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ToxieDogg commented on Talking Point: A Virtual Console Revival Could...:

I think certainly all the NES titles (and possibly GBA games...we already know the 3DS can emulate GBA games fine) without exception should be cross buy. On the PSN store I can buy any PS1 Classic and be able to download it to my PS3, PSP and Vita, and play it on all of them for the one's absurd in this day and age that Nintendo expect me to pay twice to download the same game just to be able to play it on the go. The prices do need to be lower as well....over the last week, I've downloaded all 6 NES Mega Man games and Super Punch Out!, none of which I probably would've bothered with at their original prices.

The Mega Man discounts have also had another knock on effect for me (as I'd only briefly played Mega Man 4 before)....I've now gotten into the games quite a lot and will probably buy both Megaman 9 and 10 from WiiWare in the near future as well as the SNES Mega Man X VC games. See Nintendo? Sensible prices leads to even more sales.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Confirms Loads of "Veteran Fighters" ...:

GBA Fire Emblem and the original Kirby's Dreamland for me (already downloaded Kirby's Dreamland 2 and 3 a while back, didn't bother with the original game at first as I've played through it multiple times nice to revisit it for slightly cheaper though). I've been enjoying these discounts :)



ToxieDogg commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

Interesting comments here. I'm also interested to know how many sales of AC4 were physical copies and how many were people who took advantage of the offer to download it on PS4 for only £10 if you already had it on PS3, seeing as a lot of new PS4 owners last Xmas would have had little else to play.

I know ZombiU was a pack in deal with some Wii U Premiums at launch but AC4 was also packed in with some PS4s at a time when PS4 was in massively high demand. I wonder if Assassins Creed Unity will do quite as well? Rayman Legends didn't do very well on Xbox One, will Ubi deny Xbox One owners of 'non' mature games going forward?



ToxieDogg commented on Donkey Kong Jr. Math Arriving on the Wii U Vir...:

@IceClimbers Donkey Kong 64 contains Jetpac as a minigame though, and Rare do own the rights to that....they've made a suggestion in the past that Nintendo could just remove it and replace it with another game but of course that would involve Nintendo having to put the effort into actually altering a small part of the game and it doesn't look like they can be bothered. :(

The N64 version of Diddy Kong Racing contains a couple of characters owned by Rare (namely Banjo and Conker) so it would also have to be altered (in a similar way to how the Nintendo DS port was).

As for the original Donkey Kong Country games? I'm guessing Nintendo (perhaps) don't like the fact that they contain numerous Rareware logos and are therefore advertising a competitor as Rare are now owned by Microsoft. They could easily remove these, but again that would take a bit of time and effort that they seem unwilling to do :( I still don't understand why they had them on the Wii Virtual Console for a while and then removed them without reason, as Rare were long gone by then.



ToxieDogg commented on The Letter Version 1.1 Update Has a New Trailer:

Just remember that every time somebody downloads this garbage because 'it's only 50c', Treefall Studios pocket some more money and are laughing all the way to the bank. It is really sad that they've made a decent amount of money from this, very undeserved....basically rewarding them for nothing whilst many much better games aren't getting anywhere near the success they deserve. Watch the complete 5 minute playthroughs on Youtube and don't support this developer.

It is indicative of why mobile games in general have exploded in popularity though, people will buy any old crap if it's less than a buck or two :/



ToxieDogg commented on XType Plus Arriving Today on North American Wi...:

@Thulfram They released a patch for Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams in Europe, the gamepad sound works absolutely fine now.

I don't think it's been released in the US yet though as I've seen a lot of people complaining about it on Miiverse...apparently, they have already submitted the patch to Nintendo Of America so I don't know what the hold up is.



ToxieDogg commented on The Letter Plummets to a New Low With eShop Di...:

I'm also curious to know what the deal with their other game The Night Detective is? They ran a Kickstarter for it early last year that was successful (they were only asking for $750, and made a lot of wild promises that it would cater to the casual and hardcore gamer and feature boss battles etc, as in this video. The whole presentation of the game looked very amateurish at best to me.....

However it was delayed for a long time until they suddenly announced it was released last month. I've only been able to find a couple of mini player reviews but one of them seems to suggest that it feels short and unfinished

This is completely unacceptable. Eli's excuse for The Letter was that it didn't reach it's Kickstarter target, so what's his excuse for The Night Detective?



ToxieDogg commented on The Letter Plummets to a New Low With eShop Di...:

Meh. Eli's not released it in Europe yet. And hopefully never will. It's an interesting experiment to release something that only obviously took half a day to create onto the E-Shop for cheap to see how many suckers will be fished in, but I really don't think he deserves any more money out of this.



