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Sat 26th Mar 2011

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ThumperUK commented on Nintendo Achieves Modest Results in UK Christm...:

Well there is a surprise! With zero advertising spend, what else could have been expected? Weirdly the only mention of WiiU in adverts has been a tiny logo on the Minecraft advert and Just Dance. WiiU owners outside of NintendoLife probably don't even know about Xenoblade X, never mind the wider public (enjoying Xenoblade much more than I thought btw).

Sadly unless Nintendo gets its act together and understands basic marketing concepts, the NX will end up going the same way as the WiiU.



ThumperUK commented on Guide: Here's How To Make That Xenoblade Chron...:

I'd have bought the Ltd Edition pack of X if they had included the USB drive into the UK version of the game, I really didn't want another 'steelbook'! Theres not even one on ebay to try and get hold of.

1GB isn't a great amount, but it would still be useful for music tracks in the car



ThumperUK commented on Fascinating Patent Shows Nintendo Portable Uti...:

Hopefully this means the NX will be backwards compatible with the WiiU. I just hope that Nintendo remembers that they will need to factoring in an advertising budget for the NX to be a success, a basic fact they forgot about for the WiiU.



ThumperUK commented on Black Friday Sales Bring Little Joy for Ninten...:

There is only one reason why Nintendo is performing so badly, and it aint rocket science. It is something called MARKETING! With no adverts at all on television there is little wonder that the heavily advertised Sony & MS products are selling and the WiiU is not, Not even Mario Maker was advertised and that could be a huge system seller, never mind any sort of ad for Xenoblade.

Until Nintendo sacks its 'marketing' teams and replaces them with competent people AND a budget to market products, then sales will remain dire. The NX will have the same fate as the WiiU unless Nintendo gets its act together. Sony and Microsoft marketing teams must laugh at the incompetence of Nintendo which had a 100M+ Wii user base and has wasted this massive competitive advantage in just a console generation.



ThumperUK commented on Chieftain Bob Meets Gunman Clive, You Won't Be...:

Wow, I can't believe the number of comments about a simple romance! All because the two people together just happen to be the same sex.

I do feel disappointed at the number of people who are commenting/objecting on here but claiming its NOT because they are homophobic or bigots or poorly educated. If you are objecting to two men together (or two women for that matter) you are one of the above!!!
Would you be posting onto here if it was a man & woman kissing? (The answer is 'no' btw).

No-one objects to any game featuring mass killings, or the devil, but two men who might be falling in love?.......ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!



ThumperUK commented on The Club Nintendo Goodbye Coin Has, Well, Said...:

Hmm, I go away for 2 days, get back to find I've missed the Goodbye Coin.....typical. The least CN could have done is to make sure it had enough coins not to annoy people who have been members for decades!! Now what to spend my 7000 points on



ThumperUK commented on Luigi Diorama and Legend of Zelda Carry Case R...:

I have 6001 points left (I'd lost over 2,500 points with expired codes which I'd been saving in a drawer!).
Can't get the Diorama so hoping the 'goodbye' coin is under 6000 and doesn't sell out in seconds, when it finally arrives on the CN site!



ThumperUK commented on Splatoon Producer Inks Out Reasons For Lack Of...:

I said......sworn at by a 12-year old American (and others) ....
This was because the foul-mouthed brat said he was 12 and from bleeping Wisconsin !

I am fully aware that many countries have similar idiots who spoil online games with stupid chat. I'd love a chat system monitored in the same way as MiiVerse which is a great friendly community thriving because bad language and offensive behaviour is not tolerated.



ThumperUK commented on Nintendo UK Planning Massive Marketing Push Fo...:

I look forward to seeing one 10-second Splatoon TV ad on an obscure Freeview channel just like Mario Kart 8 then! I bet Nintendo still have no idea that lack of traditional advertising is the biggest cause of the WiiU's failure.



