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Mon 23rd August, 2010

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Tops commented on Review: Ballpoint Universe: Infinite (Wii U eS...:

I only recently found out this game is a shooter, so I probably wouldn't have gotten it anyway but it's too bad it isn't even a very good one. It seemed like a game a lot of people were looking forward to.



Tops commented on Guide: Tips And Tricks To Get You Started In B...:

@gcunit Actually I don't care about the word or if NL uses it. However, I'm tired of them bemoaning sexuality in games and then turning around and using words with sexual connotations in their articles. I'm not offended, just annoyed. NL apparently has enough principles to warn their readers about cartoon breasts but not to make a sexually explicit joke?

I just wish they'd pick a side instead of assuming moral superiority when it suits them.



Tops commented on Guide: Tips And Tricks To Get You Started In B...:

How can you put a warning about Shantae's sexualisation and then use a blatantly sexual tagline like that? This site needs to decide how "family-friendly" it is because I think you guys are being hypocritical.

And I only say that because I expect better from NL.



Tops commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Heading to PAL R...:

I'm still optimistic about this. Though I won't lie, it's a good thing they added the ability to terraform, otherwise I wouldn't be nearly as interested.

As it stands I'm willing to give this a chance as well as gladly getting Story of Seasons.



Tops commented on Feature: Working 9 to 5 in a Fantasy Life - We...:

@galachef55 I wish I could tell you that I've been reading through all these articles but I don't want to spoil anything for myself.

I would, however, like to go through them once I delve into the game to compare our experiences. :)

Edit: And I've just clicked the Fantasy Life tag and bookmarked that page so I not only have easy access to these but I won't forget to read them later either. Happy times ahead! :D



Tops commented on Video: Sanzaru Games Discusses Sonic Boom: Sha...:

I probably won't end up getting this but I do love seeing 'behind the scenes' stuff and hearing devs speak so I did enjoy the video. Now that I've seen a few of the faces behind the game I do hope it does well (and that it's a good game of course!) :)



Tops commented on New Nintendo 3DS Videos Show Off Compulsory Sc...:

I'm not a fan of the placement of the SD card slot, nor the somewhat inconvenient way of switching the back faceplate. At least it means you know it'll be secure, though.

Meh, I'm probably going to get an XL version anyway but I know if I do I'll be getting the micro SD card with the most memory available that is compatible with the system so I never have to switch it out.



Tops commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Set to Bloom on ...:

@Captain_Gonru I believe the area near the player's house cannot be terraformed (though I don't know how big that area is) and the impression seemed to be that the other characters' houses would have fallen into this 'no terraforming' zone as well.

Having said that it could very well be a matter of what the game can handle, as you point out.



Tops commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Set to Bloom on ...:

I've really wanted this until reading that you're the only one who actually has a house in the Valley. All other characters reside in a town inaccessible to the player and visit you (very often though).

Now I feel hesitant and want to read up on reviews first.