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Sat 8th Jun 2013

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Thor commented on Video: You'll Wish You Could Play Tetris As We...:

TGM and NES Tetris aren't really comparable. For example, Alex Kerr aka Kitaru is even better at TGM than the guy in that old Japanese video (he's probably better by now as well), but Alex Kerr isn't quite on the same NES level as Jonas Neubauer. NES Tetris has no sliding/multipreview/elongated lock delay/etc. I can GM TGM1 and TGM2, complete with invisible tetris credit roll, but Alex is better than me on TGM by a pretty large margin, if he's pro-level, then I'd be semi-pro at best there. I don't really have the hours in it, or the time. I played Tetris for about a year in 89-90, then quit until 2008, played a few months online, quit again, played a few months in 2010, and quit for good after that. The people that literally have played it for many years compared to my ~1.5 years or so are quite amazing to see.