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Token_Girl commented on Poll: Which is the Best Super Smash Bros. Game?:

I went with the N64 version. Perhaps it's nostalgia, perhaps I'm just old and crappy at smash...

Some people consider the N64 version "limited" or "barebones." I find it to be clean. I can actually see where my character is on the screen, because the stages aren't bigger than the TV with a million different things going on. The roster was small, but the important core characters were there. The only issue was it was a lot easier to resort to "cheap" moves.



Token_Girl commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:

Ugh, I was really hoping to use it for N64 VC games (hate playing those with a classic controller). Guess I'll just download this game from the eshop then. Does anyone know if there's a third-party adapter or something I could buy that I could use to turn my GCN controller into a Classic Controller? I just can't play N64 games with the CC layout.



Token_Girl commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

I agree with @Gilantus - the parents I know don't buy their kids a tablet, but they will give them their old tablet or phone when they're ready to upgrade themselves. Also, many parents let their young child borrow their phone/tablet on the metro or while waiting in line to give them something to keep them distracted - so in that temporary situation, it's not worth it to carry a separate device.

I know mostly parents of young children (2-4ish), so their kids mostly aren't asking for video game systems yet. Also, I think there's a much larger selection of games on the App store that can be played by YOUNG kids, plus they can watch videos on it too. Most Nintendo games don't start being REALLY playable until about 5 years old. For younger kids, it's a waste to drop extra money on separate hardware and then at least $15 on a cart that is small enough to choke on for a game no better than 99 cent apps on the app store - we're not talking Mario or Final Fantasy here, we're talking "Count with Big Bird."

Tl;Dr Parents give kids old models when they upgrade and for preschoolers, touch screens are easier to use and games aimed at that age group are no better on the 3DS but are more expensive.



Token_Girl commented on SNES Classic Super Mario Kart Is Racing To The...:

If they do something similar in the US, I'm game. I got SMK from club nintendo on my Wii for free, so I'd pay the $1.50 to upgrade and get a discount on MK8. I couldn't really get into SMK - too dated for me, and I don't really have nostalgia for it, but I will be getting MK8 pretty much immediately, so it's worth it.



Token_Girl commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

My suspicion is that they were originally porting this over to be one of the first GCN VC titles for WiiU back when Reggie was dropping hints for that before launch.

Then when 3rd party publishers dropped the WiiU and first party games all got delayed, Ninty realized they definitely needed something quickly to promote to fill the hole. They probably had the SD version of the game mostly up and running for a VC release, which would include some of the more difficult aspects technically, such as off TV play, and decided to just quickly upscale it and move it to retail. That's my suspicion as to why there's not very much in the way of new features.



Token_Girl commented on The Pokémon Company Lays Down The Law On Chea...:

Hasn't this been their policy for a while (at least since gen. 4)? Hacked Pokemon have never been allowed in official tournaments (they're ability to actually catch them nonwithstanding). Call me when they have a way to keep obviously illegitimate pokes off the GTS.



Token_Girl commented on Microsoft: If You're Backwards Compatible, You...:

I wonder when that data was collected. Sure, how many people are playing original Xbox games at the end of this generation? How many people payed gamecube games on the Wii in 2012? It's different in the beginning of a new console's life though, I'd think. Being able to sell the previous gen system at a decent price helps soften the blow of the new console's release price. The old system's backlog also makes the initial release draught easier to bear.

I can totally buy that the cost it would add to the system to put it in may not be worth it, but I'm skeptical of the 5% number in the beginning of a console's lifecycle.



Token_Girl commented on Nintendo Download: 16th May (North America):

I like the reduced price promo they're doing with SMB2. I can't take advantage of it, since I'm upgrading, but I hope that becomes a trend. I would impulse buy so many more VC games if there were sales.



Token_Girl commented on Research Finds Gamers Can Transfer Skills Lear...:

So...basically what this article is saying is younger people (who have grown up with games and online access) are comfortable with facebook selling their personal data when they "like" a company as long as they get a coupon? It's just another way to deliver coupons to people for the purpose of buying something they wouldn't have bought anyway. Instead of spending time clipping from newspapers, they're giving away personal information.

I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing, but I think it's hard to make the arguement that, as a generation, they will be better off financially because of it. Like anything else, some will be smart and benefit, others will just end up drowning in debt (ironically on cards they were "pre-approved" for according to a social media ad). Companies wouldn't waste money on thes promotions if a majority of people who take advantage of them would have bought whatever they were selling anyway.



Token_Girl commented on Nintendo Won't Be Holding A Large-Scale Press ...:

While I will miss the hype of E3 - I've done enough meeting planning to know that a stage show like that must be astronically expensive. They can see all their investors and business associates in smaller meetings, and have a demo booth for press. Most people get their E3 news from gaming websites anyway. They'll still probably get all the new announcements and trailers. We just won't have to sit through an hour video to see it all. Being able to skip through the announcements we're not interested in may heighten the excitement and lessen the disappointment about E3 reveals - which is often more about the presentation itself than the games anyway.



