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Mon 23rd August, 2010

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Tops commented on MixedBag Provides an Update on Stylish Wii U e...:

Goes without saying the upgrade in visuals is fantastic and really adds a lot to the atmosphere of the world.

Looks like this and Affordable Space Adventure will complement each other well as a couple of similar yet unique space exploration games.



Tops commented on Review: Excave (3DS eShop):

I'll probably wait on this to decide if I really want it. Seems to be an inexpensive yet flawed game.

Either way it's not a must-have for me, so there's no point in downloading it only to not play it right away.



Tops commented on Review: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Wii U):

" failure to integrate its clay theme into gameplay in any meaningful way"

Why do the aesthetics necessarily have to be incorporated into the gameplay? Kirby is molded into a ball, you mold clay...good enough for me.



Tops commented on Conker Creator Chris Seavor Reveals More Detai...:

@Damo All the info just seems vague. What's in the videos besides showing off the animation? What was the "slight update" to the website? I wouldn't know what was new and what wasn't.

Not a huge deal, to be sure, just seems like a bit of an anomaly as far as news articles go. :)



Tops commented on Impressions: Nintendo Made The Right Call With...:

This was a game I was willing to take a chance on even without a demo but I'm really enjoying what's on offer so far. I don't mind not knowing where all the enemies are except when being caught in an overwatch attack from one you didn't know could see you.



Tops commented on Junichi Masuda Discusses Where Hoenn Got its N...:

Love hearing stuff like this. Makes me appreciate the thought that went into creating something and it's nice to know that the games are special to the people that worked on them, too.

Thanks for the memories, both shared and created through these awesome games! :)



Tops commented on Natsume Thanks Fans for Strong Launch of Harve...:

I guess that's good to hear, but the game felt mediocre at best and could be frustrating at times (or all the time if you like watering your plants, lol).

A sequel would have to be a substantial improvement for me to pick it up and I wouldn't do so without looking at reviews beforehand (reviews for this one were quite difficult to find).



Tops commented on Review: Fire Emblem (Wii U eShop / Game Boy Ad...:

Can't wait to pick this up!

Interestingly, it was receiving Sacred Stones from the Ambassador program that got me into the series and hyped for Awakening, despite the latter being responsible for broadening the series' appeal. Go figure!



Tops commented on Weirdness: The Pokémon Timeline Seems as Craz...:

I'm not really into this kind of theorizing but this take on Pokémon seems pretty weak imo. The idea that each game in a generation is an alternate dimension and the link cable is what allows you to connect to yourself? Seems like grasping at straws to me.