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Mon 23rd August, 2010

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Tops commented on Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 Won't Include Z...:

I love Link and Zelda's HW designs so this is a bit of a blow, unfortunately. I'll still get the game if it's good, but I was already leaning toward giving it a miss as the series seems better-suited for a big screen, console experience.



Tops commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Allows Wii U and 3DS eSho...:

@rjejr Meh, the bad timing of the releases is making the S&S price look worse than it otherwise would have when comparing the two. Why not single out any of the other $15-$20 eShop games? (I'm one who likes to nitpick prices too but I think this is the wrong angle to take on the issue) Though I also realize you're saying that cheekily.



Tops commented on Talking Point: Retro Gamers Beware, PAC-MAN 25...:

@ThomasBW84 Thank you for not feeling the need to preface the article with a statement on how you will break into the first-person and just doing it. Makes the read more enjoyable without the reminder of journalistic standards and yada yada. Good call. :)

On topic: I'm interested to see what Nintendo comes out of but am not overly worried or optimistic either way. It may be a side offering worth checking out but probably not.



Tops commented on Nintendo Download: 21st May (North America):

Wow, the irony of all the negative attention the pricing of S&S II has been getting and then seeing it released alongside a handful of cheap (in quality as well as price, by the looks of them) eShop releases. That is not a criticism of Ronimo Games by any means, merely an observation in line with the larger issues surrounding the eShop. Looking at what the other games offer, I have no doubt S&S II is by far the best product out of the bunch.

I'll be looking into downloading it (or maybe trying out the first one at the very least and seeing if I want more) and I hope it does well for the team behind it. :)



Tops commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley For 3DS Launches...:

Yeah, this one is difficult to recommend. I hope Natsume understands what fans feel is lacking in the game and make the necessary improvements with the sequel. They have their work cut out for them but I think they can do something good with the series.



Tops commented on Review: Paper Mario (Wii U eShop / Nintendo 64):

So glad I got to play this thanks to the Wii's VC. It truly is fantastic. The only game in the series I've yet to play is TTYD so I really hope it gets some sort of rerelease in the near future.



Tops commented on Stretchmo, Known as Fullblox in Europe, is Ava...:

@Bat-Moves98 I felt like there was more of a relaxing ease to going through and figuring out puzzles in Pushmo/World. In Crashmo I much more frequently needed to reset or rewind a puzzle because I let the wrong blocks fall. I like the feeling of figuring out puzzles as I go, even if it means manually retracing my steps instead of rewinding. It makes it seem as if I'm learning the puzzle, which feels more rewarding.

I guess it boils down to needing to use reset/rewind after making a mistake rather than being able to go and fix it myself. Hopefully that makes sense. I realize it may be an odd complaint since the reset/rewind functions are there to be used.



Tops commented on Stretchmo, Known as Fullblox in Europe, is Ava...:

For one easy payment of $10 I will be getting this. I love the Pushmo IP, one of the best eShop offerings imo and I can't wait to get this.

Pushmo World was a great return to form after the very disappointing Crashmo, and this looks like they're building on the series in a meaningful way with this iteration.



Tops commented on Don't Worry Colour-Blind Gamers, Splatoon Has ...:

I feel like this is something that would have been nice to mention in the Direct or other promotional material. Not to heavily push it as a feature but just to let people know who may not be following the game very closely due to its reliance on the colour mechanics.

I'm not chastising them for not really bothering, but hopefully those affected bother to seek this sort of information out.

Good call by the devs though. Everyone should get a chance to enjoy any game they'd like. :)



Tops commented on High Strangeness is Out Now on Wii U in North ...:

Will read the review. I'd like to know why switching between the 8 and 16-bit aesthetics is important. Is it purely to find things in one world to then use in the other? or does it also affect how you fight enemies?