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ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 27th November (Europe):

@brandonbwii I bought and completed Thomas Was Alone ages ago on PC.
I could've got Iddle Dew on PC as well, but I've been holding out for the Wii U version, would've done the same with Thomas Was Alone if I'd known back when I got it that it was eventually coming to Wii U.



ToxieDogg commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

@dumedum Absolutely. I think Nintendo's actually done a great job with the E-shop and their various promotions so far this generation. They allow publishers to discount their own games whenever they want (which has netted me some good bargains) and I think they'll likely do another Christmas sale this year, like they did last year....I managed to get all the Zen Pinball DLC for rock bottom prices, and as I'm in the UK they also launched Super Mario Bros 3 on Virtual Console at the end of last December for 99p! And that's not forgetting when they first launched the Virtual Console service too, and sold a game a month for 30p, including stuff like F-Zero, Super Metroid and Punch Out. Then there's been the recent 'Smash Bros Characters' sales where any games on the Virtual Console associated with characters in Smash Bros were heavily discounted. It also happened when NES Remix launched as well.

Then there's also things like the 'Zelda' discounts they did when Hyrule Warriors launched. In the UK they offered a discount on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze when they put the DKC trilogy on the Wii U Virtual console, and I'd be surprised if they don't do the same in the US when the DKC trilogy appear over there.

For anybody to say Nintendo are bad at offering sales and discounts is just plain wrong, there's frequent discounts and offers on the E-shop.



ToxieDogg commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

@Ralek85 The problem is, is that you don't really get 'discounts' or 'sales' with PS+ or XBL Gold, you've already paid a substantial amount of money to subscribe to those services so they're just basically offering you your money back. With PSN+, if you stop subscribing for any reason then you lose all those 'free' games you downloaded.

And have you forgotten about the Nintendo Premium promotion? Since the Wii U launched, anyone who purchased a Premium (32gb) Wii U earns points any time they pay to download a game or DLC, and for every 500 points you get a code for free E-Shop credit, effectively giving you cash back. From a service you never had to pay for. The full details are here if you're interested:-



ToxieDogg commented on Sonic Boom Wii U And 3DS Both Stall Outside Of...:

Nobody can really complain about this though or use it to say 'the Wii U is doomed!' or 'third party games just don't sell well on Wii U!'....the fact is, Sonic Boom hasn't had a single decent review and as someone who's bought and played it....I agree with the reviews :p Whilst I'm not hugely sorry I got it, I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anybody else at full price unless they're a hardcore Sonic fan.

The 3DS game does seem better from the demo (haven't picked it up yet) but it's still doesn't feel right as a Sonic game. Fact is, Sega screwed up and tried rushing crap onto the shelf before it was ready in order to get Xmas's not worked and it's completely their own fault it's not going to sell.



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U):

I bought it. :( Wasn't expecting it to be great, but Sonic's one of the game series I collect and there was nothing else fighting for my cash last week.....anyway, whilst I'm not gonna disagree with the review above and think it's mostly fair, I will say that Sonic Boom is a much better game than Sonic '06 at least...the glitches in Sonic Boom can be annoying at times whereas the glitches in Sonic '06 (along with the horrendous loading times) made it nearly unplayable. And I say that as someone who struggled right through to the last stage of Sonic '06 before deciding enough was enough.

Sonic Boom's just very average for the most part, and a little below average the rest of the time. The side on 2D platforming sections are decent and there's a couple of good action sequences but inbetween it's dull and slow paced, constantly having to swap characters gets annoying fast, and the combat is just uninspired button mashing with no skill involved or any sure fire way to rack up decent combos (not that it makes any difference :p )

On a side note, even though the rings meter/energy bar is capped at 100, you still need to keep collecting them as you need them to unlock artwork and music bonuses in the 'collectibles' section from the main menu. And you need to collect literally thousands of rings for the unlocks :p



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 27th November (Europe):

Ittle Dew! I've been waiting months for that to hit the EU E-shop. I'm getting Smash as well, of course, but a physical copy.

I'll grab that Hyrule Warriors DLC too, seeing as I bought the Season Pass :p



ToxieDogg commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

The Vita has a couple of fantastic games (I loved Gravity Rush for instance and 100%'d it, including all the DLC) but better than the 3DS? Only in terms of specs and (largely useless/not used much) features. The 3DS absolutely destroys the Vita in terms of it's software library. It's not even close.

