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ThumperUK commented on Feature: VooFoo Studios and Ripstone on Pure C...:

I have been undecided about buying this, but after this well written article and finding out it was developed in the UK, I'll be purchasing this weekend. - have to support local developers!
I like that they've added a comprehensive 'training' and strategy guide - I know the basics but hopefully this will help find out how to win more often!



ThumperUK commented on Video: The Top 20 Wii U Games So Far - Part One:

There seems to be a few people objecting to some games being in the list but how many have actually played those games? I'd never have thought Lego City would have been the game I've played the most, followed by Splinter Cell. Both are far better than I had expected (for me, Lego is up there as an all-time great)

By all means slag off a game but only if you have played it!



ThumperUK commented on Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheel Available For Preord...:

The box says it is a PowerA product license rather than a Nintendo wheel. As it is sold by Game I wonder if you preorder it then they bump up the price on launch like the Brighton store tried with my Lego Movie preorder.

I'm hoping Club Nintendo release a gold one to match the wii one I have lying around somewhere



ThumperUK commented on Nintendo Download: 27th February (Europe):

Splinter Cell is an excellent title, I've found it far more fun than CoD and really addictive. This deserves to shift more copies and hopefully convince Ubisoft there is a market for decent shooters on WiiU



ThumperUK commented on Congo Calling's Bandi Mbubi Urges Gamers To Pr...:

Apple is being held up as a beacon of responsibility? They should address the high suicide rates in the factories that make ipads, and also reduce the toxic materials used in their manufacture. Google 'Apple suicides'. All companies need to address these just as much as naming conflcts (but still buying the minerals).



ThumperUK commented on Just 2% of Ubisoft's Q3 Sales Were for Wii U:

Why on earth should Ubisoft support the WiiU. Nintendo have only themselves to blame, they can't be bothered to market their console so why should any third party developer have confidence in the system. It is a complete failure, the system is good but Nintendo has not supported the system so who can blame Ubisoft to have no confidence in it?

Nintendo had a year's head start but sales of PS4 and Bone have blown it out of the water already. People still think it is a lack of games hampering sales but the WiiU has many more games than 4/one. Neither is it the name- lets remember Wii was a dreadful name but didn't harm sales. The sole problem is lack of advertising and a proper (qualified) marketing team - over the Xmas period we all saw dozens of MS & Sony adverts for each Nintendo one. Advertising works, and NIntendo does not understand this basic concept......sadly the WIiU remains doomed until Nintendo spends money on marketing it and getting consumers to WANT one. For third parties, it is probably too late, perhaps now we are beginning to understand EA's dropping of the partnership with NIntendo, Ubi is quickly going the same way.



ThumperUK commented on Nintendo Publishes a "New to Wii U?" Guide:

Only one year too late, well done Nintendo! Perhaps they should stop wasting time with youtube campaigns and just advertise the system properly, on TELEVISION. Perhaps even read A Dummy book on basic sales and marketing. Otherwise sales will remain pitiful even when MarioKart arrives.



ThumperUK commented on Recently Departed Official Nintendo Magazine E...:

Wow, Nintendo are going to have a Marketing Manager (I know they've had one before, but that one seemed allergic to advertising). Shame they have given the job to a journalist/mag editor rather than someone who is an expert in marketing? Methinks somehow Nintendo yet again hasn't quite understood what is required of a marketing role.



ThumperUK commented on BBC is "Working to bring iPlayer" to the Wii U:

I used to use the Wii iplayer alot but now use the iplayer built into Youview. I'd still love to see it soon on WiiU, I hope at the same time they move Lovefilm & Netfix into the TVii section.
A folder option to clean up my WiiU pages too please! (like the 3DS ones but more than the first letter showing)



ThumperUK commented on $1.2 Billion Wiped Off Nintendo's Market Value...:

The first thing Nintendo needs to do is to sack whatever advertising companies they are doing business with, and maybe sack their marketing dept too. WiiU is a great product, and had a year head start on MS and Sony. Nintendo UK only thought about adding instore demo machines into Game a year too late!
Who other than Nintendo Lifers and existing owners looking at eshop knows that WiIFitU is out there? Yet another important franchise with no promotion - even inexperienced marketing people will tell you fitness stuff sells most in January.

