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Mon 23rd August, 2010

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Tops commented on Xenoblade's Metal Face and Street Fighter's M....:

Nintendo's contribution to the cast has made this a game I'm going to buy. I consider the first PxZ to be B-grade fun, like the videogame equivalent of a fun action movie. As long as the second is more of the same over the top nonsense, I'll be more than satisfied.



Tops commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015 - Q4 ...:

Fast Racing Neo is the only definite purchase on the list. I'll most likely give Shantae a go and maybe try out Poncho, reviews pending. I highly doubt I'll get XCX or Woolly World and if I do it won't be for a while.



Tops commented on Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Will Support 18 amiib...:

I've started to become bored with the Mario & Luigi games. Still haven't finished Dream Team so I won't be picking this up until I go back and complete that. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into the series (I still love Bower's Inside Story)



Tops commented on Review: The Swindle (Wii U eShop):

I like the whole concept and structure of the game (gaining and managing your money and upgrades over the course of 100 days). I don't have a lot of patience with technical issues though, so I might hold off until they're resolved or a statement is made about fixing them. This seems like a really cool game and I'd rather not miss out on it.



Tops commented on Toon Link Will Reportedly Be Playable in Hyrul...:

I'd be pretty upset if they don't release all the additional content as DLC for the Wii U version. Hopefully parity between the two versions isn't too much to ask for the people who already bought the game.



Tops commented on First Impressions: Getting Down with Shantae: ...:

@WaveBoy Gunman Clive is actually two words Even if that was the joke, it may be overrated but at least you're not overpaying for what you get. That helps it; it may not be amazing but it's a solid title and I never felt ripped off with it's price.

I thought the second Gunman Clive was more disappointing because where others see 'variety' in the levels I see ideas mashed together that don't fit well and a less cohesive game.

As for Shantae, the first I find really dated and nearly unplayable at times. The other two are better. It's the Mighty series I find more overrated though.



Tops commented on Mario Memories: Pre-Internet Timeline Confusio...:

I remember back in second grade, the older of our two classroom computers had a ROM of Super Mario World and at every chance we got all the guys would take turns playing. I even remember one evening, during a school play, when all of us were in full costume playing SMW as we waited to be called down for our scene.

It was a tragic day indeed when that computer finally gave out and we were left without our favourite game. Our young souls felt crushed.



Tops commented on Fire Emblem Fates Looks Set to be a Single Rel...:

If everything is on one cart I really hope it's not the 'pick one side and pay to unlock the other' scenario some have suggested. I think that would be the worst option, and would rather have them as separate releases.

We'll see what happens but I'm really looking forward to this one so I hope the release is handled well.



Tops commented on Editorial: Super Smash Bros. Should be Integra...:

@ShadJV These editorials aren't pointless because we don't know what the NX is; they're pointless because it doesn't matter what it is. Anyone can name a huge Nintendo franchise and say their next console 'needs it' but all of us already know that. I agree with you that all this speculation is ridiculous.



Tops commented on Video: Nintendo Shines The Spotlight on Aya K...:

I always love hearing developers speak about their games and generally getting to know the people behind my favourite franchises.

@Artwark The issue isn't whether women are or aren't as creative as men. It's about equal opportunity for them to work in the games industry if they so choose and feeling comfortable with their working environment.

And I can't even believe how ignorant this sounds: "The only issue is that their creative minds might alter the game in my opinion." Whether a game has good or bad ideas implemented within it has nothing to do with the gender of the developers; if a bad idea ruins a game it's because it was a bad idea or poorly executed, not because the person who thought it up was a woman or man.



Tops commented on Nintendo Offers Humble Thanks For Condolences ...:

People react in different ways and whether you feel like playing games or not, neither is more appropriate than the other. I still played a bit, but it had to be a game I was in the mood for. Nothing dark, nothing violent, nothing fast-paced, just something I can relax with, take my time with, and enjoy.