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United Kingdom

Wed 16th Jan 2013

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TonIttou commented on Rocksteady Confident in Batman: Arkham Origins...:

"This studio is unproven and chances of the game being anywhere near as good as Asylum and City are slim to none".

I'm sorry but this doesn't follow, the chances are just as likely that it could be even better than those games, there is no track record to base expectations on with this studio.

I'm willing to bet that Montreal has been given a pretty exhaustive list of house styles for the series, such as the overworld, combat and tone.
I'm not too worried, who knows, maybe they'll pull a Treyarch and make a superior game to the one before it.



TonIttou commented on Rayman Creator Michel Ancel "Wasn't Shocked" B...:

I bought a Wii U just for this game, I must admit I was disappointed by the delay, but I'll live - I've bought Origins on 3 different systems and have the platinum trophy for it.

30 extra levels is a huge amount of content.



TonIttou commented on Lose Your Inhibitions With Spin The Bottle:

Reading about the mini game 'hide the monkey' after 'I'm naked. I'm having fun' on the previous paragraph made me burst out laughing.

  • Also, maybe I'm either too chaste or too old, but pants-off dance-off parties sounds way too odd for me.