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timp29 commented on Former Criterion Boss Alex Ward Laments Issues...:

I really want to buy a physical copy of need for speed but I can't find an Australian retailer asking less than $79. The criminal thing is probably how little of that $79 ends up in the pockets of guys like ward. If I finally find a copy of most wanted for $50 (which I would pay in a heart beat) he probably gets the same amount of money.



timp29 commented on Nintendo Confirms Major Reductions In Sales an...:

Major bummer Nintendo shareholders. I love my WiiU but there just haven't been that many 'must have' games for my taste.

Let's see what happens when Smash Bros and MK8 hit, especially if a Zelda WiiU details are also released around then.



timp29 commented on Two Tribes Development Studio Shuts Down and N...:

Toki Tori 2 was amazing and original. TwoTribes deserved every success. I'm glad I bought Toki Tori 2 and Toki Tori 1 (twice now) so I don't have to feel guilty about the loss of such a fantastic studio.

I'm sure there will be plenty of speculation on what went wrong, but at the end of the day, apart from maybe being a bit too ambitious on the scope of Toki Tori 2 I think TwoTribes did everything right.



timp29 commented on Rumour: Minecraft Is Already In Development Fo...:

Never played mine craft but did giggle my donkey off when Athene made a video about minecraft... all these people making giant willies in game. His reactions made me laugh so hard. Athenewins peniscraft on YouTube. Warning for the kids, there is some language in the video... but this is the internet.



timp29 commented on Nintendo Reiterates Confidence That the Wii U ...:

Redo this article one month after MK8 then we will know whether the WiiU will succeed.

Hopefully Nintendo isn't too arrogant to learn from the Sony and Microsoft launches and join the dots between marketing and initial sales. Someone mentioned their friends bought PS4 and quickly got bored of the game available... The WiiU launch was not that different even though it had a great launch lineup (sadly most games were ports from 360/PS3 however)



timp29 commented on Review: Double Dragon (Wii U eShop / NES):

I would probably give this a 5 or 6 for its clunky slow controls. It is sadly outshone by its sequel which bears no resemblance to its arcade heritage.

If you want an 80s arcade side scrolling beat em up port, final fight or turtles in time are better but I think they were actually released on SNES.



timp29 commented on Tech Site The Verge Thinks The Wii U's Failure...:

I can't say I've been wow'ed by the tablet controller. I think they should package the Wii U pro controller with the console and sell the tablet controller as a peripheral.

Possibly knock another $50 off the console and increase its market penetration. However, I'm pretty sure Nintendo is just biding it's time thinking 'when SSB and MK8 arrive... Wii U will print money'



timp29 commented on Video: Meet The New Kings of Kong Documentary ...:

Hahaha that Lemay guy is a big troller. Games need guys like that to stir up rivalries and make it interesting and fun, otherwise it's a big nerd fest with nothing to hold people's interest. Imagine if the documentary was 2 hours of Kong footage. Love the whole concept of Kong off.

Does anyone know if there is some website or forum for people who like to restore old cabinets? That's something I'd love to get into now that I have a bit more coin.



timp29 commented on This Video Brings Back Festive Sega Memories o...:

I kinda miss gaming pre internet. I got all my news from GamePro and other magazines. Also every time you played a game you had no idea what to expect and could just play the game on its merits rather than with all the associated hype and expectation that modern marketing brings. The big exception to this was of course Nintendo advertising Mario Bros 3 in the movie the Wizard, that was revolutionary for its time.

Magical Nintendo moments for me probably started with Zelda II. I begged my mom for it because it was gold and had a sword on the front... therefore it must have been cool and then well... future Zelda games up to Twilight Princess have had that same magical quality for me.

But to be honest, as much as I love Nintendo, The Last Ninja back on Commodore 64 made me a gamer for life :p. Hence my avatar...

Going back and playing these games now is pretty cringe worthy but the nostalgia is always fun (someone mentions Simon's Quest above haha. I played that too and was too young to know the words AVGN uses, but realise now that pretty much all those same issues ticked me off too).



timp29 commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

Come on 400 posts. Well done Nintendo life for writing articles that generate such quality discussion. Well done indeed!

Hardly any flame wars or trolling, just (mostly) intelligent conversation with people respecting one another views and well constructed arguments. I guess the Nintendo life readership should also be congratulated. Partly why I found this site when Wii VC started and never looked anywhere else for my Nintendo news.



timp29 commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

There is potentially a lot of bias in this article, lets not kid ourselves. What fascinates me however, is how in reading these comments most people subtlety express an opinion along the lines of Nintendo standing aside and letting Microsoft vs Sony.

Either this is genius from Nintendo to stand aside and do its own thing, or everyone has kind of taken on the hidden view of the article.... that Nintendo is separate from the other consoles. I think it is more the former, since many do not even consider the Wii U to be in the current gen, which means Sony/MS will battle over market share, while Nintendo will maintain its own little niche market. At the end of the day I think Nintendo is doing as well as it could have this generation and by not trying to go head to head has ensured its longevity as a console producing company. Also, it supports their not making games for mobile devices.

While I'm sure Iwata will lose his job in the next 2 years, I think he has pretty much done everything right. People are expecting miracles, but the console industry has never been more competitive.



timp29 commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

@URAmk2 8 months was a figure I kinda pulled out of my wazoo, but 1 game isn't really enough. They need to string together a few stellar titles. Don't get me wrong, I want XB/PS4 to do well, but at the moment, and with my situation, I haven't paid much attention to their upcoming titles.

