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Nothing wrong with your eyes: I'm a 45yo gaming dinosaur. Started gaming at 5yo (Atari2600). Used to play NES/SNES at a cousins', but never owned any. Had an Amiga500 & GBC, after that my 1st console: N64. Besides Dreamcast & Xbox360 I own most Nintendo systems, because of the 'Nintendo difference'.

Fri 19th Oct 2012

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TheRealThanos commented on Feature: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of FAST R...:

@cyrus_zuo I'm wondering which games you have, then. I have most of their games on nearly all of Nintendo's systems and although there certainly are some games that could have been a bit better than they were, I have always enjoyed them, so I think that the gameplay does match the graphics just fine.

It may very well be that it is simply a matter of personal taste. Maybe Shin'en just isn't the developer for you. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't mean that their games are bad or have no decent gameplay. There are plenty of media that have reviewed their games and nearly all of them are positive in their judgement, so that doesn't quite rhyme with what you think.

Or maybe you're just expecting too much from an indie game. In general, no game is perfect and there will always be some thing that might annoy some of us, but it would probably be impossible for them to make everyone perfectly happy. I for one am REALLY looking forward to this game. It looks beautiful and from all the play sessions I've seen it definitely has the gameplay to match...



TheRealThanos commented on Video: Hands On With The Revo K101 Plus, The U...:

@kyuubikid213 There are no "emulation issues": the only two things that don't work are SNES and Megadrive/Genesis emulation, at least for now, but a future update might fix that. Other than that you have 100% compatibility with GBA carts and ROMs, and near 100% compatibility with Game Boy (Color) and NES ROMs, even offering multiplayer in NES games and that will also let you upload a NES game to your official GBA by means of a link cable. That and the much better screen should offer enough reasons to consider this.
You might want to check out the links to some more detailed reviews I posted in the comment above...



TheRealThanos commented on Video: Hands On With The Revo K101 Plus, The U...:

@Browny You might wanna click that "You can order the Revo K101 Plus here" link below the article to find out more...
But the short answer is no; there is a SNES folder mentioned in several reviews, as well as a Megadrive folder, but none of the ROMs you put in there seem to load up til now. That may change in the future with a firmware update, but that's not a given. For now it's GB, GBC, GBA & NES. Here are two more extensive review & play testings of the device on YouTube: -



TheRealThanos commented on Video: Gaming Historian Pays Tribute To The La...:

@BigBabyPeach Well, you personally may not have learned a lot of new things, but The Gaming Historian has long since earned his stripes, as is already explained in this article:

"We've shared many of the Gaming Historian's videos on Nintendo Life in the past, and this YouTube series has delivered many well-researched pieces, so we couldn't think of anyone better to recount the life of Satoru Iwata in a respectful yet detailed way."

Maybe you should consider that you might just be more informed than other people on the topic, making this specific video somewhat less interesting for you, but for others that don't know as much about mr. Iwata it may indeed offer a better picture of who he was and what he has accomplished during his career.

And as previously said and quoted, The Gaming Historian has already earned his credit by doing some other really interesting videos. Maybe you should give some of them a try, there might be one that interests you yet...



TheRealThanos commented on Feature: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of FAST R...:

@vincentgoodwin F-Zero doesn't rely on picking up orbs or switching colors of your engine exhaust to be able to make use of the two colors of turbo strips that FAST Racing NEO has. And in the original FAST Racing game you also got to race upside down, not as in the corkscrew track in F-Zero, but actually jumping upwards to the ceiling and sticking to it. Don't know if that's in this version, though.



TheRealThanos commented on The Man Responsible For Sega's Blast Processin...:

@Gamemoose Commodore picked up the glove for Nintendo with their "To be this good will take Sega ages" adverts and billboards for the CD32 in Europe.

It was a play on Sega's own adverts concerning their Sega ages titles. Greatest thing of it was that the posters were plastered all over Sega's UK headquarters. Not that it did the CD32 much good in the end, but still: it was a great campaign nonetheless.