In the run up to xmas hardly any ads were run, amazing games like Mario, not to mention Pikmin, 101, Zelda, et al deserve to br promoted. Other franchises have substandard updates, Wii Sport sold in tens of millions but WiiU Sports is an embarrassing update - it looks like it was developed on wii kit, not WiiU. The renting model for these are also too confusing to sell to new users.

These are the killer games which can sell consoles, what kind of company hides its best products from the wider market? Even the Club Nintendo mailings often dont promote new games until weeks after launch, if at all. All this is really basic marketing stuff, unless someone fires a fre rockets within Nintendo, the WiiU is going to have a long and painful death.



ThumperUK commented on Wii Fit U Retail Release Pushed Back to 10th J...:

The European release failed to make an impact in sales because yet again NoE don't understand that to get sales, they have to let people know it has been released. I've not even received a Nintendo email about the release so they aren't even letting Wii & WiiU owners know (and don't get me started again on the lack of any WiiU adverts on TV!).



ThumperUK commented on Video: Nintendo Serves Up Another Batch of And...:

Has anyone actually seen these adverts on 'real' television? It is pointless releasing these 'ads' on Youtube as the only people to watch them are Nintendo owners & fans, who will already either have a WiiU or be on their list for one.

Basics of advertising again here for Nintendo UK. Mind you, they've probably spent the entire £10 advertising budget.



ThumperUK commented on SpillPass-Pi Could be a Clever Workaround for ...:

Raspberry Pi is from a British company, so it is best known over here. However it is available around the world (in the US the machine costs $25 or $35 depending on the model).
Google Raspberry Pi for more info, the aim of the project is to re-ignite people's imagination and programming abilities (which old-er people like me remember in the 80's but is not so common now). CNet has a fun article about 25 fun things to do with the Pi, on the site there is an article about projects, some really intruiging ones using 3D printers to create Pi-powered devices.

This isn't the best of explanations, but I hope this helps.



ThumperUK commented on Super Mario 3D World Drops Down UK Charts in S...:

Nintendo has not bothered promoting the WiiU in the UK so it is hardly surprising when potential gamers don't bother with the system nor why sales of games remain poor!!

While I am sick of hearing about what ever Reggie has said, at least Nintendo has an active spokesperson in the US,......the European marketing team is camera & media shy, and the WiiU in particular deserves better.



ThumperUK commented on Video: Let This Pikmin 3 DLC Trailer Give You ...:

I just hope Nintendo has a team created even more DLC levels. I used to think DLC was just a way of deceiving gamers into buying content which could have been included in the original game, but loving these new levels, and the prices are really reasonable too. I just hope more people buy Pikmin3 when console sales increase, so we might get Pikmin4 (in 2030 probably)



ThumperUK commented on GAME's Wii U Cyber Monday Console Deals Should...:

Yet again more bad news about WiiU's abysmal sales. It is hardly surprising they are not selling when I've seen dozens of Xbone and PS4 ads, and a total of two adverts for Mario 3D World and no other WiliU advert. I've seen Zelda almost ten times now....or 500% more than the WiiU !!

NIntendo needs to sack its entire marketing & advertising team, they are really not up to the job in hand. The WiiU deserves much better than Nintendo UK's current (mis)management team.



ThumperUK commented on Feature: A Guide to the Best Nintendo Gifts Fo...:

@JaxonH (plus anyone outside UK/Europe wanting to get hold of the Gamepad battery).