Destiny looks interesting. None of the other titles have caught my attention.



timp29 commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

I think the lesson is... never buy a console at launch. I bought the WiiU at launch, kind of wish I had waited until more recently.

PS4 and XBone are probably going to experience the exact same issue as WiiU, that is an initial flurry of releases, then a 8 month slowdown, then an increasing stream of great releases.

We have Mario 3D land, Mario Kart 8 is coming, Smash Bros is coming, there will probably be BIG news on Zelda Wii U. 2014 deserves to be the year of WiiU



timp29 commented on Review: Contra III: The Alien Wars (Wii U eSho...:

Wow there were some amazing games on the SuperNES. This blew me away. The motorbike level where the ship flies over you, then you jump from missile to missile to destroy the ship is probably the coolest level design I have ever experienced. The early 90's was the golden period of Konami.

They also brought out castlevania IV around this time, another brilliant game in it's time.

The only drawback to Contra III is the top down levels, the side scrolling boss fights in this game are amazing.



timp29 commented on Epic Vice President Mark Rein Remains Unconvin...:

To be honest I haven't gotten much out of the second screen. Off TV play is the greatest thing about WiiU's second screen, otherwise it is a bit too clunky to be my preferred controller. Hopefully this holiday period I can get some more quality WiiU time.



timp29 commented on iPhone Gaming Controller Could Mean "The End O...:

I see this iPhone based controller as the first real threat to Nintendo's hand held dominance. Fortunately Pokemon and all Nintendo's IP will always keep Nintendo relevant to the handheld market.

In fact Nintendo's IP is pretty much their biggest advantage in the market, especially since people are talking about WiiU being a second console in peoples living room.

It is funny that the gimmick of touch based control has worn off and now you need a controller to play on your phone. I'm sure you could dig up some quotes about touch based gaming that would embarrass some people.



timp29 commented on Soapbox: Super Mario 3D World's Playful Whimsy...:

Nintendo needs to get some hype going. Yeah they've put out 3d land, yeah it's getting good reviews, but they need more Reggie and Fallon moments to sell the idea of owning the console to people. And Iwata/Reggie needs to come out swinging and publicly say 'Why buy an XBone/PS4 when you can buy a PC?'.

Realistically Nintendo offers the only gaming experience that can't really be had outside it's console.



timp29 commented on Super Mario 3D World Director and Producer Dis...:

I play with my cat, it wears the cat suit.

Interesting that they floated stereoscopic. Can the WiiU support that format? Is it simply a case of requiring a compatible TV, or does it also require hardware support? Considering Nintendo's experience with the 3DS, venturing into console 3D seemed the next logical step to me.



timp29 commented on Video: Watch Andre Agassi Get Beaten At Wii Sp...:

McEnroe would put the WiiMote through the TV then show up at the little girls house and punch her in the face. Probably better they stick with the Agassi ad.

Michael Chang was another awesome player back in the day. Could have an ad where he hurdles furniture and runs the complete width of the living room to play.



timp29 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Safe and Family-Frie...:

Nintendo's family friendly policy is a great thing, but I doubt any parents out there even factor that in when buying a console. So while they have fantastic ethics with regards to their responsibility towards their consumer, at the end of the day many video games revolve around violent fun that you can't really enjoy in the real world (without going to jail). So parents saying 'I love that Nintendo protects my kids' then setting them down blasting zombies, or trying to disable fellow racers with exploding blue shells kind of defeats the point.

However, Nintendo had to act on this one because some news story like 'Nintendo 3DS exposed my child to a sex offender', would be a sales killer.



timp29 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Doesn't Rule Out Additional H...:

They already admitted to experimenting with HD on Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. In that regard I don't think it can be ruled out. HD Galaxy would be amazing. And I still wish they would remake Mario 64 for 3DS.



timp29 commented on Readers Of EDGE Consider Ocarina Of Time And M...:

Can't argue with most of those choices. Wish I could play shadow of the colossus :(

My only change might have been putting Diablo 2 in there somewhere, but WoW probably deserves to be above Diablo 2 (never played WoW, knew I would be hooked).

I also felt that Mario Kart 64 deserved a mention.

And I hear some people questioning why some sequels lost out to the original... I guess you have to take into account the context when these games were released. Mario 64 for example was the first genuine 3D platformer and it ticked all the boxes. There was nothing like it when it came out it was completely revolutionary, and to pick the game up today for the first time and play it, you just don't capture what it did for the game industry.



timp29 commented on Two Tribes Confirms Toki Tori 2+ Level Editor ...:

People may have bought this game on WiiU because of this promise made by TwoTribes. In this regard people have a right to be pretty upset. On the flip side, I thought Toki Tori 2 was an excellent game and worth every penny. It did some bold new things, like trying to be so intuitive, no instructions were required.

On the whole I got my value for money and am not upset at all by the lack of level editor, but I think people who bought Toki Tori 2 on WiiU have every right to be upset.



timp29 commented on Events: Nintendo Life At Eurogamer Expo 2013:

So... what I really want to know is how many streetpasses did you get at that event? Sounds amazing!

I find at big streetpass events, the number of streetpasses I get is limited by how fast I can play through the streetpass games. At the moment I find that you can only queue 10 more streetpasses than are currently in your plaza. Nintendo needs to change this. At the moment they've got the streetpass zones that give you the last 7? people who passed but I think they could further improve on this.

PS For the Aussies out there I have to do a shout out for 'Streetpass Brisbane' who runs a monthly event that gets about 60+ attendees. They also regularly give out prizes etc. Look them up if you haven't already or if you ever come to Australia and swing past Brisbane!