@blackice85 More or less my sentiments on the whole thing, as expressed in comment #16. But the console wars were actually pretty nasty between the companies themselves, and not only in the 16bit era, but also before that, like in the age of Atari. The ads and billboards were sometimes pretty insulting back then.

And even slightly more recent efforts: who doesn't remember Sony's Final Fantasy advert, bashing the N64 for being cartridge based?

Nowadays you don't see ads like that anymore, at least not in the console business...



TheRealThanos commented on Feature: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of FAST R...:

@Action51 That's more a matter of opinion. First off, you can't really compare a cartoon kart racer with a more gritty, futuristic racer in a realistic style.

Secondly, and perhaps most important: on a technical level (also taking into account the much smaller size of this game, making this a far greater achievement) the graphics are far superior, because there are effects in there and technologies used that cannot be found in Mario Kart.

Now that doesn't make this a better game or Mario Kart a worse game, but objectively you can't simply say that Mario Kart looks better or has better graphics than FAST Racing NEO.



TheRealThanos commented on The Man Responsible For Sega's Blast Processin...:

@Action51 The reason that there "wasn't a whole culture of fanboyism and hate" surely was due in large part to there not being any internet to speak of back then. The internet has paved the way for a whole sewer-load of foul talking keyboard warriors that more than likely have no voice or authority in real life and use their anonymity to vent their frustration and attack people online. People that would more than likely snap them like a twig in real life...

As for the actual rivalry back in the day: I was in the middle of two camps back then. Most of my friends and my cousins too were all about Nintendo but one of my friends was a true Sega fanatic, and he had all the consoles and expansions, as well as nearly all games and peripherals. It was a definite no-go to mention Nintendo in his house and I'm pretty sure there were quite a few people around the world that acted in a similar way.

It was just much more remote/detached because of there not being a more direct way to communicate worldwide with like minds and with opposite minds like we can do nowadays, sometimes much to my displeasure...



TheRealThanos commented on Video: Get Creeped Out By the Final Pre-Launch...:

This is a must buy for survival-horror fans, plain and simple. On the DS the graphics were so-so, the controls were iffy, with either stylus or a, b, x, y buttons for camera controls, but regardless of these shortcomings it was still atmospheric and scary as hell at times, especially when played in low light with nobody else around...

And now with better visuals and 3D (I can imagine that will also enhance the claustrophobic effect that the game uses), better controls and probably also better sound I would recommend it even more. If this kind of game is your thing, you can hardly go wrong by giving this a go.



TheRealThanos commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

@bobbypaycheque Yeah, I made a mistake on the boy part, so kudos on picking that specific part out of my argument, but the more important points in my whole argument were that Miyamoto did intend for Link to not be a real name but simply a placeholder for the character to be more interchangeable with the player and Link still doesn't have a voice for that very reason, NOT because of hardware limitations.

As recent as two years ago Miyamoto has said that to suddenly give Link a voice now, would more than likely disappoint a whole lot of gamers that have by now imagined their own version of Link, with a certain voice and the two might not match up, giving rise to a whole lot of protests once again.

My other most important point was that it shouldn't have to be detrimental to you as a gamer who prefers a male Link if there is an EXTRA option in the game to play as a female Link, taking NOTHING away from the original experience. All other things concerning development issues because of that and what not are secondary or even tertiary. What the hell is so difficult to understand about that?

Just because we also play games like Tomb Raider and the like, doesn't mean that a character gender has to be fixed all the time in every game. In some games it definitely serves a purpose, in other games not so much.

Maybe if you were a girl/woman, you wouldn't mind playing as a guy in a game, but maybe you would also appreciate having a choice and I don't mean that you would then have to play another game because the game you would like it to be in doesn't offer it.

And besides, it is Nintendo themselves that brought this gender "issue" up by introducing this character, so they have probably been thinking about it for some time already, so who knows how far they are with bringing something like that into a game like Zelda.

Oh, and I already agreed on the name being awful, so no need to bring that up again.

@LasermasterA Thanks for that useful addition. Interesting to know.



TheRealThanos commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

@bobbypaycheque I'm in agreement on the name, but that is probably the least important issue here. I'm just wondering why so many people seem to feel like it's a personal attack if "their" Legend of Zelda game would also offer you the option of having a female Link, if only to cater to the probably millions of girl gamers that would also like to be represented for once, instead of having to play with a knight, prince or male hero all the time.