There are strict rules for what can be sent international post, and the International Civil Aviation Organization has deemed batteries to be dangerous items when not integrated into a device (therefore you could send a Gamepad abroad, but not the battery on its own). It may well be if you order a battery from another country you won't receive it,.

There are other rules which may restrict posting within your own country, and you should check them out. For the rules for posting from the UK, a link to Royal Mail is:-

I hope this is of help to anyone thinking of ordering a battery from another country.



ThumperUK commented on New York Times Critic Identifies Super Mario 3...:

There is a simple reason why the Xbone has outsold the total WiiU sales in the UK. I've seen vastly more adverts on mainstream TV for the Xbone in just the last two weeks than for the entirety of NintendoUK's ads (including launch adverts). Mario is due for launch on Friday, but I've seen a grand total of one advert for it on TV (I've seen all four on NintendoLife!). Pikmin had a few adverts (even fewer at prime time), Luigi had none, neither did Wonderful 101. Unless you read NintendoLife you won't know CoD or Batman are on the WiiU (for all their shortcomings) but they have been advertised as 360/PS3 releases.

If you can't be bothered advertising a system, then you can't expect people to fork out £250+ for a console (especially when you don't know it is out there). Advertising sells consoles as much as AAA games.



ThumperUK commented on Review: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U):

This was a great detailed review, and a surprising maximum score - I was worried when the game was first announced being a departure from Galaxy series, but shouldn't have been to quick to assume!



ThumperUK commented on Video: There Are Four New Super Mario 3D World...:

All Nintendo UK needs to do now is put the ads on mainstream TV, and not leave them on Youtube like other adverts. Here's hoping they break from the norm.

With regard to insulting other people's accents, I hope this forum is not going be ruined by fanboys and insult traders like other sites (or Xbox online game playing!). I don't think all Americans speak like 'Honey Boo' or Jersey Shore erm actors, and not sure why one person's accent should be an excuse for some Brit-bashing? We are all different people and should respect others.



ThumperUK commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

Just to clarify my own feelings. I am happy with my WiiU console, and love games like Wonderful101, Lego City Undercover and Zelda WW.

However, I am really unhappy with the performance (or rather lack of) by Nintendo themselves over their console. A year head start has been wasted. Third parties have now deserted the system in droves, or scaling back development on a large-scale. What has Nintendo done in the last 12 months for the WiiU, in terms of advertising or getting back key players like EA or Ubisoft (etc etc)? An occasional TV advert (extremely rare on mainstream channels). Was there even a Wonderful 101 advert? Need for Speed was best version on the WiiU yet no-one advertised it.
The UK Nintendo spokeswoman was doing an appalling job of explaining her 'strategy' a few weeks ago, talking about 'mum' and 'dad' in a 1950's patronising manner, and completely missing the point is that kids tell their parents what they want (not the other way around!) She also didn't seem to understand that most WiiU owners are either adult or children/teenagers with their own minds & wants/needs.

Where are the ads for WiiU Sports updates, plus WiiFitU? Mario is due for launch in 2 weeks, yet nothing from them. They cannot even be bothered to tell Club Nintendo subscribees about new games, never mind trying to get new people to buy their console.
If Nintendo cannot be bothered to invest in the WiiU, I cannot blame 3rd parties for their lack of confidence in the system. As a result, we get quick ports of multi-platform games (if we are lucky enough to get the game at all), and we suffer as gamers. I love Nintendo games; however the company themselves need a massive management shake-up.

Oops, I seem to have ranted abit there !!!



ThumperUK commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

Nintendo has had a year head-start with the WiiU, and completely wasted it. Still I am waiting for a true sales push for the WiiU - I've seen about a hundred Wonga ads for every single WiiU advert, and loads of ads for Pokemon and Animal Crossing. Nintendo can't even be bothered sending out email advertising to Club Nintendo people (which is easy & free to do in case they don't know!), and Nintendo Direct only gets to people who actively use 3DS or WiiU (which aint the way to get console sales!!)

