles so I can get it finished before the usual Xmas rush of games on all formats and a launch date for Xenoblade Chronicles X is announced.



ToxieDogg commented on Mario Kart 8 Sales Increase By Nearly a Third ...:

@brewsky There's really no need for you to 'white knight' for Nintendo, lol. They won't thank you for it, or even care.

I already had physical copies of all the games on offer in the promotion asides from Wii U Party which I'm really not bothered about, so I let my young 9 year old nephew (who also has a Wii U and Mario Kart 8) pick a game he wanted and donated my free code to him.

Do you think that Nintendo should delete all of his downloads just because technically we 'cheated' the system and he got more than one free download game for his console? Grow up.

I'm pretty sure Nintendo already realised the implications of this promotion when they launched it, otherwise they would've had some kind of system in place to associate each specific download code only with the Club Nintendo account that registered each specific copy of Mario Kart 8.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 24th July (Europe):

Wooden Sensey looks exactly like my kinda game so I'll get that (plus Neko are usually reliable)...I'll wait for a review of how Master Reboot is on Wii U. As for the VC games.. I downloaded a few on Wii already so I'm already entitled to a discount price...I've got both NES Remix 1 & 2 so would I be entitled to a further discount price to upgrade those VC games to Wii U versions if you get what I mean?



ToxieDogg commented on Screenshots Disabled in Comic Workshop Miivers...:

Hold on....was Comic Workshop actually allowing you to take real world photographs with the 3DS camera and attach them to your screenshots?

If that's the case, nobody at all should be surprised that Nintendo disabled it.

If it's just drawings that have been stopped, then that's people draw crazy stuff in Dr Kawashima's Brain Training all the time and share those on Miiverse :p



ToxieDogg commented on The Letter:

Horrifically poor looking (and sounding) game that seems to have just been thrown together in next to no time with Unity 3D. This isn't the first time Treefall Studios have developed crap, they've also done this:

and unbelievably, it was (just about) successfully funded. If you have a look at their stretch goals for Night Detective, these guys really do have delusions of grandeur given how lousy their output is. 'The Letter' should have been free, charging money for it is an absolute joke. Treefall have also put a video up on Youtube showing what will be in the first update....nothing worth getting excited about at all.



ToxieDogg commented on Mario Kart 8 Still Competing in Nordic Region ...:

@Sean_Aaron Minecraft is much more can manipulate the entire world around you and create almost anything you like (plus it's really easy to share your creations on social media), constantly have to gather resources to survive and it does have a kind of point to it (ultimately to find and defeat the Ender Dragon). It can be quite challenging on higher difficulties.

Tomodachi Life on the other hand appears to just be create some Miis (or use some of your existing ones), put them into the already existing gameworld and watch them do their own thing with little to no control over it.

I can see why Minecraft would be much more appealing to most people than Tomodachi Life.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Dominates List of Top-Selling Games i...:

@Emblem It's a decent game, but I'm just surprised it's sold so much compared to some of the other games on that list and how niche Kirby usually is. The mini games are OK (Kirby Fighters feels like a taster for what Super Smash Bros 3DS will be like :) ) but the main Story Mode levels don't seem to have very much to explore in them...I'm only nearly halfway through (up to World 3) but I've had no trouble finding all the Sun Stones and Rare Gold Keychains on every stage on my first playthrough so far....could just be because I'm so used to how Kirby games work now though, same as I've never found any Zelda game as tough as A Link To The Past (first one I played). The level designs are improving as it goes along to be fair, I really liked the section with the Waddle Dee Trains coming towards the screen :) A couple of the new copy abilities are a bit silly though (Bell Kirby? lol)



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Dominates List of Top-Selling Games i...:

Surprised at how well Kirby Triple Deluxe has done...I mean, I do honestly like most of the Kirby games and I've bought it myself, but started playing it recently and it is just..,,'eh' :/ It really doesn't innovate much on the other Kirby games at all, not like Canvas Curse or Mass Attack which were something different and great fun. In fact, Triple Deluxe actually feels like a step backwards from Squeak Squad in some ways. :p



ToxieDogg commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

@Storytime7 I agree, I think it's hilarious how people will criticise Nintendo for milking Mario and Zelda, and yet within the last ten years, Sony have released, and re-released:

4 God Of War games (2 on PS2 rereleased on both PS3 and Vita and 2 on PSP rereleased on PS3) with another 2 standalone sequels.