The Wii brand is a shadow of it's former self, sure. But look at those preorders for Smash Bros U, Sony. ;) and still quite a lot of great looking announced games to come. Sure, the PS4 will continue to dominate, but I don't think Sony will get those casual gamers that Nintendo lost either, they're gone....they've moved onto tablets and smartphones now.

And I think it's also pretty fair to say that the Xbox brand is a shadow of it's former self as well. I'm not sure how they're marketing the XO in the USA but here in the UK Microsoft are practically giving it away at the moment, £329 with Halo Master Chief Collection and Forza 5 is just one of the many deals doing the rounds.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 20th November (Europe):

@Peach64 What? So you're saying that a game being released for full (£50) price by a major publisher that's coming 6 months later than every other platform (and is now readily available to buy on those platforms for £20 max) and doesn't even include the original DLC packs (they're charging extra for them) is the same as a small download only game by an indie company that was funded on Kickstarter and only being sold for £12.99, that was only delayed in Europe because of localisation problems?

That's one of the most absurd comparisons I've ever seen.

@electrolite77 Don't be ridiculous, Captain Toad is only delayed by a single month in Europe and isn't already available on every other platform out there (for much cheaper) like Watch Dogs, its nowhere near the same kind of thing. And nobody's forcing anybody to buy an original 3DS now the New 3DS is coming out, it's not like it's some kind of big secret that there's an improved model on the way and people can wait until after Xmas if they want.

"we hope it's not a dog's dinner of a port". Probably still better than AC Unity.

Well, that's debateable isn't it? No confirmed Wii U screenshots so far, and no reviews so far. And this is even coming from someone who owns AC Unity on PS4 and doesn't think it's all that bad.



ToxieDogg commented on Sonic Boom Exploit Allows Players to Skip Larg...:

Well...despite what I've said before, I really can't defend garbage like this in a modern day game.

Sega need to get this patched pronto, or it's a massive embarrassment for them. Why has this game seemingly not been developed properly? That's what I want to know.



ToxieDogg commented on Free Sonic Boom 3DS Theme Now Available For Do...:

I'm not expecting this game to be some kind of top notch Mario beater but I'm at least cautiously optimistic until I see more reviews. Many people were too quick to slate Sonic Lost World as being a poor or average game without even playing it (I still say it's a very good game, more worthy of an 8/10 than a 7/10) so I reserve judgement on Sonic Boom until I've had a chance to try it myself.

Of course, it might be an awful game :p And it's not a good sign at all that they've been slow sending review copies out (same as Ubisoft with Assassin's Creed Unity recently), but I'm not going to jump on the hate bandwagon just for the fun of it.



ToxieDogg commented on Video: Early Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Footage...:

Oh noes! One guy encounters a single glitch before the game is even released (which can be patched easily) that came as a result of him trying to jump up somewhere he obviously shouldn't have been going, that means the entire game is crappy and glitches and will be as bad as Sonic '06!

Er, no. Have some perspective people. You can ride up a near vertical surface on horseback in Skyrim, does that make Skyrim crappy?

I'm not saying this will be an amazing game that beats Super Mario 3D World, but lets wait until we have a chance to play it ourselves, eh? Sonic Lost World is a really good title, and I don't understand the level of hate it got in reviews....if you look beyond the final scores, most reviewers just seemed upset that it was too hard for them and they had trouble with just doing normal jumps and homing attacks when they needed to, even though the tutorial clearly states the difference between pressing the A and B buttons. I played through it fine and didn't encounter any problems.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 13th November (Europe):

Mario Kart DLC and Dracula X on the Wii U, and Bionic Commando Elite Forces and maybe AiRace Xeno on 3DS, plus I'll put Picross e5 on my Watch List so I'll have something to download during a 'quiet' week in the future.

Tengami looks really interesting but judging from the iOS reviews I've seen then £7.99 is probably a little steep for it and I'll wait for a discount.



ToxieDogg commented on The Man Behind Sega's Wonder Boy Series Hates ...:

A lot of people claim not to have played the original Wonder Boy....have you ever played Adventure Island on NES? It's pretty much identical to Wonder Boy asides from the main sprite and music.

