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TingLz commented on Nintendo Highlights Increased US Hardware Sale...:

@ikki5 Funny you should mention the Dreamcast. It sold 10.6 million worldwide and the Wii U was at 9.2 million as of last December.

This year the Wii U may outsell the Dreamcast.

I should also point out that the "outsold" argument is a bit premature considering we don't have sales data for the Wii U during the same span as the Dreamcast. It could be a difference of less than 1 million, much smaller than everyone is assuming.



TingLz commented on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Developers Talk ...:

@PvtOttobot (and everyone else) With all due respect, we ask that you not argue about religion here. This is not against your faith, but religious discussions here never end well.

I am fully aware of the content that BoI has, but this is still not the place for such discussions.

Should you have any questions, feel free to use the contact form under "User Accounts"



TingLz commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

@Geonjaha Well I guess it's a good thing they're not charging full price for both. You can download the other campaign for less than half the price.

Also, again folks, this is for Japan. They have said nothing about what they'll do in the western release.



TingLz commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

@Lizuka Except Pokemon has two versions for no reason other than to sell the game twice. Here we have two unique versions of one game with significantly different content. I consider the Pokemon versions a worse cash-grab

@SkywardLink98 Which brings up my final point: it's too early to judge. Some of gamers just look at this from one narrow point-of-view before considering all the details.



TingLz commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

Guess I'll have to mention more things here. Before you all jump to...nevermind. I'll tell you this much anyway:

1. The gameplay is actually different in both games. The white version is the "easier" path with more EXP to share and overall more streamlined and straightforward. The black version is the "harder" path with less EXP and a more difficult campaign overall.

2. Each version is said to have about as much content as FE: Awakening. Each version is therefore a complete game in itself.

Overall, I think this is a fair scheme. I don't mind paying $60ish for two games. Plus this is Japan only. The American Direct heavily hinted that it will be one game in the west, but we don't know the full details yet.



TingLz commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Turns to Classics, DLC...:

@rjejr Well going back to your comment on why should anyone buy a Wii seem to forget that if they didn't already have a Wii U, then they wouldn't own all the games that are already released. That's a pretty good reason to buy a Wii U



TingLz commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 1st April, With ...:


"This is the first video game console in history not able to support the features of its predecessor."

Completely false. Most consoles historically don't support the predecessor's features.

"That is one feature I could access on my wii that I cant on my wii u."

I don't care how many times you deny it. Wii mode is part of the Wii U, and therefore you can access them on your Wii U.

"Keep in mind, nintendo has yet to release one n64 game or gamecube for that matter, that I could download to my wii u."

Wii mode is part of Wii U. Download them there