3 Sly Cooper games rereleased on PS3 and then again on Vita, with another standalone sequel.

3 Jak and Daxter games rereleased on PS3 and then again on Vita, with 3 spinoff games (one on PS2, one on PSP and one on both PS2/PSP)

and my personal favourite....

Ratchet and Clank....9 games in the main series now, with a 10th on the way, 4 spinoffs and 2 mobile games. The original PS2 trilogy has been released and rereleased on both PS3/Vita, and Ratchet: Deadlocked was given a HD update for PS3 (via PSN),

Sony have done as much milking of their franchises in 10 years as Nintendo have done in 30, lol. :D

EDIT: And now we've got The Last Of Us being rereleased for full price, when the original only came out last year, lmao.:D



ToxieDogg commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

@ToastyYogurt 'A percentage of how many PSN IDs were created on a PS4, albeit still not accurate enough to make the claim resonable, would have been a better stat, since people who have had a PS3, PSP, and/or Vita prior to the PS4 would likely log in with the profile they made on that system.'

Exactly. This 'welcoming back' of people is only really valid if the statistics are similar to the number of brand new PSN IDs created. Even Sony must realise that, surely? :p



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo and Koei Tecmo Hosting Fatal Frame Br...:

This is all fine and well, but lets not forget that they didn't release Fatal Frame 4 in the West. :( All we got was a Fatal Frame 2 port pretty late in the Wii's lifespan.

I'd love to play this but can't get excited just yet.



ToxieDogg commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

'To back up his claim, House cites data which suggests that 40 percent of PS4 owners didn't have a PlayStation Plus account previously, which could mean they were upgrading from the Wii:'

That's a crock. I've had a PS3 for a few years but never bothered with Playstation don't need it for online play at all on PS3, and those 'free games' are only really rentals that immediately expire if you stop subscribing or the PS Plus service ends for PS3...I'd much rather buy the physical copies I can keep forever than have a load of downloads clogging my hard drive up which Sony can suddenly stop me from playing anytime.

I'll stick with my Wii U for the time being, thanks.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 17th July (Europe):

I've watched some GAIABREAKER footage on Youtube and it just doesn't look worth that initial asking price to me, especially given that you could download the likes of Pop n Twinbee instead, or Lords Of Thunder if you hop onto the Wii mode E-Shop. I'll hold out a bit longer for Shovel Knight.



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Adventure Island (Wii U eShop / NES):

@unrandomsam It's difficult not because it's broken but because it much more closely follows the stage designs of the original arcade Wonder Boy, whereas Wonder Boy for the Master System/Game Gear was much easier, had missing enemies at times and the last section of the game was altered completely.

I've played through the original arcade game on MAME, Master System Wonder Boy and NES Adventure Island, and asides from the music and main character design, Adventure Island is a much more accurate port of the coin op.



ToxieDogg commented on This Retro City Rampage Map Should Be Handy If...:

@dumedum He replied to me on Facebook after I told him about the article on Nintendolife and that I'd bought the WiiWare version as a result. He seems like a very fan-centric guy (unlike some other developers I could mention...) and I wish more were like him :) He doesn't hold any grudges or ill will towards Nintendo either, which makes a pleasant change.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 10th July (North America):

Nice, another Rabi Laby game...hope that one comes to the EU shop as it'll be a day one download for me.....the others (and Witch's Cat) made it here so hopefully it will. I've had quite a lot of fun with the Silver Star games, Magical Whip and Bloody Vampire were both brilliant also :)



ToxieDogg commented on The Wii U Version Of Tengami Is Complete, Age ...:

People saying the game looks empty and boring....the same could be said about 'Journey' on PS3, and that turned out to be one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2012.

Possibly this is one of those games where the atmosphere and experience are as important as the gameplay? Too early to say until it's released and reviewed but it does look like it could potentially be something special to me.

EDIT: I didn't realise it was already out on iOS, I don't follow the mobile gaming scene at all. :p



ToxieDogg commented on Vblank Entertainment Provides Sales Threshold ...:

Just downloaded it from WiiWare on my Wii U. Maybe I won't make a difference but I've been on the fence about getting this for a while so decided to take the plunge. I do think it would have seen more success on the Wii U E-Shop though, and being the last console version (not counting 3DS) to come out along with the Wii E-Shop being on life support and better availability on other systems (such as being included in PSN sales and PC Humble Bundles) really didn't help. But I do wish Nintendo would retrospectively change it's policy and give him any money it's earned as well, regardless of whether it's met 'targets' or not.



