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Fri 6th Feb 2009

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tootie_kicks commented on System Update 4.2 Bricking Wiis Left, Right an...:

1. While I HAD the HBC, I have never used it to play illegally copied games.

2. I only used the HBC to try to save my save game files/Miis/etc when AN EMAIL caused the Wii to freeze everytime it tried to download it.

3. To accuse every person with the HBC of being a filthy pirate (by Nintendo putting out this shoddy update), is similar to accusing every person who owns a gun of being a killer who goes on a rampage (extreme example, but trying to get my point accross).

EDIT: My Wii booted, so it's fine, but the HBC is gone



tootie_kicks commented on Review: New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle B...:

I'm of two minds about this. While I do want more people to play this underrated game (and I might even pick it up, even though I have the GCN version), I soooooooooo wish they had just left in DK Bongo support. They had to actively take it out, and it's a worse game because of it!!

It was so much fun bashing away at the bongos, that I want to take it out now to play!



tootie_kicks commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (25th Mar):

The exact reason My Aquarium is still in the top 3 is the same reason that I'm considering buying it:

It's only 500 points

At that price you can have a bit of a look, get a bit of play time, and not feel like you've wasted your money, especially with a novalty like a virtual fish tank. I'm thinking of getting it just to give it a go. It's unique enough that I'll bite and finally get it... along with Mega Man 9 so I still feel like a gamer.



tootie_kicks commented on Picross Hits the Third Dimension:

I'm crossing my fingers and toes that it comes on a cart, making it available to the millions of DS owners already out there (me included!). I'm desperate for more picross!



tootie_kicks commented on Review: Sonic and the Black Knight (Wii):

...sigh... As an old ex-Sega guy, Soinc is dead to me. Unless Sonic Team get rid of everything other than 2D platforming, Sonic will never return to the same level as the masterpiece that is Sonic 3 & Knuckles.



tootie_kicks commented on EU WiiWare Update: Family Table Tennis and Jun...:

Well, initially I was a bit reluctant to pay $15 (Wii points are extra expensive is the land downunder. Yay.) for what is essentially a card game, but after reading the comments to the review, I'm gonna get it. Not right now, but sometime in the next few weeks. It just sounds like a simple, fun multiplayer game, and being WiiWare, means no disc swapping. A hit at parties, like TV Show King.



tootie_kicks commented on Win: House of the Dead: OVERKILL T-Shirts!:

The competition page seems to be broken. It has the title 'Not Found', the top bar with member details and banner ad is missing, and the page itself says "Unknown property "style"" after "Enter the Competition" (which I assume is meant to be a link, but isn't).

EDIT: and now it's coming up with a 404 Not Found error.



tootie_kicks commented on Review: Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Qu...:


That's because Eurpoe contains countries that speak those languages as their main langauge (German, French, etc), rather than English.

If they were going to translate stuff for release in PAL, they'd probably have to translate to those languages as well, which would be too much effort. It is REALLY annoying if you're Australian, because we get lumped in with Eurpoe, but we only need English. So we get games late (or note at all), and the excuse is 'localisation;, and we don't need it...



tootie_kicks commented on No Classic Controller PRO for the US?:

There were some clip things on the back of the classic controller that looked like they were going to be used to hold something steady, and were released when you pushed that middle 'button'.

I always thought it'd be used to clip the Wiimote on there with a special attachment. Using this thing would create gameplay possibilities (point at the screen while still using pad classic controller, which you can't do if it's just hanging off your wrist or laying on the chair), something similar to how the GameCube mic hooks up to the GameCube controller with that attachment thing that came with Odama. (If anyone remembers that).



tootie_kicks commented on EU WiiWare Update: Beer Pong and Snowboard Riot:

Yes, I did see that you were joking about them being good games when they are (at best) mediocre (no offense to any one who like either of them).

I then thought you were doing the usual American thing of complaining that we got two games this week and you only got one, and mentioned (rather bitterly) that it had to last us.

At this point I'm dissillutioned with the whole VC/WW thing (being Aussie and all), and this caused me to miss subtle cues and fail at teh intarwebs.



tootie_kicks commented on EU WiiWare Update: Beer Pong and Snowboard Riot:

1. Since there is always a need to comment about PAL getting 2 games which averages out to only 1 a week, I felt like rubbing someone the wrong way.

2. It's technically Commonwealth of Australia, but yeah I get it.

3. Crono was implying that we got two games in one week, as opposed to their one (just Onslaught), whereas it averages out to one game per week, so we aren't actually better off.

It 's just that Australia's been getting the short end of the vicious club lately with regards to games, so I just needed to vent a little.



tootie_kicks commented on EU WiiWare Update: Beer Pong and Snowboard Riot:

That's crap! While Beer Toss may be bad/awful/etc. Why the hell can't Aussies buy it???

This just gets worse and worse!

EDIT: While it may look like I'm complaining for no reason, this sets a precident: If it's OK not to give us this game, then it's OK not to give us other games, some of which might be good ones.



tootie_kicks commented on Sega's Let's Catch Gets OFLC Rated:

Virus wrote:

Just think how many armless people will rejoice when this comes out. That's right; chew on that you ignorant jerks.

Cause it's so easy to play the Wii (or any console) without arms...



tootie_kicks commented on Nintendo DSi European Launch: April 3rd:

Australia gets it a day earlier (April 2nd), but gets a slighty better price than Europe (AU$299, US$193.61).

But considering this is $100 more than a DS Lite, and the same price as a Xbox 360 Arcade, it's still completely crap.

EDIT: Dammit! Someone caught my typo!



tootie_kicks commented on Sonic Chaos:

I got it on the SMS, so I won't be getting it here, but even back then when I was younger and a complete Sonic nut (still am a bitthese days), I found it too easy.