ThumperUK commented on ​The Prices of the Remaining Physical Goods ...:

If NoA has surplus stock of items they could always send them to NoE Club Nintendo as I've 5400 stars left to spend (annoyingly I wanted the Majora's Mask light but 5 of my points cards for 3DS & WiiU had expired so couldn't get it!)



ThumperUK commented on Nintendo UK Has Picked Its New PR Agency, Spla...:

Anything has to be an improvement on the last lot. But NIntendo does need to realise that a major reason for the WiiU's failure is that it has not been advertised on TV. Online is all well & good but nothing beats TV ads. Wii Fit was a massive success for Nintendo, but FitU has little known to anyone, with NO advertising, similarly all the classic Nintendo named games fared little better. Why should third parties risk a WiiU development when even NIntendo cannot be bothered to promote the console.

One final thing, did the 'new' PR agency come up with the dreadful 'New 3DS' advert? A key feature is the massive improvement in 3D usability with the New 3DS but the advert forgets to mention it !!



ThumperUK commented on Guide: Improve Your Wii U's External Hard Driv...:

Although not recommended by Nintendo, I've used a non-powered drive with one cable since launch with no problem at all. I've never disconnected the drive while the console was on, which is a habit everyone should adopt anyway. I intended it to be a temporary solution as at launch there weren't many 'recommended' drives that Nintendo listed and a y-cable I ordered was faulty on arrival. As I've never had problems I've just left the drive working happily with the WiiU, even 'quick start' works with no problems.



ThumperUK commented on eShop Games Added To The European Club Nintend...:

Great news that they've added games which hopefully will stay until Club Nintendo closes.

Still holding out in case new physical rewards appear. I just wish NoE would remove the "DS Lite" pink case and DS cartridge/stylus offers though - even they must realise by now that no-one wants them!!!



ThumperUK commented on Mario Runs From Left To Right Because Our Brai...:

His analysis is flawed and abit lazy. Many previous studies show that right-handed people work from left to right, but left-handed people from right to left (just that we lefties are forced to work from r-to-l). Left-handed people also work better with clocks with the numbers backwards (i.e., rather then - if you are left-handed try a reverse clock face - you'll be surprised how easy and natural it feels versus a right-handed friend!!



ThumperUK commented on Video: Wreak Havoc as Ganon In Hyrule Warriors...:

I bought Hyrule Warriors as a gamble as I was abit short on games to play - my expectations weren't that high as I'd never played a 'warriors' game. Have to say this game has blown me away with its addictiveness. I've swallowed dozens (if not hundreds!) of hours and still going strong, it must be one of the biggest bargains for fun & gameplay hours (like Advance Wars DS). The DLC has all been great and a bargain too! Zelda Warriors' developers should be very proud of their achievement.

I just hope a sequel is planned, maybe if not Zelda then a Mario World Warriors game??



ThumperUK commented on New Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors in the UK Added t...:

If you have already purchased an Ambassador 3DS and you have pre-ordered Majora's Mask from Nintendo UK store then you'll be included in the figurine promotion. This is entirely at Nintendo's discretion - they don't need to do this but be pleased they are doing it!
Watchdog won't be interested as Nintendo UK don't have to give you a free statue if you've bought an Ambassador 3DS & preordered Majora's Mask but if you've done both of these then you'll be sent one.



ThumperUK commented on New Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors in the UK Added t...:

I already have an Ambassador 3DS and have already ordered Majora's Mask via I was delighted to get an email from them over the weekend advising that I would receive the figurine.

Many thanks to Nintendo UK for doing this (it didn't need to but best not to alienate the ambassadors!).



ThumperUK commented on Hyrule Warriors Majora's Mask Pack DLC and Up...:

Aarrgh !!! Even more stuff to try to complete! I've become addicted to this game, and nowhere near close to getting all my weapons upgrades. This has to have been one of the best value games I've ever purchased, clocked a few hundred hours so far and still as addictive as when I first played it!