And as for Link: why should we debate what Miyamoto has said? He said Link is a representation of the player, hence also being the silent hero (save for cries and shouts), because giving the character a voice might take away from the player's immersion into the adventure, and doing so now after so many previous adventures might again start up a whole range of heated debates because it will almost certainly not live up to expectations of a large number of gamers.

One would almost feel sorry for Nintendo, because in this case, no matter what they do, it will always be wrong for one part of the community.

Sad, really when there are so many things in this world way more important than a hobby...



TheRealThanos commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

@khaosklub No offense but I'm truly puzzled. The reactions to the sub-par graphics on Star Fox were more or less in the "after the fact" category, since what they showed on E3 was already old, but they had to show something. Meanwhile, development will have continued as normal, meaning what you have seen now is simply natural progress of a game being several months further in development, not because children whined about ugly graphics.

Us affecting games that hugely would be saying that the average Joe controls the world by voting. (which we don't by the way)

Also, the extra is not a subtraction of the original game, so why you would make a black and white assumption of "it would either cost more time or have less content" is beyond me. Why not consider it as being on top of?

That was one of the points of my whole argument in the first place: those that want to play Zelda as they are used to, can select male Link and the entire adventure will be unaffected, and those that wish to play as female Link will get a slightly different story.

And I would be more than willing to wait if that would mean a better game. And knowing how diligently mr. Aonuma is working on this latest game, I'm quite confident that it will at the very least be an interesting experience. And as mr. Miyamoto himself once said: "a delayed game will eventually be good, but a rushed game is forever bad."



TheRealThanos commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:


I understand your point, but I still insist that these issues that developers face should be taken into consideration.

Same as how gamers gripe about subpar graphics, the complain about bland games which come directly as a result of graphical push. It is irresponsible for gamers to not consider how their demands effect things on the developer's end.

Besides the already mentioned "not being the point in the Link/Linkle discussion" part, why the heck would we have to take that into consideration? I just want good quality games and everything and anything that crosses the path of the people that make it BEFORE it reaches my local game shop is truly of no concern to me whatsoever.

As for the gamers' demands: I don't think Nintendo (or any company for that matter) truly listens to gamers concerning their own IP's. If they were to cater to that, no one would ever be satisfied full stop...

They may let you think they give you the game that you want/need, but in the end they simply make the game that THEY want to make and that they can be proud of, not because a bunch of gamers wants something, except in this case some of them are in luck because it seems that Nintendo wants to implement a female version of Link, and all we should focus on is the why not part and for the rest of us, just play with male Link if it bothers you that much.

That part of the game will more than likely not change; it would seem to me that an addition to the game would be just that. An extra instead of taking away from the original experience, and that should be a good thing, but apparently I should look at it from a glass half empty point of view...



TheRealThanos commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

@Zelkardaim I have no idea where you got that from, since I'm a very social person. You don't even know me, and apparently also don't understand the intent of what I'm saying. I'm not trying to insult anybody nor am I belittling people, so it seems to me that you saying I treat people like idiots is rather uncalled for. I'm 45, and I'm more than relaxed enough, being WAY beyond all the "I have to feel better than you" and "I'm the definite truth sayer" tropes of all the anonymous keyboard warriors out there. I couldn't care less about that, but what I will do is speak my mind, even though that may not always be what other people say or think. And both on the internet and in daily life, not everyone always agrees with me but the difference is that in daily life, the tone is less condescending because people have to face you, but that's the internet for you...

I'm simply saying that giving a game an extra option need not affect the original game or the more traditional gamer, but at the same time it CAN offer more enjoyment to gamers that DO want such an option. Simple as that. And talking about how development might be impeded or how difficult it may be to implement that is hardly of any relevance to the discussion, since that isn't the point.

@rishisquid But the actual point is that Link being male isn't officially established at all, other than by the gamers because they are either used to it or think they can interpret the story in any way that suits them best.