ToxieDogg commented on XType Plus Bug Resolved With Download Now Avai...:

Loaded it up for a quick game earlier and the patch installed :)

That quick go then turned into an hour and a half as I attacked the leaderboards...couldn't even quite scrape onto the Classic Mode one :( but I'm propping up the Plus Mode leaderboard near the bottom :p

Well worth the £2.69 it cost.



ToxieDogg commented on Capcom Is Remastering The GameCube Resident Ev...:

@Zombie_Barioth For a game that's going to be download only though, I doubt it would cost Capcom a huge amount of money to port to the Wii U from the PS3/Xbox 360 version and it'd likely make them a comparable amount of money to the Xbox One version as well...certainly I couldn't see it making a loss. As for Resident Evil doing a lot better on Xbox than I imply? Sure, the Xbox 360 sales for Resi 5 were respectable but the sales for each Resi game on PS3 dwarf those on the Xbox 360, more so with each subsequent release. And a LOT of Xbox 360 owners migrated to the PS4 last Xmas. I'll be extremely interested to see how the download figures for Resident Evil HD compare between Playstation and Xbox formats.



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Pop'n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventures...:

@Anguspuss Yeah, it was definitely released in the UK...I played it a couple of times on the SNES demo pod they used to have in GAME and remember seeing it on sale, though I never picked it up back then.

Downloaded the VC version last week though, and it's still as fun as I remember. Being 50hz, particularly for games like this really doesn't harm the gameplay anywhere near as much as some fanatics would like people to believe. I don't think it was ever released in the US either, so it's either an untranslated 60hz version or a translated 50hz one.



ToxieDogg commented on Capcom Is Remastering The GameCube Resident Ev...:

I think some people are really missing the point here, in their rush to push the old tired '3rd party games don't sell well on Nintendo systems!' rhetoric.

Resident Evil Revelations on Xbox 360 has only sold 0.19m units By comparison, on the Wii U, a console with a much, much smaller userbase, it's sold 0.09m units. Not a massive difference by any means, given that a lot of the so called 'hardcore' Nintendo fans who have a Wii U will likely have already picked it up on 3DS and didn't want to double dip.

There are quite a few more Wii U owners around now than there were this time last year, so how does it make much financial sense for Capcom to release the RE: Remake port on the Xbox 360 (and Xbox One) but not the Wii U? I can understand primarily supporting the PS3 and PS4 as Playstation formats have always been where the bulk of sales are for Resi games, but this just seems like madness. Especially given that the franchise is quite popular in Japan (BioHazard), and the Wii U is selling decently over there (even outselling PS4 at the moment) and the Xbox One will likely bomb.

Heck, the Xbox One is still lagging behind the Wii U in worldwide sales as it is, people outside the US just aren't that interested in it.

Let's not forget that Resi 6 sold over a million less on Xbox 360 than PS3 as well.



ToxieDogg commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Delay in Europe...:

@electrolite77 There's not a great deal of interest that isn't also being released on the PS3/Xbox 360 though. In terms of console exclusives or games which actually require the newer consoles, it's pretty slim pickings for them both. My 2 most anticipated games on those formats (Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3) have already been delayed until next year :(



ToxieDogg commented on James Pond: Robocod Reboot No Longer Coming To...:

@gage_wolf I agree 100%, it was never a great game to begin with and was massively overrated by those who didn't have access to a Nintendo machine or couldn't afford one, and even after seeing a release on the Mega Drive (think there was a later SNES port as well but it had zero impact) it was very quickly forgotten about once Sonic rose in popularity. Most people don't even remember James Pond 3: Operation Starfish. All they'll get from this is a few nostalgic sales from old Amiga owners, everybody else will play something better.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 7th August (Europe):

Raby Laby 3 and maybe Unepic for me as I already have Abyss.

Might grab a couple of the VC titles whilst they're cheap too...surprised Donkey Kong 3 hasn't been included in the recent discounts though.



ToxieDogg commented on Shin'en Multimedia to Finally Show Off Fast Ra...:

Day one download for me. I loved FAST Racing on WiiWare and if this is even half as good, it'll greatly help to fill the F-Zero sized hole that the Wii U software library has (not counting the SNES Virtual Console version :p )



ToxieDogg commented on XType Plus Delayed in North America Due to Onl...:

I downloaded it before it was taken off the shop, and it works fine without the online's quite a fun game and well worth the cheap price. Hopefully it'll be patched soon, or another version will be made available to download.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 31st July (North America):

On the one hand I'm jealous we haven't got Steel Empire 3DS in Europe yet but on the other, I'm not prepared to shell out 30 bucks for it anyway when you can get the likes of Gate Of Thunder on Wii VC for under £7. We did get Pop N Twinbee Rainbow Bell Adventures on our VC today at least and I'm happy with that for now :)



ToxieDogg commented on Gallery: A Closer Look At 13 amiibo Toys:

I've already preordered a DK one...arcade Donkey Kong was the first Nintendo game I ever played and represents everything I love about gaming. The others? Pretty sure I'll pick up most/all of them at some point. :p



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Ubongo (WiiWare):

It's being removed from the EU Wii E-Shop in 2 days, just in case anybody's interested. Can't see there being a rush of people to download it somehow :p



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 31st July (Europe):

I definitely get Rainbow Bell Adventures, used to really enjoy playing that and I like the Twiinbee series as a whole anyway. May also get X Type Plus as it looks interesting and it's dirt cheap..