Token_Girl commented on Site News: Happy "Nintendo Life" Anniversary!:

I remember lurking around the old VC-Reviews site and thinking that this was some crazy April Fools' joke. I don't really have time to play much here anymore (Thanks job and Reddit), but this place is still my go-to for Nintendo news.



Token_Girl commented on Rumour: Next Sonic Game Will Be Called Sonic A...:

Yes I would want that. If they could have perfected the camera (time/effort could have been taken away from some of the extraneous characters, though I did like the mixed perspectives of the story) - SA would have been pretty much perfect. Love that game. SA2 had an awesome concept too - though I wish they had kept tails out of the eggwalker thing.



Token_Girl commented on Nintendo Reveals Specific Dates For Wii U Virt...:

I think I'll get everything except DK and Balloon Fight. I have Balloon Fight as an ambassador game on the 3DS and never play it, and I also have DK Original Edition which is the complete game, not the NES version with the missing level.

Definitely picking up the rest though - the only game I have already on the Wii is Kirby's adventure, and it's cheaper to pick it up through the promotion than as an upgrade. I'm most excited for Super Metroid though.



Token_Girl commented on Balloon Fight On Wii U Reportedly Running At 5...:

Are there still a lot of older TVs out in the wild that are only compatible with the 50hz games? I know probably most of those people won't be VC junkies, but that could be the reasoning (it's the only one that makes sense to me). In a perfect world, Ninty wouldn't be super lazy, and would just offer the option to switch to either one in Europe, but I'm just impressed they're putting effort into recoding the game roms to work on the gamepad and with the pro controller - that's better than they've ever done before.



Token_Girl commented on Game & Wario Is Hitting Japan March 28th:

Maybe. I haven't really played much WarioWare - though honestly, when it comes to mini games, I don't know if I'll need another fix as early as March. It's not like Ninty's running a shortage. I'll wait for the reviews.



Token_Girl commented on Nintendo Reveals Plans For Wii U Virtual Console:

I think you should make this point clear in all of your articles about the VC - it seemed like it wasn't in another one (I know it's my bad for not paying attention, but still - this is super important for this community).

I think the games were overpriced on Wii, but I will say this, the addition of save states and gamepad only play are worth the upgrade asking price for me. Those are pretty significant features. I was really worried they wouldn't deliver, and this is amazing news. Sucks that I'll have to wait to get some of these games, but I know I'll get a lot more gameplay out of them by using the gamepad. Save states also are kinda necessary for me to get through some NES games - I just have too many games and not enough time to be restarting games over and over again every time I die (which happens all the time due to the high difficulty).



Token_Girl commented on Talking Point: The Wii U Virtual Console Tria...:

I don't mind picking up games again for 30 cents each, but I'm dismayed that after charging so much for these old games on the Wii, that Nintendo is just saying "screw you" to those who supported the service. I bought Sonic 1 on my iPhone 3GS for $4.00 a while ago, not the $8.00 Nintendo is STILL asking for on the Wii. I could play it on the iPhone 5. The benefit of digital is NOT having to rebuy games on every platform every generation.

I'm sorry, having to patch/update games with upgrades is not a problem for ANY OTHER DEVICE. I'm not going to be getting VC games on the WiiU eshop, because when the next console comes out, I don't want to play them in a gimped, slow-loading "WiiU mode," and then lose them completely when the console after that releases. I wouldn't even be opposed to paying for upgrades if there are enough new features (save states and gamepad only play would be worth probably about $1/game or so for me).

And I just saw your post - so I can upgrade games from the WiiU VC for about the asking price I offered? I'm off to do some reasearch, but n/m, not mad then if that's true. In fact, very happy!



Token_Girl commented on Satoru Iwata Tweets That Wii U Direct Will Be ...:

As much as I'd love to see a major new title, a VC announcement, and 3DS/WiiU NNID integration, I know what we'll probably see is a pikmin 3 and lego city release date and trailor. I always get hyped for these, and really, they're just glorified press releases that usually aren't exciting at all.



Token_Girl commented on The Big Wii U Survey:

This is nothing new - we already pretty much knew this. What I want to know, is if I'll be able to upgrade my VC purchases from the Wii or if I'll have to rebuy the titles all over again to get the gamepad support. Will the WiiU VC even have all/most of the games on the Wii VC or will it just be newer generations?



Token_Girl commented on Picked Up A Pre-Owned Wii U Console? You Could...:

Why are people selling systems anyway this early in the game? Crazy that you can even find used WiiU's to pick up?

The answer for savvy pre-owned sellers is to advertise the downloadable games that come with the machine when you're selling to increase you're console's value. Not perfect, since gaming tastes rarely match exactly, but you'll probably at least recover a little bit extra than a game-free used console would.