So that being said, people complaining about having to hold a button to run and lean their thumb onto jump....exactly the same on Wonder Boy, only with Wonder Boy if you're not holding down run then his jumps are always pathetic. As much as I enjoy the game, I find the controls a lot more infuriating than Mario's.

There's a reason Mario was a mega success and Wonder Boy/Adventure Island was only a minor one, but I still respect that they guy was driven to try and make a better game after playing Mario :) just shows how seminal and influential Super Mario Bros really was.



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Tetrobot & Co (Wii U eShop):

I was hoping this would be good so added it to my watch list. Will probably download it next month (along with Stealth 2) once the horribly expensive month of November is out of the way :p



ToxieDogg commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

I think the biggest divide on this topic seems to be between those who think that Nintendo titles are 'AAA' games because of their personal preference and unmistakeable quality of the games anyway, and those who think that only hugely selling franchises like GTA, The Elder Scrolls etc. can be 'AAA' games (don't get me wrong, those games are also excellent), mostly because of their big budgets and big sales.

Of course, this being a Nintendo centric site, many people (myself included at times) will big up Nintendo titles and defend them pretty passionately.

If anybody wants to big up the other formats, there's plenty of other sites more focused around them to go and voice your opinion on. That doesn't necessarily make people here right or you wrong, but by the same token I wouldn't go onto a forum showing support for one football team and start going on about how much better their rivals are and expect people to just accept it and not argue with me, lol



ToxieDogg commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

Wow, hilarious how almost this entire thread has basically descended into a trollfight and one upmanship contest about who's allowed a valid opinion based on what consoles they own because....shock horror...the president of Nintendo Of America is supporting his own company.



ToxieDogg commented on Bayonetta 2 Falls From UK Charts After One Week:

@Kirk Actually there is truth in what you say. I'm really enjoying it and think there's a lot of depth beyond it being a button masher but you really have to take time to learn the stages and how the enemies attack and when to dodge. The first time you play any stage it is just complete sensory overload until you replay them, put the practice in and improve, but a lot of gamers today don't have the patience or will to do that unfortunately and will just judge Bayonetta completely on how it first appears to them.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 6th November (Europe):

I'll grab Siesta Fiesta whilst it's on offer (I was actually going to pay full price for it anyway) and I'll definitely get Mega Man 7, X3 and The Swapper further down the line.

Ultimate NES Remix? Meh....I was initially tempted but I've got both of the Wii U versions already and less content and features + higher price = rip off. Should have been a £20 download at most, and no more than £24.99 for a physical copy.

On another note, still no GBA Castlevania games or Dracula X/Vampire's Kiss for EU? :(



ToxieDogg commented on Polychromatic Extravaganza de Blob Will Be Mak...:

Whatever they do with this franchise, be it a remake of the first 2 games or a sequel, they need to implement a much better save/checkpoint system into it. Not because the games are too hard (the difficulty is fine just as it is) but because if you're looking to do any level 100%, you can usually be looking at having to sit and play for an hour (or more) at a time before you can save your game. It put me off playing the first one in particular a lot (the second had a 'suspend' game feature, on Xbox 360 at least) as even though I really liked it I just wasn't able to dedicate myself (and my spare time) to it in the way that it needed to be.



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Donkey Kong Land III (3DS eShop / Game...:

@Dodger There might not be a Princess Daisy game yet, but there is this for Nintendo DS....


It's a surprisingly good platformer with an excellent soundtrack and has a decent challenge (10+ hours) if you're playing to find and unlock all the hidden stuff. Well worth a look if you're after something a little different.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo 64x64: Donkey Kong 64:

Ace game, one that I 100% completed back on N64. Didn't mind all the collectibles at all as they made the game last longer and worth exploring with every character. Whilst I didn't personally enjoy it quite as much as Banjo Kazooie or Tooie, it's very close behind them on my list of favourite N64 games.

Just a shame that Rare included one of their own IPs (Jetpac) as an unlockable minigame later on, as that's almost certainly what's caused the issue with bringing it to Virtual Console so far.