I'll avoid Midtown Crazy Race like the plague though, the preview video alone was enough to put me off. The Wii U really doesn't need crap like this and The Letter, and whilst I applaud Nintendo for being more welcoming to indies nowadays, these guys really should be taking into consideration that the console gamer market is a hell of a lot different to the mobile gamer market when they put a game on the Wii U E Shop.



ToxieDogg commented on Feature: Ten Wii U and 3DS Games That Are Perf...:

Mario Kart 8 may be the people's choice, but each summer I always go back to Wave Race 64 and Wave Race Blue Storm. :)

At the moment I'm hammering Xenoblade Chronicles so I can get it finished before the usual Xmas rush of games on all formats and a launch date for Xenoblade Chronicles X is announced.



ToxieDogg commented on Mario Kart 8 Sales Increase By Nearly a Third ...:

@brewsky There's really no need for you to 'white knight' for Nintendo, lol. They won't thank you for it, or even care.

I already had physical copies of all the games on offer in the promotion asides from Wii U Party which I'm really not bothered about, so I let my young 9 year old nephew (who also has a Wii U and Mario Kart 8) pick a game he wanted and donated my free code to him.

Do you think that Nintendo should delete all of his downloads just because technically we 'cheated' the system and he got more than one free download game for his console? Grow up.

I'm pretty sure Nintendo already realised the implications of this promotion when they launched it, otherwise they would've had some kind of system in place to associate each specific download code only with the Club Nintendo account that registered each specific copy of Mario Kart 8.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 24th July (Europe):

Wooden Sensey looks exactly like my kinda game so I'll get that (plus Neko are usually reliable)...I'll wait for a review of how Master Reboot is on Wii U. As for the VC games.. I downloaded a few on Wii already so I'm already entitled to a discount price...I've got both NES Remix 1 & 2 so would I be entitled to a further discount price to upgrade those VC games to Wii U versions if you get what I mean?



ToxieDogg commented on Screenshots Disabled in Comic Workshop Miivers...:

Hold on....was Comic Workshop actually allowing you to take real world photographs with the 3DS camera and attach them to your screenshots?

If that's the case, nobody at all should be surprised that Nintendo disabled it.

If it's just drawings that have been stopped, then that's people draw crazy stuff in Dr Kawashima's Brain Training all the time and share those on Miiverse :p



ToxieDogg commented on The Letter:

Horrifically poor looking (and sounding) game that seems to have just been thrown together in next to no time with Unity 3D. This isn't the first time Treefall Studios have developed crap, they've also done this:

and unbelievably, it was (just about) successfully funded. If you have a look at their stretch goals for Night Detective, these guys really do have delusions of grandeur given how lousy their output is. 'The Letter' should have been free, charging money for it is an absolute joke. Treefall have also put a video up on Youtube showing what will be in the first update....nothing worth getting excited about at all.



ToxieDogg commented on Mario Kart 8 Still Competing in Nordic Region ...:

@Sean_Aaron Minecraft is much more can manipulate the entire world around you and create almost anything you like (plus it's really easy to share your creations on social media), constantly have to gather resources to survive and it does have a kind of point to it (ultimately to find and defeat the Ender Dragon). It can be quite challenging on higher difficulties.

Tomodachi Life on the other hand appears to just be create some Miis (or use some of your existing ones), put them into the already existing gameworld and watch them do their own thing with little to no control over it.

I can see why Minecraft would be much more appealing to most people than Tomodachi Life.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Dominates List of Top-Selling Games i...:

@Emblem It's a decent game, but I'm just surprised it's sold so much compared to some of the other games on that list and how niche Kirby usually is. The mini games are OK (Kirby Fighters feels like a taster for what Super Smash Bros 3DS will be like :) ) but the main Story Mode levels don't seem to have very much to explore in them...I'm only nearly halfway through (up to World 3) but I've had no trouble finding all the Sun Stones and Rare Gold Keychains on every stage on my first playthrough so far....could just be because I'm so used to how Kirby games work now though, same as I've never found any Zelda game as tough as A Link To The Past (first one I played). The level designs are improving as it goes along to be fair, I really liked the section with the Waddle Dee Trains coming towards the screen :) A couple of the new copy abilities are a bit silly though (Bell Kirby? lol)



