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Re: 3DS Could Cause Eye Problems in Later Life


@7.Tarlii Do you know what your prescription actually is? My one eye is -4.50 and my other eye is -5.25. And I don't know if this is right or now, but I just recently got contacts and now I can't see up close. It's way more annoying to not be able to see detail close up than far away.

Re: Dave Perry May Know Truth About 3DS


I was watching Electric Playground today (it's a Canadian game review show) and they were reviewing the DSi XL. At the end, he said to save your money because the 3DS is going to be coming out in next year. It sounds like it may be coming out sooner than you think.

Re: Review: Bit.Trip Void (WiiWare)


This might be the first Bit Trip game I get. Beat was way too hard, and Core didn't look very fun.

(saying "first" was not me trying to piss people off, this would be my first one.)

Re: WiiWare Demo Service Now Available Worldwide!



World of Goo lasts the first chapter, Nyxquest lasts the first level, Bit Trip Beat lasts the first level, I'm not sure about My Life as a Darlord or Pokemon Rumble, but I played the pokemon one for about half an hour, and it didn't seem close to being over.

Re: Impressions: Classic Controller Pro


Where it says "Another nice touch is the new placement of the cord that connects to the Wiimote; not that it’s on the top of the pad", shouldn't it be now, instead of not?