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United Kingdom

Sat 17th Jan 2009

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Thevortex099 commented on UNO:

If this is anything like the XBLA version then this will be instant WIN.



Thevortex099 commented on Uno Coming to WiiWare and DSiWare:

Get in! I love Uno, and having it on my Wii would be great. But I already have it on my 360, and what made it work on the 360 is the online play - that needs to be included here. I also have concerns that the game is not being developed by Carbonated Games - the people behind the excellent 360 version. I'm sure Gameloft will do a good job though...

P.S. It also needs downloadable theme decks!

P.S.S. Note that I am Vortex099, but I forgot my account info and I had to make a new account.