Token_Girl commented on GameStop Sales of Wii U Are Reportedly "Slight...:

I wouldn't be surprised (though the true casuals don't seem to know about it yet), that the Nintendo market skews away from places like Gamestop and is more likely to buy from Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc. Unless you are really good at working trade-in deals, Gamestop just isn't a great deal. I get 5% off everything at Target with my credit card, so why would I get video games (which are priced the same everywhere) anywhere else? I'd imagine Wal-mart and Best Buy have similar discounts with their credit cards and Best Buy has a free rewards program (don't you have to pay a fee for Gamestops?).

My Target had NSMBU, Sega and Sonic All-Stars Racing, Nintendoland, and I think one other game sold out when I went there, and I can't ever remember Wii games selling out, so unless my store just got crappy shipments, this could be an isolated event. Let's not also forget the Deluxe promotion on digital games make buying new releases a better deal online than in most stores, unless you get a preorder deal. I have a feeling it may just be them...



Token_Girl commented on Miyamoto Wants To Return To Unrealised GameCub...:

To be honest, it would be too much of a pain to do games that connect with multiple 3DS's. I have one, but I can't see using more than one at a time. A four swords adventure type game that used 3DS's as controllers for everyone would fall to the same problem the Gamecube game did. Not everyone has a 3DS.

Would I like to see a 3DS/DS player for my WiiU? YES! Would I like games that work on both to share a save? YES! Would I like the eShops to be integrated, so that for compatible games (especially VC), I can pay once and access the game on both systems? YES! Asymmetric multiplayer? That's what the gamepad is for. The whole point of the WiiU is that you can play that type of game out-of-the-box without worrying if your friends have other systems.



Token_Girl commented on Wii U Selling 1.2 Games Per Console In North A...:

Not surprising for a few reasons:
1) Wii was cheaper than its rivals, where the WiiU is more expensive.
2) Who didn't pick up WiiPlay just for an extra remote. If you wanted a deeper, full game, neither WiiSports or WiiPlay had you covered, so that's one extra title you picked up.
3) I think the Wii launch was heavier on Nintendo exclusive (though there were GCN/PS2 ports). Except for ZombiU, Nintendoland, and NSMBU the big titles are all multiplat and have been out a while.



Token_Girl commented on Wii U Deluxe Set Selling Like Hot Cakes:

Im glad I was able to snag an in store preorder at target after the first rush of preorders sold out.

This is no surprise to me. The deluxe set is easily worth $50 more than the basic set. That being said, it will be interesting to see if any nonfanboys think any wiiu is worth $300-350.



Token_Girl commented on Wii U GamePad Will Not Have Backward Compatibi...:

This is obnoxious. You know they're not going to give up the free money selling the orignal Super Mario Bros. brings. The Wii VC will be on the WiiU VC at some point (and I'm sure you'll be able to access the entire Wiishop from the eShop on WiiU like you can access DSiWare on the 3DS.

I can totally get not having the option available at launch, but I hope these games can be updated for free (or in bulk for a very small cost - $1/game or less). The VC games were overpriced to begin with compared to same-gen games ported to the PS3 shop (Sega is the easiest way to compare here). I'm definitely not buying Mario again every generation, though the older games are so perfectly suited for gamepad only play it hurts. I would be able to play so many more (read: justify BUYING many more, Nintendo), if I could play them while my BF watches TV.

Well, I know what request I'll be crowbaring into every Club Nintendo Survey I take now.



Token_Girl commented on Talking Point: The Challenges When Writing Abo...:

I think the best way to keep reviews above-board is to separate "journalism" (going to sponsored press events, doing dev interviews, reporting on gaming news) from "reviews." If you have different people doing those things, the person writing the review is not going to be swayed by the swag they got at the preview event. The person who manages advertiser relations should be doing no official writing for the site, obviously.

It's important to remember that the marketing departments at game companies are not trying to "purchase" review scores (at least most of the time). However, they would hope the positive associations they create at these events might turn a 7 into an 8 or an 8 into a 9 in the reviewers mind unconsciously (I would imagine if a game is disappointing, too much hype could also potentially backfire, but they wouldn't be giving reviewers press invites if it backfired more than it helped.) Reviewers attending these events is a conflict of interest, though especially in a volunteer site (or a site that doesn't pay well), those sorts of fringe benefits may be the incentive that keeps people reviewing for a site in their spare time (or instead of getting a better-paying job in another industry).

Luckily, the best way of solving this problem is to know about the problem, which NLife seems to do.



Token_Girl commented on Check Out These Interesting Sonic Facts:

The only one of those I knew is that the SEGA soundbyte took up 1/8 of the cart. Very cool video. Glad to see there's still some "SEGAlife" left, even though James isn't around anymore.



Token_Girl commented on Under-Age Workers Allegedly Worked on Wii U Ma...:

As sad as this is, it's really the tip of the iceberg. Electronics all use tungsten, tantalum, tin, and gold. A large portion of those materials on the market are mined in the Congo by slaves who would envy working at Foxxconn. The money from selling these minerals fuel armed conflict in the country as well. It doesn't diminish this problem, but I wish more light would be shined on the bottom of the supply chain where the worst atrocities occur. I would be happy to pay more $$ for a conflict free computer.