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Pac-Land (Wii U eShop / NES):

@StarDust4Ever That's strange. I don't have an actual Turbografx/PC Engine console or physical copy of Pac Land to test it out, but on the online emulator I used recently, the option is right there at the start press the Run button to start the game and Select to switch between 'Lever' or 'Button' control. You've got me wondering now if it was only an option in the Japanese version and removed for the US version maybe?



ToxieDogg commented on Video: You Really Don't Want To Know What Kids...:

On the one hand, I thought it was an entertaining video. I'm 37, I've been a Nintendo gamer since playing a Donkey Kong arcade machine aged 4, but you honestly can't expect a young kid to appreciate a 25 year old handheld in the same way, especially not when they've grown up having internet access from an early age and access to devices with full colour touchscreens that you can download things on.

On the other hand, it does really bother me that the kids of today are the game developers of tomorrow, particularly when they complain about having to use 'buttons' and such. :( If they never try any other kind of devices asides from iPads and smartphones, then their perceptions of what makes a genuinely great game with the best control scheme are really going to be skewed in favour of things that are only suitable for touch devices.



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Armillo (Wii U eShop):

It's pathetic how many people are complaining about 'PS2' quality graphics or the odd framerate drop on Miiverse. It's currently only £4 on the E-shop and it's a great little game for that price. I've played plenty of indie/download games that cost twice as much and were a lot worse, some people really just want to complain for the sake of it.



ToxieDogg commented on EA Explains Why It's Abandoning Dedicated Hand...:

The problem with making games for 3DS and Vita is that they can't bloat them to the hilt with microtransactions anwhere near as easily as they can with games on mobile devices.

So in typical recent EA fashion, they're scumming for cash rather than aiming for quality.

Yeah, I get that they're a business who are there to make money, not entertain a small userbase of people but it's just sad to see what they've become considering how prolific and high quality they were most of the time in the past.

And as has been pointed out, they may not necessarily make as much money from the mobile market as they think. It's massively competitive and overcrowded now, and most people go for free apps or only buy them when they're practically being given away.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd July (Europe):

Definitely downloading Armillo, and I'll try and hold out for a bit of a discount on Guacamelee (would prefer it to be £10 or less).

Still no Game & Watch Gallery 3 on 3DS then? :(



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails (Wi...:

Wow, some people really don't 'get' how the second screen is used, do they?

The only time there's any benefit in looking at the other screen at all is when it shows you where the 'Scaredy' cats have run off to (and it's VERY useful for that)...otherwise you can just play the entire game using only the TV or GamePad screen.

Superb game, and it's a shame that a minority few don't 'get' it.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 26th June (Europe):

Still waiting for Game & Watch Gallery 3 on the 3DS VC :(

And some more decent indie games on the Wii U E-Shop....keep seeing all these 'coming soon' previews of fantastic looking games, but no firm release dates or appearances from any of them :(



ToxieDogg commented on Philips Secures Wii Patent Victory Over Ninten...:

As some other people have mentioned, whilst I don't think Philips is a 'patent troll' as such, I do find it a little suspect that they single out the most successful device (Wii and it's motion controllers) for a lawsuit when it seems like Playstation Move and (even more so) Microsoft's Kinect also infringe on it's patents. Maybe some deal has been reached between them already, I don't know. If the worst comes to the worst though, I'm sure Nintendo would just pay Phillips royalties, I don't see them pulling sales of the Wii U in any territory, that'd just be crazy at this stage now the Wii U's starting to get some positive press and momentum going.



ToxieDogg commented on Philips Secures Wii Patent Victory Over Ninten...:

@Peach64 I agree with you entirely about Phillips not being 'patent trolls' but you're dead wrong if you think Sony/MS fanboys are more mature. There were loads of threats against Platinum Games over Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive, it wasn't just some angry kid. And do you not remember the massive flaming that went on from Sony fans when Devil May Cry 4 and then Final Fantasy 13 were announced for Xbox 360? Very selective memory you have, and that's why you rub certain people up the wrong way.



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Pac-Land (Wii U eShop / NES):

@JCnator There's actually a couple of different versions of the arcade machine around and the one I'm most familiar with used a stick for left/right and a button for jump....probably that's a later revision of it, but surprising that Namco didn't offer that as an option considering that the (vastly superior) PC-Engine port does actually offer the option for stick or button controls from the menu.