As for the race issue: The Legend of Zelda is a fantasy game in a fantasy realm, so race need not be implemented, since the race as such is of Elven origin (hence the spiky ears) so it doesn't even apply to Caucasian people either. Back in the day, a lot of games simply had options to choose a male or female character with zero effect to gameplay.

Obviously, nowadays it's a bit more complicated than that, but still...



TheRealThanos commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

@khaosklub "The story would likely suffer" No, it wouldn't, or let me correct myself: we don't know that, so that is purely an assumption that is presumably in part based on personal preference. Try to make an argument without mentioning things that developers have to do, since like I already said these are of no concern to us. Bears on the road and all that...

If a developer has to put in a few more months to make the game work properly: that is of no concern or effect to the gamer
If a developer has to make the story different to cater to different genders: that is of no concern or effect to the gamer.

I can make up a list of around twenty of such points, but I am hoping you get my point without me having to do so. In essence, anything development or design related that has to do with character gender is simply not relevant to the quality of the game, as long as the final product is one that we can all enjoy playing.

And as such, a game where both male and female gamers could choose their own preferred gender WITHOUT it taking anything away from the "original" format is nothing but a win-win. If you can't see that, then it will be useless to continue this discussion, since we would then be going into the "what if" territory of assuming that adding another story line into the supposedly predominantly male one would be detrimental to the game and in turn to the satisfaction of the gamer, which is hypothetical at best, but far from proven, since the game isn't even out yet.



TheRealThanos commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

@ikki5 I should have stopped reading all this garbage after your first couple of comments. You show so much common sense and level headedness. Two thumbs up. Couldn't agree more. Same goes for @Yorumi, @JaxonH, @PlywoodStick and @rjejr, and it's a nice balance in between all the "righteous defenders" of the removal of a feature that they don't even fully understand. Instead, most of them are piling the justified censoring of the character costume onto the unjustified removal of avatar customization. I suppose comprehensive reading truly is a skill that doesn't come naturally. Oh, well....

People, it's not about the breasts: it's about removal of a feature that is considered normal in these types of games. Why put it in one version and remove it in another? If it really is an issue in some areas, then why not simply make one version of the game that will be approved in ALL areas so that there doesn't have to be any removal of features in the first place? Problem solved...

@WireWare Oh my, you're SO wrong. Biologically, the primary, no: ONLY reason for women to have breasts is nothing more than to have milk glands for the feeding of their offspring. Sure, body parts can be touched and stimulated and people invariably are sensitive to most of the known parts, but to say it's biologically defined is way off. The word biological implies that it is either necessary or useful from an evolutionary/procreational point of view and having them as sex organs isn't.

Obviously, nowadays society (read: men) have made them into sexual organs because of how media portrays women, but If breasts are of a sexual origin by nature, then a cow's udders would also be sexual... (but of course only humans count, otherwise that limited perception won't hold up to scrutiny)



TheRealThanos commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

@khaosklub Well, this is exactly where I didn't want the discussion to go. It doesn't matter, because the ONLY thing that is relevant is that A) Link is NOT a boy/man, regardless of what droves of prematurely disappointed people seem to think, and B) having the option in the game to choose your preferred gender does not IN ANY WAY alter the experience of the person that doesn't want that option, since he or she can simply play the game as a "normal" Link.

All the other stuff is in the bears on the road category, by you and others, creating problems that we as gamers will never experience, since it is stuff that only the developers/designers will come across.

It's Nintendo's decision in the end, and if they want to include it, I'm definitely in favor of it because I would like for everyone to enjoy these games and if some would like to be able to have a female Link to be able to enjoy these games even more, then I hope that they will see their wish come true sooner rather than later. In my honest opinion, any other thought would be extremely selfish and short-sighted.



TheRealThanos commented on Unseen64 Reveals Information on Game Zero, a S...:

Other than the fact that a game like this wouldn't have interested me at ALL, I also find it a bit odd to think that this wouldn't have been possible/would be too ambitious on the GameCube, since the current DS line of handhelds can play Minecraft games without a hitch, and they still aren't as powerful as the GameCube was.



