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Mon 27th September, 2010

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Toleboy commented on Cave Story:

@Rusty203 Actually, the graphics are not updated like on the Wii version. They are Identical to the PC version. It is also missing a few features that were in the Wii version, such as Curly Story, And Boss Attack. Or, whatever. But it still has the sanctuary time attack, and the 3 difficulty modes and the 3 save slots. But It's still awesome! I downloaded it on the day I got my dsi points.



Toleboy commented on New Sonic Title For Revolution?:

The revolution is the wii! And the new wii sonic game is called sonic and the secret rings! PLUS GAMES LIKE SUPER MARIO GALAXY 1 and 2, and in 2010 is when SONIC COLORS comes out. Oh yeah, and SONIC unleashed. AND DONT FORGAT SONIC COLORS, AND OLD SEGA TITLES WIL BE ON VC. XD first comment in 4 years... XD