That's one of the minor things wrong with this awful conversion though, the biggest problem is that it doesn't accurately portray the arcade game....having now struggled through it by spamming save states, I can now say that it only has 4 different trips before looping back to the start (as opposed to the arcade's 8), and the 3rd and 4th trips differ quite a lot from the arcade versions, with altered level designs and frustratingly precise jumps, a couple of sections actually require you to ride on the top of ghosts to cross areas too wide to jump. And that's on top of the inability to start on a later trip from the menu (as on the arcade/PC Engine port) or continue so if you die it's right back to the start.

I can see why the NES port was never originally released in the West.



ToxieDogg commented on Two Separate Bayonetta 2 Retail Releases Confi...:

Still confusing. I'm getting the disc version, so hopefully this means I'll get Bayonetta 1 on disc along with it. E-Shop purchasers shouldn't be penalised either, so downloading one should mean the other is automatically free, not just 'discounted'....unless they're cheaper to begin with. More clarification needed here.



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Pac-Land (Wii U eShop / NES):

The PC Engine/Turbografx 16 port of Pac-Land was excellent, pretty much arcade perfect. I'd have much rather them released that on the Wii E-Shop, or somehow got it onto the Wii U E-shop rather than this mess of an NES port.

This review also fails to point out the horrific control set up on the NES version, with the A and B buttons being used to walk left and right and the control pad to jump. WTF? You can't even change these controls in the VC menu as you can't remap controls assigned to the joypad, only the buttons. The PC-Engine also has this but gives you the option of 'normal' controls at least.



ToxieDogg commented on New Japanese Law Bans Child Abuse Images, Yet ...:

I think one of the big issues here is that we have no right to judge another country or culture's standards by the same laws as our own country or culture. A lot of people seem to forget that.

The vast majority of people in the West don't even look at half of the manga/anime that's available in Japan, and I've never heard of any pedophile in the West being affected or fuelled by any Japanese material they looked. Does Japan have a massive pedophilia problem? It's really up to them what they do in their own country.



ToxieDogg commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

I've got a Wii U but I'll likely pick up a PS4 soon, and an Xbox One a bit further down the line...unless expense is an issue, then no need to just limit yourself to one console and miss out on all the great exclusives elsewhere.

Wii U is still my fave though ;)



ToxieDogg commented on Review: NES Remix 2 (Wii U eShop):

According to this review, Marcel got rainbow stars on almost every single challenge first time?!?


I'm no slouch at gaming, but this game is HARD. Anybody claiming to have gotten all rainbow stars first time on the Super Mario Bros Lost Levels, Wario's Woods or Kid Icarus challenges is telling porkies, it takes practice even when you know exactly what to do. A few of the earlier challenges...sure, you can get rainbow stars on those easily....but they're just to ease you into things.

I don't know a single person who would consider this game 'easy' or thinks it's 'easier this time round'.



ToxieDogg commented on Mario Kart Month: The Developers Who Tried To ...:

Sad that so many people remember Diddy Kong Racing on N64 but Mickey's Speedway USA is pretty much a pure kart racer, it's also excellent, and again beats Mario Kart 64 IMHO.

The worst clone is Sonic Drift...Sega's blatant rip off starring Sonic and his absolutely sucked.



ToxieDogg commented on Miiverse Tells the Tale of a Broken Mario Kart...:

Mine's been dispatched by Nintendo, should get it tomorrow or Friday. Not really too fussed as long as I get it by the weekend. Would rather have the cool freebies that are coming with it than have just the game by itself a couple of days early.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 29th May (Europe):

Just a physical copy of Mario Kart 8 for me this week, limited edition with the Blue Shell...getting it from the Nintendo site with a free Bullet Bill T Shirt and Red Shell keyring :)

I downloaded Resi Evil: The Mercenaries 3D onto my 3DS during the big sale last Xmas, I'm sure it was cheaper than that last time it was discounted?



ToxieDogg commented on Reminder: Nintendo's Wi-Fi Service on Wii and ...:

Shame the free DLC for games like the DS Professor Layton series and Inazuma Eleven 1 & 2 is going to disappear, and I've still got fond memories of playing Mario Kart Wii and Goldeneye online, but in all honesty I've not used the Nintendo Wi Fi Connection for months now, mostly due to DS games only supporting the old WEP system.