The name is not the problem, Nintendo refusing to give a proper advertising budget for it has resulted in a massive wasted opportunity. Sticking an ad on Cartoon Network is cheap but hardly any viewers, mainstream adverts are required NOW,.
Even WiiFitU has been launched with no adverts - Nintendo just cannot get the basic of advertising, you need to tell people the console exists and why they should buy one, not just imagine people will flock to it when they don't know it is out there. Mario 3D World is out in a few days, yet unless you read NintendoLife you wouldn't know it!!.

I do wonder whether MS and Sony have secretly replaced the entire Nintendo Management Team with corporate destroyers, if so they could not have done a better job.



ThumperUK commented on Weirdness: Uh-Oh, That Guy Who Likes To Microw...:

This is not the original guy who used to microwave stuff but one of the many imitations. That guy must be up for the world's creepiest award (that voice alone is still ringing in my ears). Mildly interesting to see how it burned though.



ThumperUK commented on Nintendo UK: Awareness Is The Real Issue With ...:

I was shocked when reading this, I had to make sure this wasn't April 1st. What decade is this 'mother' from, the 50's? All talk about 'mum' education and 'dad' knowing about the console is complete and utter tripe.
The only reason the WiiU is in such a sorry state in the UK and elsewhere is an extremely incompetent marketing team (along with a lack of advertising budget), and a complete lack of understanding that the year is now 2013. Yeah Mum and Dad will buy a WiiU for their kid, but only generally if it is on the kids' wishlist. Never mind those of us with an income and not relying on 'mum' to be educated (or need to be patronised).

Any other company but Nintendo, heads would have rolled to have had a machine out for 12 months and still the marketing head is talking about what she 'thinks' she needs to do. About time someone inserted a rocket into the marketing team and spur them into actually doing something. The great console deserves better than this.



ThumperUK commented on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Lands i...:

I think is is a great result bearing in mind Nintendo have spent all of zero pounds promoting or advertising the game. Sticking it in a Nintendo Direct announcement is hardly imaginative nor going to non-WiiU/3DS audiences.

I've not even had an email from Nintendo UK announcing the game has been launched (quelle surprise!)



ThumperUK commented on Nintendo of America Selling Wii Remote Rapid C...:

This would have been 'news' had this been launched with the console back in 2006!

I can't understand why anyone would want to spend that amount, when a charger and pack of 4 Duracell rechargeable batteries can be picked up for much less These give me more than 13 hours play time per charge (and I've always the other two ready-charged).



ThumperUK commented on Out Now: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD:

Just picked up the Limited Edition with figure. Loved the original, so really looking forward to this update. However we do need Nintendo to finally start advertising the WiiU (and Wind Waker) otherwise the console will soon die completely. Wonderful 101 is an amazing game, but Nintendo UK couldn't be bothered doing any ads for it and then wonder why console sales remain pathetic! Wind Waker deserves better.



ThumperUK commented on Scribblenauts Unlimited Finally Hitting Europe...:

This was a launch window must-buy for my WiiU, might get it if Unmasked is delayed by a year (I hope not!).

Still no explanation why it was pulled in EU the day before release though. PR guys/gals need to be sacked over their failure to tell us what happened.



ThumperUK commented on Mario and Luigi Wii Remote Plus Controllers Ju...:

I've got two Zelda wiimotes otherwise would be tempted. btw, if anyone wants to trade in their old wiimotes for the new ones, Cex in the UK gives pretty good sale/exchange prices (in comparison to a certain 'game' store).

(Sorry if this anyone thinks this is a plug, I've no connection to cex other than as a customer)



ThumperUK commented on Nintendo UK Looking To Raise Awareness Of Wii ...:

At last, Nintendo UK are doing something about its pitiful awareness of the WiiU. This is nothing to do with the name being confusing (shoppers are NOT stupid on the whole!) but a complete lack of advertising for the console, aside from a small campaign last November. That had to be withdrawn but even before then, the spend on TV space was far less than for something like the CoD annual update and was far too small for a console launch.

