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Male, 29, Finland

Nintendo fan from Finland. All-time favorites: -Metroid Prime Trilogy -Resident Evil 0,1,4 & Revelations -Thief 2 -Zombi U -Deus Ex -Little King's Story -Batman The Videogame -Kabuki Quantum Fighter -Zelda... all.

Tue 30th July, 2013

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ToniK commented on Nintendo Download: 28th May (Europe):

Not interested in Splatoon at all. I've tried to get excited about online gaming but it seems that I'm just too old-school for that. I played MK8 for a couple of weeks online and then couldn't bother with it anymore. To me it's sad to see gaming slowly sliding more and more into that.



ToniK commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Paid-DLC Details Emerge...:

To me it seems that the game doesn't need DLC but the development was so huge that they would like to turn that into some extra cash flow.

Indifference is the word that comes to mind when I'm asked about DLC. Fine by me. If I really really like the game I might look into that later.



ToniK commented on It's Not An April Fool, The Binding Of Issac: ...:

I'd like to hear these complaints from god himself instead of his angry mob.
I tried this game once and didn't see the charm but it's a "maybe" from me. Good to see the game on Ninty platforms though.



ToniK commented on Cancelled ZombiU Sequel Prototype Featured Co-...:

I beat this game twice which almost never happens. In the future I'll get to it once more. There is something about this game that just fascinates me so much. The setting, the atmosphere... The London suburb in gloomy daylight... Actually, I want to play this right now :D



ToniK commented on Feature: Ten Must-Play Games for the Nintendo 3DS:

Kind of obvious choices. I don't mind the absence of Kid Icarus here. To me it was decent but nothing special. To be honest, I haven't enjoyed 3DS nearly as much as I did the original DS. Great piece of hardware but not too many memorable games really.



ToniK commented on Devil's Third Director Tomonobu Itagaki Believ...:

Yes, I will pre-order it like I did with Project Zero 2 on Wii. You can always count on me when it comes to horror on Nintendo platforms. Then again, they don't seem to care and I'm forced to buy other consoles for horror purposes. Sorry.



ToniK commented on Ubisoft Launches Yet Another Massive eShop Sal...:

I've really enjoyed some of their games. Shadow wars was one of the biggest surprises. It's really good for a turn-based strategy. Child of light, really beatiful with awesome soundtrack and great combat system.
AC4, framerate issues but otherwise pretty freaking awesome. 100%'d it in about 65 hours. Zombi U is already a cult classic at this point. Finished it twice which almost never happens. Blacklist is also great if you want some hardcore stealth. Endless possibilities when it comes to gameplay. So many gadgets.
I don't hate them.



ToniK commented on Review: Undead Storm Nightmare (3DS eShop):

The original was a nice budget title and I didn't find the controls too awkward. I like when people try new things, even if they don't always turn out that great. I'm gonna check this out if it arrives to Europe.



ToniK commented on First 4 Figures Opens Pre-Orders For Its New W...:

The handpainted parts on my Ganondorf (The WW HD one) could be better but for the price it's quite ok. I kinda like my blue shell better though in all its simplicity ^__^ I hope Zelda U gets some cool limited edition. I need Link.



ToniK commented on Video: Does Super Mario Galaxy 2 On Wii U Offe...:

This is cool and all, I just hate the fact that I need to buy nunchuk again and also batteries for my remote. It's like 2007 again.
I will re-buy Metroid Prime Trilogy but I'd really like Xenoblade Chronicles as well. I don't think the remake would necessarily prevent that from happening but it just doesn't seem like a game that would appear on VC. There were Ocarina of time and Majora's mask on VC and they still got remade and with a high price tag.



ToniK commented on Suda51 Explains The Origins Of No More Heroes ...:

Sometimes one encounters things commonly considered great but can't really understand why. This series was that kind of thing to me. I played through both so I really did try but eventually I just had to be honest and say I didn't like them at all. The first one was especially painful.



ToniK commented on Wii U eShop Title Meme Run Seals Approval To R...:

Another 1/10 in the making. Yeah, always two sides to things. The fact that virtually anyone can make games nowadays will eventually come down to this. The same thing with music&internet. Having variety and quantity is great but the overall quality...well, you know. Not complaining, just need to be careful which ones we want to support.



ToniK commented on Review: Angry Bunnies: Colossal Carrot Crusade...:

Even Angry Birds was a clone, they just added charming visuals. I start to think Nintendo really should keep an eye on their eShop... Too many lackluster titles that downgrade the whole eShop. I don't blame the developers, though.



ToniK commented on Free Sonic Boom 3DS Theme Now Available For Do...:

I would like the game to have the classic "hold down and tap a button" for speeding up but otherwise the 3DS demo seemed surprisingly good. I'm not paying full price for it but maybe later when it's discounted.



ToniK commented on The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask Confirmed F...:

I thought this would never see daylight but I guess I was wrong. I just hope this is also the end of Zelda remakes. Also probably gonna buy it although I wasn't enjoying the VC version on Wii too much.



ToniK commented on Nintendo Download: 6th November (Europe):

I'll read about the controls in The Swapper before I decide but it's a great game on PC and I doubt they ruined it for the U. Also Flowerworks could be worth supporting. Still so busy with my backlog on X360 but we'll see.



ToniK commented on Awesome Fan Album Metroid Cinematica Released ...:

Gift of power seems to be based on my favorite tune from Metroid Prime. I seriously can't put it to words how much I loved the first Metroid Prime. My fondest gaming memory which I will never forget. I will look into this album when my financial stance is sturdier :/



ToniK commented on Slender: The Arrival Is Stalking Its Way To Th...:

Oh, cool. Might check this out although after countless Slendy clones on Android devices the character is getting really old. Also these games are solely about cheap scares (or the anxious wait for them). I tried the X360 demo and it seemed to suffer from framerate issues and it's not even that pretty.



ToniK commented on Video: Your Heart Will Melt At This Sega Genes...:

I guess I wasn't aware at the time that my precious Mega Drive II was called Genesis somewhere else. Loved that console so much. I still remember the day I got it in '93 I think. And that song in the end of the video was one of my favorites. From Sonic & Knuckles if I'm right?



ToniK commented on Battleminer Screens Show Some Familiar Block B...:

I think this type of game would benefit from the 3D effect. It could possibly look really cool even in the simplest form. I'll keep an eye on this. Never played the original, Terraria I've played for some hours.