TheRealThanos commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

@khaosklub There are a lot of ways in which they could tackle that like for example by making intertwining quests, aka every other level is played by one of the characters so you could have a gender specific quest.
And contrary to what you propose, making two separate story lines isn't a whole lot of work at all: making a character say something else to either Link or Linkle is a few lines of programming, as is the intent of the quest as a whole, percentage-wise and if it is something that Aonuma and Miyamoto want, you can bet it has long since been implemented.

You're still talking from the perspective that having a girl-Link as a main character is somehow wrong, but as my wall of text already showed it isn't that strange to begin with. It's only the preposition that a lot of veteran Zelda players have that their own idea of what Zelda games are supposed to be is somehow threatened or tainted, which truly isn't the case, since it would simply be an option that can be left alone by people that don't want it and it will have no effect whatsoever on your personal game-playing experience, which is exactly why I don't understand all the fuss about it being wrong or bad.



TheRealThanos commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

Lol at all the people getting their underwear all twisted up because of either Nintendo or this article on Nintendo Life messing up their cherished yet misinformed childhood memories of Link being a boy hero (because "obviously", a knight in shining armor or the person coming to the rescue can be nothing else but a male character, right?)

Unfortunately, these are nothing but your own misgivings/misinterpretations of what the creators have ALWAYS intended Link to be, and that is a non-character/blank slate/avatar/representation of the player, that will allow you to immerse yourself into the adventure a bit more than with a pre-defined character so it will feel like it is YOU saving the world and not the IP you are controlling. You get to live the adventure in your own way, as you see fit, whether or not you keep "Link" as the name, or change it to one of your own choosing. Aside from that, the word "Link" has also been used to define the link between past/present/future in a couple of the Zelda games. (such as OoT, LttP, MM and so on)

Miyamoto has expressed multiple times in the past that the blank slate idea is an important thing for the Zelda games and one WAY more so than other IP's because they either have a different kind of story that is far simpler and/or more predetermined or have gameplay mechanics that don't rely so much on a player having to be a specific someone, such as in games that have multiple characters to begin with, like a lot of the Mario games and such.

I know I myself have tried every character in Mario Kart, not only to find out which one better suited me, but also to win with every character. Not that I'm a real completionist, but in the case of games like these, I always like to try and achieve that.

Anyway, I don't know (and I don't really care) if we should see this as pandering or being politically correct, but to me it simply represents an option for players to play as a female character, if they wish to do so, so I think @LUIGITORNADO has hit the nail on the head, to name one of the few level headed commenters concerning this topic.

If you don't want to, then simply stick with the male character, but for a lot of people it may be nice to have the choice, and I'd like for everyone to also think of them instead of only thinking about what Link "should" be to yourself.

There may very well be a lot of female gamers that are sick and tired of having to play a prince, knight or similar kind of male hero, and there may also be quite a lot of male gamers that wouldn't mind playing a Zelda game from a different perspective for once, so why not have the option included?

It won't hurt the traditionalists and at the same time it caters to people that would indeed like to have the choice, so to me it sounds like a win-win situation. And as for the whole love interest thing: to me that is also in the eye of the beholder for most games.

The princess is more like Link's dream object, a fantasy that is out of his reach, but by saving the kingdom he will at least have her admiration, and the king's gratitude, so if you view it like that, there wouldn't have to be any issue with the Link character being female. After Linkle saves the kingdom, they simply become BFF's, or maybe even siblings as the king will adopt her out of gratitude and because the Link character never has any parents to speak of. Problem solved...

For people that are interested, here are a couple of articles/web pages that have more background info on the how and why of Link. I looked them up prompted by the comment from @rishisquid saying "The fact is that though he doesn't speak, he is a character and has a character. I'd also like to see a recent source where Ninty says he isn't, I'm just curious."

The only male thing in all this trivia that I could find, is that Miyamoto was partially inspired by Peter Pan, and mixed that story with his own childhood memories of exploring caves and such. Other than that, no definite gender is mentioned.

As those of you that are going to read them will all be able to see, I didn't find anything that is really very recent, but some things only need to be said once and as recent as a few years ago, Miyamoto has repeated himself on this, so it's pretty much set in stone that the label "Link" truly isn't meant to be the name of a character. It's nothing more than a set of handlebars to draw players into the adventure and make it their own...