Advertising is necessary for sales and brand awareness, is Nintendo finally getting this? It needs to sack its Ad Agencies both here and the US, they are simply not producing results.



ThumperUK commented on Wii U UK Software Sales on an Upward Trend, Bu...:

I'm really surprised there has been any growth, bearing in mind Nintendo UK has not advertised nor promoted the WiiU for months. Luigi, Pikmin and 101 are all brilliant games, we had a small run of ads for Pikmin, but nothing for either Luigi or 101. Then Nintendo are surprised that sales are pitiful and people don't know what the WiiU is. The name is not the problem, a marketing company that needs sacking, plus a real ad budget are the problems. No-one was confused when Xbox became the Xbox 360 or PS2-3-4. All it needs is some ad company to do a simply ad saying what the WiiU is and why gamers should buy it. This aint rocket science! As much as I love Nintendo, I do wonder how they have managed to foul-up advertising for the last 2 decades.

Bring back the Zelda 64 slogan, 'Whilst thou get the girl, or play like one" !!



ThumperUK commented on Nintendo Direct: Check Out the Wii Fit U Direc...:

The whole point is the device hooks onto your belt and has an altimeter for estimating stair climbs. Plus doing it for the 3ds does not aid sales of the WiiU which is badly needed before the console fails completely. A cheap meter is far better to carry around if you are a jogger too,

You can already get a Wii balance board in both black &=white so can match your wiiu.

My guess is once allc the sports are finished and released there will be a retail version. I bet it also ends up being given away with new wiiu console packs as soon as possible too



ThumperUK commented on Publishers Reveal Sales Figures for Skylanders...:

Just bought Infinity this morning, I have no interest in Skylanders, the Infinity Toybox mode sold it for me.....just hope it isn't going to suck my wallet too dry (though the unreleased Toy Story sets do look tempting!).

I'd like to see what the sales figures are for each console, particularly as in the UK, Disney Infinity ads are highlighting it as a WiiU game (and I've seen more of this ad than the total of every other Nintendo ad. Yet again, further shame on Nintendo for not advertising the console then wondering why sales are pathetic. I've seen no ads at all for Wonderful 101 (and Ninty seem to wonder why no one is buying it!!)



ThumperUK commented on Burnout And Need For Speed Studio Criterion Do...:

Criterion's Need for Speed for WiiU is a wonderful game and a must-have for any WiiU owner. It is a shame that the incompetent EA cannot see what a great developer they are and seem intent on destroying their company. How about they just sell Criterion to Nintendo? (a Burnout WiiU exclusive would be amazing!)



ThumperUK commented on Review: Disney Infinity (Wii U):

What is interesting about this game is that the TV ad (UK) is for the WiiU version (with a line on the closing credits saying Wii version also available). I've seen more ads for this than for any other WiiU game (and not seen any for the 'wonderful' Wonderful 101). Not seen any for the PS3/Xbox. I wonder whether it is Disney or Nintendo paying for this ad, and could this finally be a game to increase the WiiU user base??



ThumperUK commented on Nintendo Confirms Limited Edition Wii U Bundle...:

Its about time we campaigned Nintendo for another ambassador programme. WiiU owners have been badly let down while Nintendo has neglected the system in favour of a silly 2ds. Now to rub salt in the wounds of loyal customers, a price cut and a decent zelda edition - they could have made the zelda remake for launch day if they had tried,
No wonder third parties have little confidence in the company.



ThumperUK commented on Interview: Ubisoft On Splinter Cell Blacklist,...:

If thise plays well, then I'll buy it, I'm not so fussed whether local co-op is there or not.....just so long as the game isn't a quick hatchet port rather than a true development. I won't be buying from the Ubi store though, they want £50 for it (mind you they still want £55 for AC3!!)