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Wed 3rd Dec 2008

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touffeboy commented on Rumour: Wii 2 to Feature Blu-ray Drive, Out Ne...:

1. Impossible, it would make too many competition to 3DS

2. If they released Wii 2 next year, Zelda SS would be create for nothing (The sales will be affect )

3. Blueray = Sony

4. I think if they released a new console, it's in 2012, because Nintendo bet on some old licences like Donkey Kong, Samus, etc...



touffeboy commented on Mario Tennis:

Nice An Another N64 Game! Now release Mario Party and i'm gonna be happy



touffeboy commented on Nintendo Download: 26th March 2010 (Europe):

Mario Party Fan 999 you're my best friend xD lol i'm also a big fan of the series and it's one of the only games i'm waiting xD but 2 VC GAMES? Yeah I just hope than we will got 1 or 2 Vc games next week like ogre battle