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Qu...:

@JaxonH Oh, I agree absolutely. :) They're both excellent games and I loved playing through Tropical Freeze earlier this year and plan to revisit it soon. It just boils down to personal preference....I like the setting, themes and stage designs more in Donkey Kong Country 2, that's all there is to it :) It has a kind of 'dark and gloomy' vibe that I really like whereas Tropical Freeze is that bit more cheerful. The difficulty feels just right as opposed to Tropical Freeze which to me felt a little too hard at times, verging on being cheap.

I'd still highly recommend both games (as well all DKC, DKC3 and DK64) to anybody though.



ToxieDogg commented on Curve Digital Talks Over Stealth Inc 2, Wii U ...:

Definitely want to get Stealth 2, and I'm happy to pay full price for it but with having bought the Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition and Bayonetta 2 First Print Edition recently,on top of Smash Bros 3DS and Fantasy Life, and also having downloaded the Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Land games on my Wii U/3DS, this will have to wait a short while longer. Expensive time of year to be a Nintendo fan :p



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Qu...:

@whodatninja From experience, it still plays fine (I've heard people talk about control lag due to the Wii U's inability to output 50hz but I honestly haven't had that happen to me), but there IS a definite slight visual stutter....kind of reminds me of playing games on a SNES emulator with not quite the right settings. It's still a great game in terms of music, level design and playability but there's absolutely no reason that they should have fobbed us off with the 50hz version because it just slightly ruins what is an otherwise perfect 2D platformer. Shame.

@Action51 'For the record:

Super Mario Galaxy is better then Mario 64'
'Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is better then DKC:2'



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Returns to Profit as Wii U Sales Show...:

@SahashraLA Don't worry, you can always revert back to your old tactic of blaming the entire continent of Europe and us 'ungrateful' European gamers if the Wii U has a bad year in 2015, just like you did in this past topic....

.....although you appear to have deleted your original comment when most people called you out on how ridiculous you sounded.

BTW The Wii U has been outselling the PS4 in Japan, and Super Smash Bros 3DS had massive sales over there, not bad for a country that 'doesn't care', eh? ;)



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones (Wii U...:

I've never played the it worth me grabbing that on PS3 or should I just move onto this now? Any chance of the original coming to Wii U in the future like Trine is about to?

Either way, this looks ace and I'll definitely support it as soon as I've got some spare cash :)

@JaxonH I'm hoping NoA gives you guys the Donkey Kong Country/Land games on Virtual Console soon, though it's been a bit of a double edged sword for us Europeans....last week's DKC2 was the old PAL 50hz version and whilst it's still perfectly playable (despite people complaining), there's definitely a slight visible stutter because of the Wii U being unable to output in 50hz mode :( . Hopefully EU will get the GBA Castlevania games, Dracula X, Cybernator and Wild Guns at some point too, it's a bit silly having these huge differences between what we're given to play on opposite sides of the Atlantic :p



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (3DS eS...:

@DarkCoolEdge 'I don't like that 99% of women in this industry are depicted the way they are and a big part of it is because there are women in my life I love and feel that are being constantly diminished just because they are not men. And I don't like it.'

Is that a massively gross over exaggeration, or could you elaborate more on that please? I've been playing and collecting games for the last 3 decades and have all the major consoles and handhelds (asides from Xbox One) and I'm really struggling to see what you mean by the way '99% of women' are apparently depicted. If I scan over my games collection, I see quite a large number of games where females are portrayed in a hugely positive light, such as the Metroid series, the Zelda series (numerous characters like Zelda/Sheik, Impa, Ruto, Midna etc), Beyond Good And Evil, Perfect Dark, Kameo, Resident Evil, various Castlevania characters, numerous RPGs etc. and only a very, very small minority of (main Jap-centric) games such as Onechanbara and Senran Kagura Burst where the sexualisation of the characters is (in my opinion) intentional.

The positive portrayal of females far, far outweighs the negative so I don't know how you've come to that conclusion, although I'm prepared for you to correct me.

