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Thu 20th Sep 2012

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TobieOBrown commented on Satoru Iwata Explains Reduced Projections and ...:

@Jayvir Iwata can be forced to step down or resign, either by the board or by public opinion.

I appreciate that Nintendo seems to understand it is pissing literally everybody off (from stock holders to gamers to casuals) but the apologies they've been pumping out are just pathetic. I've heard "please understand" more frequently than software announcements, which is inexcusable. I am embarassed to have pestered my friends into getting their own Wii U's — they sit on the shelves collecting dust because there are next to no compelling games.

The momentum has been lost (if there ever was any). Drop the damned Wii brand and give people what they want.



TobieOBrown commented on Nintendo Misses Out on Nikkei 225 as Stock Slu...:

@Metalslime This website is laid out clearly: there are sections for games and there is a section for news. This is news pertaining to Nintendo and is therefore relevant to include on a Nintendo website with a news section.

But I'm thinking that's not why you're concerned with this article's existence.

For one, don't assume that nobody on this site is an investor. I once held Nintendo stock but have since sold off my stake in the company. I know I've seen at least one other member here claim to own Nintendo stock.

For two, the takeaway of this story isn't "Nintendo stock drops" - it is, rather, "Nintendo is failing." You do not want to accept this and in turn rebuke the article that brings you the news. To that I say: don't shoot the messenger.

It's easy to read these news stories about other people damning something we are passionate about, but it's time to face the facts. Nintendo is slipping. Support for its own system is weak. This fact applies to far more than the pathetic trickle of software: deadlines are not just repeatedly missed but abandoned entirely; internal development pipelines are obviously not up to snuff; advertisement is virtually nonexistent, and where it does exist it is inadequate; relatively little is being done to actively court western developers.

People call Nintendo out of touch, and they aren't wrong. Nintendo managed to luck out with the DS (touch interfaces happened to become a rising standard in coincidence with the DS) and again with Wii (the hardware was a one-trick pony and a hot holiday item). Even if we were to pretend that they were strokes of genius, it cannot be denied that the systems' success was mismanaged. Nintendo wrongly assumed that sheer volume of units sold would mean third parties would put their best foot forward in spite of processing disparity between the Wii and other 5th gen consoles. This did not happen. Third parties saw the audience (grandmas and 5 year olds) and adjusted their stratigies in spite of Nintendo's: they dumbed down their games. Look no farther than the stupid, cartoony versions of Madden on Wii as the perfect example. For a few years EA made crappy, arcade-style Madden games to try to appeal to the broader audience. When no one bit, they did a 180 and tried to bring over gimped ports. By that time though, everyone had moved on to more capable consoles.

The only thing Nintendo has left is its franchises, but what good does that do them if they can't sell the machines to run them? I've been a fan in denial for years. Don't consider this post an attack, but rather an intervention for both your benefit and my own.

Food for thought.



TobieOBrown commented on Nintendo "Would Consider" Making Free-To-Play ...:

@Yasume Have you played any of the Animal Crossing games since the GameCube? The series has evolved more than you may think — and not just in superfluous ways like the expanded catalog and encyclopedia. The "log roll" camera, wifi and local play, various locales and the new mayoral duties are all very substantial changes in formula.



TobieOBrown commented on Nintendo Setting Up Thousands Of StreetPass Re...:

@True_Hero It sounds like they're adding these "relay stations" to existing Nintendo Zones (located at malls, McDonalds, Best Buy, etc.). I imagine that these relay stations will collect Mii data and distribute it to passersby. Start bringing your 3DS along for your shopping trips!



TobieOBrown commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

"i have zero interest in last of us.
zombie/mutant enemies? oh how refreshing
third person shooter other the shoulder? oh how refreshing
stupid little girl as a sidekick? please let me kill her right at the start !!"

Please don't tell me you're a Nintendo fan complaining about rehashed game tropes?! Perhaps you've just forgotten what new IP's are like, seeing as how Nintendo's last notable franchise was developed over a decade ago — and Pikmin is hardly a juggernaut in sales.



TobieOBrown commented on Ubisoft Outlines Historical Context for Assass...:

Incidentally, just read up on Blackbeard yesterday. If he dies in the game, I hope it's as spectacularly brutal as it was in real life. Shot 5 times in battle in sliced over a dozen. Then his bloated corpse was dismembered and his head hung on the mast for the reward.

This is the first AC game since 2 that I'm going to purchase. Looking forward to November.



TobieOBrown commented on Nintendo Responds To Guilty Verdict In 3D Pate...:

@LordGeovanni Juries are representative of the American people — because they ARE the American people (and any country that uses a jury uses it for this reason as well). They're literally the only thing preventing the government from completely owning its citizens in the court of law. The entire idea of using a jury is so that the decision can be as impartial as possible; at the very least you'll have a diverse pool of thought and observation. Obviously that means if any of you fanboys were selected you'd have your vote, too. It's fair, get over it.

Either way, Nintendo used Tomita's tech. So they lose.



TobieOBrown commented on Nintendo Responds To Guilty Verdict In 3D Pate...:

Oh my god guys, do you really think they just blew up a blueprint for a jury to look at? The jury's role in a patent infringement case is to decide questions of fact — in other words, to interpret claims. Is the product viable? Was the product sold without consent? Was the patent valid?

Every patent requires a thorough, written description. Nintendo used tech explicitly outlined in Tomita's patent. You don't have to be a 3D screen expert to compare a couple paragraphs.

Read this:

If you can't understand it, then stop posting about it.



TobieOBrown commented on Nintendo Responds To Guilty Verdict In 3D Pate...:

To those who don't seem to grasp what has happened:

Tomita did/does not have a "blanket patent" for glasses-free 3D tech. There are many ways to achieve glasses-free 3D, but Nintendo used exactly his method for the 3DS. Tomita actually sells and licenses his method to other companies who pay him for it; Nintendo circumnavigated this and is now being told that they owe Tomita money.

The system is working as it should. This guy is not a troll.



TobieOBrown commented on Review: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (...:

@ReshiramZekrom (take out SPOILERS) [[SpPlOaIyLaEbRlSe]]

This game is one of the best Kart racers in recent history, although the track design is downright terrible at times. I've run in to a number of graphical and playable glitches as well, and at times they can ruin the race (invisible walls, rocketing into the air for no reason, etc.).

That said, I rented it and played for hours. It's a fun game.



TobieOBrown commented on Reggie Fils-Aime: "The Nintendo Power Brand is...:

@k8sMum I'm going to miss NP just as much as anybody, but overreacting and berating Reggie for making a good business call? My comment was directed at that group of people who feel like they're entitled to Nintendo Power and start petitions and online hatefests. I tagged @Gamer83 because its post was the first negative one I saw, even if it isn't as radical as the groups' I am addressing. There are plenty of Nintendo news outlets and Reggie all but confirmed that the doors are open for future sources of "official" news.

My comment has basically degraded into a rant itself. The takeaway message is to simply be grateful for what you got. Be rational.



TobieOBrown commented on Shigeru Miyamoto: Mario and Luigi Don't Have L...:

American localization made the Koopa Kids Bowser's "children," just like the American localization also changed the A Link to the Past booklet's information. Doesn't make it cannon. All that aside, anyone who still insists Mario's surname is "Mario" is just kidding themselves. The man who created them never gave them that name. It's ridiculous to hold on to something as the truth even when it's been proven otherwise.