ThumperUK commented on New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition Promotion...:

Although it says 'Credit Card' this includes any Debit Card which has the VISA symbol on it - this also applies to the eShop where a Debit Card can be entered into the 'Credit Card' info. This applies to the UK, unsure whether Europe have debit cards?

There is also the option to pay via Paypal.



ThumperUK commented on Nintendo Invests in New Lobbying Firm to Tackl...:

Mighty Deals (owned by Dragons Den's Peter Jones) has been selling a pirate console with Mario & Donkey Kong games included. I contacted NoE and informed them of this, no reply or any interest from them. Equally the anti-piracy organisations had no interest in this either. What we need is for an international anti-piracy organisation with the powers to shut down confiscate pirate company assets, plus Nintendo (and Sony etc) to take action and spend some money going after the pirates.



ThumperUK commented on Mario Kart 8 Starting Grid T-Shirt Accelerates...:

Annoyingly NoE's website developers haven't bothered checking the site works with Chromebooks. Items don't show up properly in the Stars Catalogue and no matter what size you choose the site defaults to Medium size in the Basket. Take care if you use a Chromebook - I had to dig out my old XP laptop to order this!



ThumperUK commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Sold to Over Ten P...:

Maybe even the incompetent wastes of space masquerading as NoE's 'Marketing team' may even twig from this that if they promoted Smash Bros (and other games) for the WiiU there might actually be some console sales from it.
P.S. promotion excludes the flowcharts they bash out that are meaningless to new gamers and patronising to established gamers.



ThumperUK commented on Nintendo Serves Up An Infographic For Its "The...:

At lease NoA know what an advert is, here in the UK Nintendo hasn't even realised that even a bad advert would shift some consoles. No TV adverts at all for Smash Bros, about $2 was spent on a MK8 campaign (I saw one advert....twice!)
The sad thing is the WiiU has some great console sellling games. WiiFit sold masses on Wii, but its hard to believe its been out over a year. No promotions for NSMBU, 3D WORLD, Bayonetta, etc etc etc......Then Nintendo UK wonders why it isnt selling. Nintendo Japan just needs to sack the UK marketing 'team' and replace them with a chocolate fireguard as that would be more use.



ThumperUK commented on UK Retailer GAME Cashes In On Intense amiibo D...:

GAME are experts in ripping off gamers, earlier this month they tried charging me an extra £5 for a "free" minifigure with Lego Batman 3. I only went there to spend 2000 "goodwill" points after complaining that I'd been ripped off on a previous visit to the Brighton store.



ThumperUK commented on Amazon UK Offers Bargain Prices to Shift Its W...:

A good bargain, even with a black model you'll quickly need a HDD anyway
Shame Nintendo isn't continuing with the promotion as it did offset the high prices a little - digital versions are much more expensive than buying physically (nice way of Nintendo to rip off digital customers).
I wonder how many other people are using a non-powered HDD? Although not recommended I've been using a 1.8" USB-powered drive since WiiU launch and not had any problems at all.



ThumperUK commented on Review: Picross e5 (3DS eShop):

I stopped buying these at number 3 as they are not great value for money versus playing on my tablet, I can't justify spending £5 for what is really quickly made DLC



ThumperUK commented on Nintendo Download: 27th November (Europe):

@lbs Be careful at Game, the last two visits to my local store (Brighton) they tried overcharging me. They also tried charging £5 3xtra for the "free" Lego minifigure with Batman 3. Website is cheaper than going into store but Amazon or Shop to is always cheaper



ThumperUK commented on Video: Watch Us Merrily Cause Some Havoc In Wa...:

I had this on pre-order but cancelled when Ubisoft delayed the release. Now with a backlog of games to play (still haven't opened Bayonetta 1/2 yet!) I'll be waiting for this to hit the bargain bin early next year. I also object to spending an extra £8-10 which Ubi greedily added as DLC.
Ubisoft will only have themselves to blame for the guaranteed poor sales on WiiU, treat us better - had it been released on time it might have done well (in WiiU terms anyway)



ThumperUK commented on Video: Nintendo Releases Two Snappy amiibo TV ...:

At least America is getting adverts for the WiiU, Nintendo UK is still doing nothing to promote the WiiU, have they eve noticed Xmas is next month? Noone outside Nintendo Life even knows Smash Bros is coming in time for Xmas!



