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Thu 11th Jun 2009

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ToadFan commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014:

The game I'm most excited for is definitely Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney. But there are many other games that I might pick up. Here are my top four games.

1. Layton vs Attorney
2. Kirby: Triple Deluxe
3. Monster Hunter 4
4. Mario Golf: Island Tour



ToadFan commented on New Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Trailers Re...:

@tenshinohone Even in the Japanese version, it's considered fruit juice. So I think the people in the AA World really like fruit juice.

This is not very news, now some people won't be able to get the game. Also, this most likely means that the series will now have a "darker tone" so it might lose some of it's humor and charm.



ToadFan commented on Reggie Unmoved By The Threat Of $400 PlayStati...:

@GN004Nadleeh I think that the PS4 will sell extremely well against the XBOX One and probably will beat the Wii U. But, the Wii U will still sell a lot this holiday season thanks to the big IPs that are coming to Wii U. Right now, the PS4 does not have any big IPs coming to the system this holiday like God of War, Uncharted, Rachet and Clank, or Little Big Planet.

That being said, Infamous and Killzone are still successful IP's but not on the level of Sony's other IP's. But who knows, maybe Killzone or Infamous will become huge franchises this holiday season. Eventually, I do plan on getting a PS4 for games like Final Fantasy XIV and XV, Little Big Planet, and Uncharted.



ToadFan commented on Kingdom Hearts III Highly Unlikely To Appear O...:

@Rumbler Lately, every single site is having tons of people bashing the Wii U. The same thing happened with the 3DS when everyone thought the PS Vita was going to crush it. The truth is people have been saying "Nintendo is doomed" for a long time.

But you have to realize that sites like Nintendo life are going to be posting almost all news that relates to Nintendo and not just positive news. And you have to admit that Wii U isn't doing as well as Nintendo thought it would be. Most (notice I said "most") of the people that you said were trolls are not trolls at all. They just want people to know that having third-party support is vital to the success of a console. (You might also want to look up the word "tough love")

Also, some of these people may be fans of Nintendo and just do not like the Wii U or Kingdom Hearts at all which is completely fine. They may just like Nintendo because of their portable efforts. Or, they want Nintendo to go third-party.

Speaking of your thoughts on the article, it is still completely possible for KH 3 to come on Wii U. The game isn't coming out for a few years, and by this holiday season the Wii U will hopefully be selling like hot-cakes. By 2014, hopefully more third-party publishers and devs will want their games to be on Wii U.



ToadFan commented on Kingdom Hearts III Highly Unlikely To Appear O...:

@ricklongo @bizcuthammer Yes, I agree. I feel like KH series could do wonders on Nintendo consoles. For those who do not know, all of KH's portable games on Nintendo handhelds have done very well, with the two DS games and DDD selling at least 1 million copies each.

@R_Champ I think that graphical comparison is fine for FF XV and X but not for KH 3. That's like comparing a Skyward Sword game's graphics to The Last of Us's graphics. KH isn't shooting for worlds with realistic graphics and KH numbered titles are not "shameless fan service"

@Melkaticox Atlus is? I never knew that lol. But are you sure this Persona game is not just a remake of an old game or like Persona spinoff?
Also, since KH is not coming out anytime soon Square Enix could always drop support for the game if the Xbox One does horrible sales wise.



ToadFan commented on Kingdom Hearts III Highly Unlikely To Appear O...:

@Pixel-Perfect No, not yet. But it's widely suspected for it to be on PS3 like how Persona 4 was on PS2 and came out in 2008. But I could see Persona 5 being on Wii U and PS3 thanks to a lot of Atlus games being on Nintendo systems.

@rjejr It is probably entirely possible for this game to run on Wii U. FF XV I don't think can run on Wii U? Why? Well, because KH 3 is going to be using cell-shaded which purposely makes the game look less realistic and have more "cartoon-like" graphics. Skyward Sword's graphics looked amazing on Wii without being "realistic" so I think KH 3 can do the same.



ToadFan commented on Kingdom Hearts III Highly Unlikely To Appear O...:

I do think it's odd that they brought it to XBOX One when Kingdom Hearts has never been on a XBOX system. Regardless, Kingdom Hearts games will probably still be on Wii U with future side games like Chain of Memories and Dream Drop Distance. Nintendo may be able to develop something to help developers to transfer DirectX 11 games to Wii U like they did for iPhone games to Wii U. If KH 3 does comes to Wii U I will buy it on Wii U, if not I will buy a PS4 just for KH3, FF XV, and maybe Little Big Planet.



ToadFan commented on Square Enix Teases New Projects on Anniversary...:

@shinokami I do not know if it was originally for Wii, but I think it should also be on Wii U because about half of the Kingdom Hearts games are on nintendo handhelds (CoM, 358/2, Re:Coded, & DDD) and the whole entire point of 1.5 and 2.5 is to get everyone knowing the complete Kingdom Hearts story so far.