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Sat 17th Aug 2013

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TheroniousMonk commented on Interview: Denis Dyack on Shadow of the Eterna...:

Just to clarify some misgivings about how the current campaign was announced, they dropped the funding goal by half because they received private funding and are in partnership with AMD. As for Denis hogging the spotlight, he is well aware of the mistakes he has made and is trying to make amends for them. Plus, the name Denis Dyack (and the infamy associated with it) draws hits to any website he is interviewed on, so it's a win for the journalist doing the interview. I invite any of you who are sitting on the fence or somewhat mistrustful of this campaign to visit the forums at and take a look at what the community has been working on. Like what you see? Pledge the $5 to get access to the Order of the Unseen, where decisions are made about which community created community makes it into the game. And if the campaign doesn't fund? You keep your money. Not much of a gamble, just a little time invested. Thanks for reading!