@Kirk I also completely agree with everything you've said in this thread,



ToxieDogg commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

Got the First Print Edition from GAME (spit!)...don't really like buying from them but it was an exclusive, and I'd already preordered it before it went up on It's pretty nice but I don't like how the artbook is actually stuck to the case and can't be removed from it. Awesome games though :D



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country (Wii U eShop / Sup...:

It's a good game, but I disagree with the 'hasn't aged a day' tagline....I think it's aged much worse than the other 2 DKC games. There's a distinct lack of variety in the stages, a couple of very bland stage designs, the boss fights are pretty dull and extremely unimaginative and quite a few of the bonus level barrels are absurdly difficult to find without leaps of faith or just plain dumb luck....the music is great though and it plays really well, I've always liked that there's pretty much zero powerups asides from the animal buddies and it relies on your basic skills a lot more than most games. It laid a solid foundation for the (much better) sequels too so I don't hate it :D but it's only an 8/10 for me.



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (3DS eS...:

And for the record, I never, ever saw ANYBODY refer to Shantae as a 'sexualised' character up until recently, this jumping on the current issues bandwagon really has to stop.

At the rate we're going, all games characters will have to wear large sacks and be androgynous in order to be acceptable facepalm



ToxieDogg commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ability to Charm You...:

@JaxonH I don't think it's so much kids buying the games, it's adults. The kids might be playing the games more but the adult will usually buy the game for themselves and then the kid ends up playing on it more because the adult doesn't have as much time to.

Games don't need sex, violence etc. to be mature, and I don't think Nintendo should change in that way. But there does need to be at least a few more darker, edgier games with good storytelling in the vein of, say, a Zelda: Majora's Mask or a Metroid like that. You could take most if not all of the swearing out of The Last Of Us and the story would still be just as effective. It's not my personal favourite game but it's a gritty, engaging experience that appeals to most modern older gamers not because of the violence and bloodshed but because of the atmosphere and characterisation.

When I talk about targeting older users with their consoles, I mean more along the lines of making sure they've got a good amount of fully functioning social features in place.....I know people who were put off from buying a Wii U and Mario Kart 8 simply because there's no proper party chat feature in place, and you can't talk to friends whilst actually racing, or talk to friends who are playing other games at the time. There's also other massive issues that people have complained about such as the lack of a proper account system (it's much better now, but still not perfect) and (for example) no cross buy for NES VC games on Wii U and 3DS amongst other things.

Asking for Nintendo to re-evaluate their target audience doesn't mean 'fill all your games with blood and swearing' but it does mean 'move along with the times and offer a system with the same basic benefits and features as every other platform out there' whilst having unique selling points of your own.

Nintendo have improved and caught up a lot recently, but it's problems like this that make a lot of older gamers view them in a bad light, not so much because of their firm focus on family friendly games (although that is a part of it too).

If older gamers (and there are A LOT more older gamers around now than there used to be) are put off from buying Nintendo consoles because of some of the problems I've mentioned, because they don't see it as a viable social gaming platform then they'll go with Playstations or Xboxes instead, and once they start buying games like GTA and The Evil Within and whatever else for those platforms, then those are the games that their kids will end up playing and being raised on.

I'm possibly talking a lot of crap, but there has to be some reason why the Playstation 4 is selling like hot cakes and the Wii U isn't, and it just doesn't seem like Nintendo's approach is working to me.



ToxieDogg commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ability to Charm You...:

I agree with the gist of what @zool is saying, and also with what @unrandomsam is saying. Back in the old days when Nintendo was king of the so called 'hardcore' gamer market, by and large parents weren't gamers themselves so marketing to kids in order for them to put pressure on their parents was the right thing to do at the time. But now the parents are ex Nintendo gamers who's mostly moved onto Playstations and Xboxes, and their kids will grow up playing (and wanting to play) the same games that other people in the household are playing. Nintendo must at some point start marketing to this adult audience properly again, as it's only by capturing their attention that they'll capture the attention of their kids and we won't be living in a world where the kids are more interested in playing the next GTA than the next Mario.

When parents buy a console now, they'll likely want to use it themselves as well. So they're more likely to buy a Playstation or Xbox for the household with a couple of kids games on it to keep the kids happy for a bit whilst the rest of the games are for them, rather than a Nintendo console where most of the games are perceived to be aimed at kids with only a few titles really aimed squarely at the adults.

I've always personally preferred Nintendo games but that's just the way it is and how the market has changed, and Nintendo are going to carry on leaking money with home consoles if they don't start re-evaluating their target audience.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo 64x64: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's ...:

Best Zelda game of all, and I've played and beaten them all (even the Game & Watch Zelda) bar the CDi titles.