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Dominates List of Top-Selling Games i...:

Surprised at how well Kirby Triple Deluxe has done...I mean, I do honestly like most of the Kirby games and I've bought it myself, but started playing it recently and it is just..,,'eh' :/ It really doesn't innovate much on the other Kirby games at all, not like Canvas Curse or Mass Attack which were something different and great fun. In fact, Triple Deluxe actually feels like a step backwards from Squeak Squad in some ways. :p



ToxieDogg commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

@Storytime7 I agree, I think it's hilarious how people will criticise Nintendo for milking Mario and Zelda, and yet within the last ten years, Sony have released, and re-released:

4 God Of War games (2 on PS2 rereleased on both PS3 and Vita and 2 on PSP rereleased on PS3) with another 2 standalone sequels.

3 Sly Cooper games rereleased on PS3 and then again on Vita, with another standalone sequel.

3 Jak and Daxter games rereleased on PS3 and then again on Vita, with 3 spinoff games (one on PS2, one on PSP and one on both PS2/PSP)

and my personal favourite....

Ratchet and Clank....9 games in the main series now, with a 10th on the way, 4 spinoffs and 2 mobile games. The original PS2 trilogy has been released and rereleased on both PS3/Vita, and Ratchet: Deadlocked was given a HD update for PS3 (via PSN),

Sony have done as much milking of their franchises in 10 years as Nintendo have done in 30, lol. :D

EDIT: And now we've got The Last Of Us being rereleased for full price, when the original only came out last year, lmao.:D



ToxieDogg commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

@ToastyYogurt 'A percentage of how many PSN IDs were created on a PS4, albeit still not accurate enough to make the claim resonable, would have been a better stat, since people who have had a PS3, PSP, and/or Vita prior to the PS4 would likely log in with the profile they made on that system.'

Exactly. This 'welcoming back' of people is only really valid if the statistics are similar to the number of brand new PSN IDs created. Even Sony must realise that, surely? :p



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo and Koei Tecmo Hosting Fatal Frame Br...:

This is all fine and well, but lets not forget that they didn't release Fatal Frame 4 in the West. :( All we got was a Fatal Frame 2 port pretty late in the Wii's lifespan.

I'd love to play this but can't get excited just yet.



ToxieDogg commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

'To back up his claim, House cites data which suggests that 40 percent of PS4 owners didn't have a PlayStation Plus account previously, which could mean they were upgrading from the Wii:'

That's a crock. I've had a PS3 for a few years but never bothered with Playstation don't need it for online play at all on PS3, and those 'free games' are only really rentals that immediately expire if you stop subscribing or the PS Plus service ends for PS3...I'd much rather buy the physical copies I can keep forever than have a load of downloads clogging my hard drive up which Sony can suddenly stop me from playing anytime.

I'll stick with my Wii U for the time being, thanks.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 17th July (Europe):

I've watched some GAIABREAKER footage on Youtube and it just doesn't look worth that initial asking price to me, especially given that you could download the likes of Pop n Twinbee instead, or Lords Of Thunder if you hop onto the Wii mode E-Shop. I'll hold out a bit longer for Shovel Knight.



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Adventure Island (Wii U eShop / NES):

@unrandomsam It's difficult not because it's broken but because it much more closely follows the stage designs of the original arcade Wonder Boy, whereas Wonder Boy for the Master System/Game Gear was much easier, had missing enemies at times and the last section of the game was altered completely.

I've played through the original arcade game on MAME, Master System Wonder Boy and NES Adventure Island, and asides from the music and main character design, Adventure Island is a much more accurate port of the coin op.



ToxieDogg commented on This Retro City Rampage Map Should Be Handy If...:

@dumedum He replied to me on Facebook after I told him about the article on Nintendolife and that I'd bought the WiiWare version as a result. He seems like a very fan-centric guy (unlike some other developers I could mention...) and I wish more were like him :) He doesn't hold any grudges or ill will towards Nintendo either, which makes a pleasant change.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 10th July (North America):

Nice, another Rabi Laby game...hope that one comes to the EU shop as it'll be a day one download for me.....the others (and Witch's Cat) made it here so hopefully it will. I've had quite a lot of fun with the Silver Star games, Magical Whip and Bloody Vampire were both brilliant also :)



ToxieDogg commented on The Wii U Version Of Tengami Is Complete, Age ...:

People saying the game looks empty and boring....the same could be said about 'Journey' on PS3, and that turned out to be one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2012.

Possibly this is one of those games where the atmosphere and experience are as important as the gameplay? Too early to say until it's released and reviewed but it does look like it could potentially be something special to me.

EDIT: I didn't realise it was already out on iOS, I don't follow the mobile gaming scene at all. :p