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Thu 27th Jan 2011

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Toasty commented on Hoopa Pokémon Distribution Details for X & Y ...:

I have literally nothing againt the destribution of serial codes, couldn't care less... if it wasn't for the fact that they're out of codes before you take one step into the store on the codes' release day.



Toasty commented on The Great Ace Attorney Has Awesome Box Art in ...:

@Snargledon ; AAI2 had the unfortunate problem of being the successor to a relatively overlooked game, even by fans. So they didn't bother bringing the 2nd part out of Japan. But tbh, I don't see a reason to worry about this one getting shipped one way or another to the rest of the world, seeing as we were able to have our fun with DD and PLvs.PW.

I'm already super excited for this one, looks promising and I too am a big fan of Holmes. c:



Toasty commented on Pokémon Shuffle Celebrates 3.5 Million Downlo...:

I'm still buttmad about starting this game so late, missed out on Mew, Kyogre & Lucarionite... ;-; Didn't expect to like it this much.

@Shirma_Akayaku ; I wonder where you got that from. I caught every Pokemon bar Mewtwo and Genesect (due to low levels) and got 150 S-Ranks up until now. You really don't need to spend any money at all + those 500 coins every day & Meowth on weekends help in the long run.

I can understand the frustration with the Safari though, I don't like the concept of it all too much.. Took me a good while to get all of them.



Toasty commented on Nintendo Has No Plans to Fix Mario Kart 7's Ma...:

Well, I wouldn't be too too bothered if it only were for this one glitch, but within the 1st month of the game's release, four or even five glitches (I can't be supractive in this game, so please bear with my reduced knowledge.. ) have been found. MKW was bad in terms of game-breaking glitches, but this just tops it. They're all ridiculously easy to perform, so you can't really say they pose an unfair advantage over other players.

I'm just mad/angry at the fact that they.. I dunno, exist. It's plain annoying. And I kinda expect Nintendo to be a bit more cautious, even more so with their flagship titles.

I know most of this was written on a subjective basis. I just can't help it but putting it this way.

I did it once, when my brother got this game for Christmas. He heard there was something like that.. which surprised me. He never really cared for MK games before, except MK64 and MKDD back in the youth. He found out about this shortly after he got the game. ^_^



Toasty commented on Review: Fortune Street (Wii):

Can't wait. But I thought it's gonna be released on 23th of December? o.o
Amzon (ik, not really reliable) and the German Nintendo page say so, at least.. o;



Toasty commented on Talking Point: The Overcrowded Holiday Release...:

This year was crazy, concerning games. Such an amzing amount of high-class stuff.. I honestly had trouble keeping track of them all.


I'd say that it would definitely better if games were shattered over the whole year. The amount of money you spend on them will most likely stay the same, but the time factor clinches your throat at this rate. lol
I'm just curious how the companies will come to an mutual agreement on when the titles will be released. I mean, nobody would want to give up on having their game under the Christmas tree.

Not sure if I'm right, but this season was expetional in ways of quantity. Just because of the 3DS' first Christmas (which adds a Mario Land/Kart to the cart) and the fact that we had a new console Zelda incoming, which happens every once in a while. Not to mention the upcoming Olympics - and there we go with -5 games.
The only real exception for me was Kirby with his two games. And they're both not bad either.. Yes, it sure was hard to chose from all those games. @!



Toasty commented on Nintendo Europe Site Returns to Full Capacity:

I just received an e-mail stating that they indeed are aware that some Club Nintendo-members had technical difficulties while registering their game and thus getting the OST. There's already a news on the (German) website as well. They say that those members, who already registered their game, but received an error message while typing in the adress, will be contacted by Nintendo themselves; explaining how they can progess in order to get the CD. =]



Toasty commented on Nintendo Europe Site Returns to Full Capacity:

heh, I've got the exact same problem as Topping already mentioned... I thought my internet messed up, so that the registration page would be glitched. But I guess it was a site fail.
I wrote an E-Mail to Nintendo about it; we'll see how things go. =



Toasty commented on Kirby Casts On a Disappointing UK Chart Debut:

I was really disappointed that the game was delayed. Throwing those months onto one's face.. sigh

But I'm actually really looking forward to it now, just bought it on Amazon. It was a 'meh-situation' at first, but the time didn't bother me tootoo much after a while. ^^
Whereas I could imagine that the general public just forget/lost interest in Kirbay, as some others here already stated. =(