Yes, it recycles a lot of features and the game engine from Ocarina Of Time, but adds a lot of original gameplay mechanics of it's own and does it in a masterfully dark way, weaving an experience that sticks with you long after you complete it.

Highly recommended.



ToxieDogg commented on New Music and Voice Samples Discovered in the ...:

@ULTRA-64 Yeah, as Thomas has already said I'm pretty sure they made it quite clear at the start that it was only ever a scheme that was going to last for 2 years from the launch of the Wii was something I always knew about even prior to buying my Wii U (on launch day) at any rate.

You've only got up until the end of December to earn points, you still have until the middle of next year to redeem any £5 E-Shop codes you earn though. I think it's been a pretty good scheme, I don't even download retail games and I've made £30 credit back from it already, pretty sure I'll get at least another £5 or £10 by Xmas. :)



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd October (Europe):

Well you know why Nintendo Europe is releasing DKC2 in's for the more 'cinematic experience' ;) They've obviously been drinking some of Ubisoft's kool aid.

(being serious, it's an absolutely bizarre decision to just do this to DKC2 and not DKC or DKC3....especially when many people including myself regard DKC2 as being the best game of the trilogy)



ToxieDogg commented on Poll: Nintendo Minute Debate - Is Super Mario ...:

Super Mario Bros 3.

Taking personal preferences out of it, SMB3 introduced a lot more new things to the 2D platform genre than SMW did, and actually influenced a lot of things in SMW.

To say SMW was more influential than SMB3 would be like saying the chicken came before the egg ;)



ToxieDogg commented on Review: Donkey Kong Land (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

@b_willers Donkey Kong Land 2 shares the exact same overworld map and even stage names with the SNES game, but all of the stage designs are brand new....of the 3 games though, it feels like the one most closely related to the SNES version. Donkey Kong Land 3's overworld map has a lot of similarities but is not quite the same as DKC 3 and has a few unique features of it's own like the Time Attack option that unlocks after beating the game. It's well worth playing them both at any rate as they're extensions rather than direct copies of the SNES DKC games.



ToxieDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 16th October (Europe):

Goddamit Nintendo....this is already going to be an expensive enough month for me already with the day one first print edition of Bayonetta 2, now you go and suddenly bring all the Donkey Kong Country games back to VC and Donkey Kong Land to the 3DS as well :p. Luckily, I've already downloaded all 3 DKC games on Wii VC, so I can upgrade them fairly cheap if I want. ;)

Nice to see some Hyrule Warriors DLC make an appearance too, as I've already paid for the season pass. :D



ToxieDogg commented on Captain Toad's Joined by Toadette in Treasure ...:

Can't wait for this, day one purchase for me. Not pleased about having to wait a whole month after the US but it'll give me something to look forward to playing in January at least. I'm more hacked off about Europe having to wait an extra fortnight for Super Smash Bros U to be honest. :p



ToxieDogg commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Release Dates Conf...:

@kwandar Probably, but what games that run on the Wii U are actually compatible with the bongo drums as a control input? The Wii U isn't backward compatible with Gamecube games so you can't play either of the Donkey Konga games or the Gamecube version of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat on it.



ToxieDogg commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

Come on Damo, I like most of your articles but that's just clickbait.

'Of course, that doesn't answer the question of why the Wii U isn't getting Assassin's Creed Rogue — a brand new "last gen" offering which is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 — when it received both Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag. Your guess is as good as ours on that score.'

So, nobody at Nintendolife thinks it's because the last 2 Assassin's Creed games on Wii U sold like crap then? I defend the Wii U and complain about Ubisoft a lot myself, but even I realise the facts there.



ToxieDogg commented on The Studio Behind Sega's Wonder Boy Series Mig...:

I don't want to fuel any arguements but I too prefer Wonder Boy In Monsterland to Dragon's just feels like a more pure arcade experience to me (given that it started life in the arcades) whereas Dragon's Trap is definitely more of a home console game. I still think they're both good games though so don't shoot me! :p

I'm quite sad to hear that Westone's gone into liquidation....I've played through many of their games over the years and really enjoyed them for the most part. The original Wonder Boy was one of the first arcade platformers I really got into, and I rate it as one of my all time favourites alongside Super Mario Bros. Nothing lasts forever, but feels like another part of my childhood has died. :(