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Thu 23rd Oct 2008

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Tizoc commented on Jett Rocket Trailer Melts Your Face with Graph...:

Complaining, complaining, complaining. The only thing you guys can do! Of course it looks like SMG but it seems to be the first WiiWare game to show what is possible graphic wise and the if the game play is similar to SMG than it will appeal to a lot of people because than you a knack on the controls form the beginning and don't have to get used to if for hours before enjoining the game. Some people should start to appreciate the effort of companies to release such titles as WiiWare!!!



Tizoc commented on Review: Dracula: Undead Awakening (WiiWare):

I think Icon Games just kick themselves out of the game! Isn't there usually something like a non disclosure agreement to sign? So posting internal communication means BIG FAIL.



Tizoc commented on Review: The Incredible Maze (WiiWare):

I am a little bit surprised by this review. Maybe this is an age thing. Did any of you ever in his life played the real wooden maze game? Do you realize that the controls in the WiiWare game are as sensitive as the real ones? OK the graphis are very basic but I enjoyed playing this game very much. A 2 is really not giving the game the credits it deserve. A 5 would have been a better option. But this might just be a personal taste thing.