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Features editor of Nintendo Life since August 2011, editor since March 2014; love video games and Nintendo. I've previously completed two degrees in Literature and the History of the Book, which haven't been helpful at all...

Fri 28th August, 2009

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ThomasBW84 commented on Review: Internal Invasion (Wii U eShop):

@Emblem You are wrong, there were certainly no first impressions. As for an interview, I don't recall one by me, but I'd have to check if one was conducted and I proofed and forgot.

Even if we interview a developer, as an example, that doesn't mean that game has a pre-review recommendation, to be clear on that. If we do a first impressions article, those are the impressions of the writer who may, or may not, actually review the game.



ThomasBW84 commented on Play: It's The Second Nintendo Life Community ...:

Some of you guys are too good at this game! In my second group I struggled to finish in the top 6 a lot of the time, and I thought I was decent at this game. Impressive stuff!

Thanks to all that took part, it was a lot of fun :)



ThomasBW84 commented on Play: It's The Second Nintendo Life Community ...:

I just did about a third of my races and will pop back online for the rest later. Won a couple, but pretty mediocre overall!

I was slightly outraged in one when I was winning only to get pipped on the line by a CPU racer. I know I set CPU for Hard but, c'mon, that's crazy!

Had fun racing with a group of 7-8 though, good stuff :)



ThomasBW84 commented on Nintendo Download: 26th June (North America):

@rjejr Yep, both for $9.99. 48 hour trial is valid from when you start playing, with it being available (to be activated) until the end of the year. So my retail discount prediction went from being brilliant to wrong, ho-hum!



ThomasBW84 commented on Guide: The Biggest Wii U and 3DS eShop Games C...:

@ULTRA-64 It's been pretty quiet, just snippets of info (supports motion controls and various controllers) and not much else. No real indication of release date - the website for the game said 2014 initially, though that's been taken away. Shin'en is working away, I'm sure, but there's just not enough to go on to know how it's progressing or even guarantee it for 2014 in an article like this.



ThomasBW84 commented on New Japanese Law Bans Child Abuse Images, Yet ...:

Comments are open as this is a topic that's relatively new, albeit it's related to some content that we've seen on Nintendo systems and others. We've certainly tried to stick to facts and issued a clear request at the close of the article. With regards to the two previous occasions where comments were closed, that was a decision taken on the basis of the reaction to multiple articles, and one I took based on everything that happened.

I can't see this being a regular topic, we were reporting a major law change. Should our editorial and moderating team feel that the debate goes beyond the realms of acceptability, these comments and those in future articles for this topic will be closed.