ThumperUK commented on Genyo Takeda Discusses Nintendo's Hardware Future:

Nintendo still don't get it, TV adverts still sell games AND consoles. Sticking a clip on Youtube like they have been doing for the WiiU & almost zero advertising elsewhere is the reason why the WiiU sales are dire in Europe. It is nothing to do with the name (the Wii name and sniggers it originally caused hardly stopped that console now did it!). The WiiU's failure is down to a completely useless 'marketing' department which does not even understand the basics of marketing. Mario 3D World, 101, Pikmin, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta and all the other games have all had almost zero advertising effort and that is the reason why the games are not selling. Nasty Shovelware and annual updates sell when they are advertised - CoD, FIFA, Just Dance, etc!

Nintendo HAS to get to grips with what advertising is, otherwise the next gen will have no chance of being massive successes as 3rd parties have no confidence in Nintendo anymore.



ThumperUK commented on Bayonetta 2 Falls From UK Charts After One Week:

Not one of those adverts have been shown in the UK, it looks like the USA has a marketing team that does some marketing!!

Maybe Nintendo should sack the entire marketing teams in Europe and let NoA do the work they should be doing?



ThumperUK commented on Bayonetta 2 Falls From UK Charts After One Week:

erm "Despite Nintendo's best advertising efforts..."
Are you being serious?? I've not seen an advert for the WiiU since 2 (count em!) adverts I managed to spot for MK8.

Nintendo has no faith in the WiiU as it cannot be bothered to advertise it. Even the 3DS Smash Bros ad could have included the WiiU for no spend and they didn't even do this.

No wonder the console and games do not sell and 3rd part support is dead, it is entirely Nintendo's fault. Advertising sells consoles and games, really basic stuff!!! Club Nintendo subscribers didn't even get an email from Nintendo about Bayonetta (and again costs a few minutes of someones time to do!). We are in the run-up to Xmas Nintendo UK, sack your marketing 'team' as they are not doing even a poor job of promoting the console and games.



ThumperUK commented on Bayonetta 2 Kicks Into The Top 10 in UK Charts:

I'm really surprised it managed to get into the top 10 as Nintendo has yet again spent £zero on advertising the game (like Hyrule). Ive seen a couple of ads for 3DS Smash Bros, they didn't even bother adding into the end of the ad that it will be soon on WiiU (which would have cost nothing to do!).
I love Nintendo games/consoles, but really dispair about how poorly the WiiU is treated by Nintendo (who then no doubt moan about lack of 3rd party support). These games deserve better support.

Interestingly I saw an ad for Skylanders last night, the ad seemed to indicate it was only on WiiU, Wii and 3DS consoles. Hopefully this will generate some WiiU sales despite Nintendo UK forgetting about the console!



ThumperUK commented on Preview: Bat-Swinging into Action in LEGO Batm...:

I do find it really strange whenever anyone says that they only play games that have 'licensed characters'. Often these games are lazy sub-standard games which are cheap cash-ins. The reason why LCU hasn't come down in price is simply because it is a wonderful game. I've had every console since the NES/Gameboy eras and LCU is one of the best games I've played in 25+ years. Yeah, it has no licence but is all the better for it, as it is not constrained. What LCU is a Lego game with the best and funniest stories & one-liners, parodies of dozens of movies from Starsky & Hutch to Dirty Harry, Godfather to Titanic, Batman to Alien. Excellent gameplay, hilarious script, well designed and very addictive......hence why everyone who has played it loved it.