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Mon 5th Oct 2009

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Titanarc commented on Miyamoto Talks Zelda With MotionPlus:

great!, i was expecting something like that and im intrigued for the sword like creature, but i think it would be the master sword the one who you need to save this time based in the picture



Titanarc commented on Miyamoto Open To The Idea of User-Generated Co...:

from what i have read here and the picture, i infere that it would be something like a game creator instead of a level editor, you would put your own bosses, your own characters, your own levels, your own music, your own genres, you can do your own game!, it would mean you can make a zelda shooter with bowser as a final boss, pokemon NPC, starfox music and a kirby 3d world with traps or an application that helps you with your homework or something like that, and it would be saved as a wiiware game and shared with the other world players!, it is ONLY AN ASSUMPTION and highly improbable, but it would be great.