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TimLatshaw commented on Review: Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario Wor...:

@brewsky I see where you're coming from. The reason I didn't note this specifically was because it's still a semi-secret "reward." But then again, if I don't think it's all that special, why did I feel the need to not spoil it? Yeah, it seems kind of silly in that light.



TimLatshaw commented on Crazy EarthBound Fans Open EarthBound-themed M...:

@bahooney Did you watch the Kickstarter video? I mean "crazy" in a very tongue-in-cheek manner here. The people behind this definitely wanted to come across as kooky, and I love them for it.

I'm also very much counting myself among the "crazy" as well. Have you noticed the byline next to many of the EarthBound articles on this site? ; )



TimLatshaw commented on Review: Riding Star 3D (3DS eShop):

@epicdude12302 I've got Ballpoint Universe on deck, and I know someone else has Lone Survivor. When you're committed to covering every game, though, sometimes you get a backlog you need to clear out first. Sorry for the wait. : )



TimLatshaw commented on The Keep:

@OutCold Life (mostly mandatory overtime over the past two weeks at work) has gotten in the way of my writing a review. It's coming soon, though; promise!



TimLatshaw commented on Kirby Mini-Games Now Available on North Americ...:

@Phantom_R I'd say it's kind of like that, yeah.

I bought the game last night to add to my Kirby collection. You get 7 stages with it (none of which are from Triple Deluxe), but then those stages on higher difficulties after beating them. Overall, though, $7 does seem a bit high for what you get.



TimLatshaw commented on Kirby Mini-Games Now Available on North Americ...:

@Phantom_R What the heck, I'll try. Or at least I'll give you a bit of a rundown based on what I've played from Triple Deluxe.

Drum Dash has some pros and cons over other rhythm games, depending on your tastes. If you lean heavily into the music side of things, wanting a lot of syncopation and time signature changes and such, you might be disappointed here. Drum Dash's foundation is in the standard beat of each song, whether slow or fast. Drum Dash, however, also doesn't quite put you "on rails" as much as other rhythm games. Your height is adjustable, you can choose to hop onto or over certain objects, and you'll need to plan your route through a stage in order to collect the most coins and get the highest scores.

Personally, I enjoy it, but I'm a big fan of Kirby music and Dedede in general.



TimLatshaw commented on Video: Something Overshadows this Sonic Boom 3...:

@JeffreyG Thanks for pointing that out! I'd still say it's pushing the TV show somewhat, though, since they seem to be concentrating on these scenes, which will likely match what we see on the show, over the actual gameplay.

They also throw in "Coming Soon to TV" at the end. ; )



TimLatshaw commented on Review: Frederic: Resurrection of Music (Wii U...:

@Cosats As I've explained in the conclusion and earlier in the comments, I gave it a 5 due to the bugs, because I don't feel right recommending a game that has a broken stage that's 1/12 of the game play, even if I liked the rest. Without the problems, I would have given it a 7.



TimLatshaw commented on Review: Frederic: Resurrection of Music (Wii U...:

@SetupDisk Without the bugs, I would likely give it a 7. I personally like what this game represents, and think that comes through pretty clearly in the review, but I don't feel comfortable giving it a general recommendation in its current state. It's a bummer of a circumstance, but I will update the review should things be fixed to at least note that they have.



TimLatshaw commented on Review: Anonymous Notes Chapter 4 - From the A...:

@Drac_Mazoku It's obvious you feel very strongly about this series, which is something you shouldn't have to feel alienated for, and you deserve full disclosure.

You are correct that I did not loop 5 times. I did play for several hours, however, much of it involving dying and being sent back to the start of an area. I didn't fault the game for this, as it seemed pretty fair, but your assertion that the first loop can be completed in about 10 minutes seems off to me, in my experience. You may just be a better player at this than I am, which is fair, but were you playing with equipment brought over from previous games? I was not.

I did not have any of the previous games to go on and was put in as a substitute for this review. I was not aware of an endgame. The page on Nintendo's site does not mention it (, and while I skimmed the digital manual to learn general information and controls, I missed the information you say is in there. I do believe you, but I am unfortunately at work at the moment and do not have my 3DS with me to see it myself.

The fact I missed that there was an endgame does still fall on me as a reviewer, however, and for that I am sorry. That said, I do have a few questions about it (which I can't find answers for myself at this moment, forgive me):

1. Do you need to have played through all the previous games in order to unlock the endgame? Would I, having owned only Chapter 4, been able to reach it?

2. Do you feel the content of the endgame makes it worth the extra $3? Is it in itself worth more than the price of any individual chapter, especially if it is indeed true that you need to have already purchased those chapters to even access it? If so, a newcomer still certainly shouldn't pick up Chapter 4 first.

3. What happened when the game glitched? Do you feel robbed of the endgame victory, or can you easily access it again?

I feel these are important questions for people to know the answers to, and I apologize again for not being the one to provide them in this review and for disappointing you. I do not apologize, however, for my opinion of the game in general, just as much as I do not decry you or @Windy for giving it a higher score. We are all individuals with our own opinions and not objective review-computing machines. If you or anyone else disagrees with the scores we provide, please say why and express your own feelings, just as you've done here. A variety of views is encouraged.