Believe what you will. Nintendo decided on this, and since it's their IP, it would be really strange that they would be wrong about it and some entitled players would be right...



TheRealThanos commented on Video: A Wii Wave Race Project Got Far Enough ...:

@MC808 In all honesty: I don't even know if the word applies for jet ski (or snowboard) games, as simcade is a word that has been invented by the racing sim community, as in car racing sims. Apparently, Forza Horizon is a simcade, and so is Drive Club, to name a few. Simply because of them not being enough of one or the other category, so they mixed it up and labelled them simcades. If you google the word, all you will find is sites and discussions about sim racers, so that more or less shows you how the word is used up til now. Might change though, if the word is going to be widely accepted and becomes a mainstream term. Then we will be able to go out and ask gameshop owners for a simcade game...



TheRealThanos commented on Parent Trap: Oft-Forgotten Wii U Features That...:

@rjejr suppose I could hop on a Ferry and go to the friendly people of the UK... (me being in Europe apparently made you primarily link to English sites as opposed to American, except for the victim counter)
Then again: I have other priorities and I'm not really in the mood to be part of a bunch of these kind of "individuals" fighting each other to be able to bag a bargain. People are strange. It sometimes makes me marvel at the fact that we have existed as long as we have as a species...



TheRealThanos commented on USK Lists "Replay: VHS Is Not Dead" For Wii U:

@sillygostly I wasn't offended, if that was what you got from that, just wanted to give you an example of why people cling to VHS.
I completely agree with you on the still recording on VHS part; mine is only used as a playback device.

In our family we have also digitized some family tapes and put them on DVD, which is indeed a lot of work, but in my case it is more a problem of not all tapes being copy-able (as in completely or only with significant quality loss) and some anime series or movies not being available on DVD or Blu-ray, so I will simply have to keep them.



TheRealThanos commented on Video: A Wii Wave Race Project Got Far Enough ...:

@MC808 Yeah, you could have a point there. The handling, water physics, realistic engine sounds (by Kawasaki if I remember correctly) and so on could warrant the game being regarded as a bit more than just a simple arcade racer. But overall it indeed misses the mark of a sim, so nowadays we have a new word to label such a game: a simcade.

But then the same would be true for 1080 Snowboarding: also realistic physics, snow movement, handling of the boards/riders and so on, but other than that, it isn't complicated enough to be regarded as a sim.

Reportedly, back in the day, Amped on Xbox was regarded as more of a snowboarding sim than 1080, even though that also had arcade elements in it.



TheRealThanos commented on Rumour: Leading Japanese Game Company Kidnappe...:

@WaveGhoul I would agree with you for the most part, except for the mentioning of arthritis and cancer, both diseases which have already been around for much longer than any malpractice of medicine has existed. It may very well be possible that diseases like these have progressed faster than normal because of human interference, but still.

For example: cancer cells have even been found in a prehistoric man they found somewhere in the late eighties/early nineties, so it's not a "wellfare" disease, as some people over here in Europe like to call it. Back then, and even well into the Middle Ages, they simply had no idea what these diseases were.



TheRealThanos commented on Parent Trap: Oft-Forgotten Wii U Features That...:

@rjejr And yet the Wii U may still be of interest to some of us even well after it's disappearance from the market, seeing as we don't know if the NX is going to offer backward compatibility with the Wii U, and besides all the negativity surrounding Nintendo's current console, it still offers some great titles of its own.

I also wouldn't trade in my old console for a new one, so compatibility with Wii titles isn't an issue for me, and my Wii is softmodded to act as an all-round retro-console (GBC, GBA, PC Engine, NES, SNES, Genesis, SegaCD, Amiga, MSX, Neo Geo Arcade, PSX, N64, GameCube and OpenBOR) and it took a LOT of effort to get all these emulators and games running almost perfectly, so I would never sell that anyway.



TheRealThanos commented on USK Lists "Replay: VHS Is Not Dead" For Wii U:

@sillygostly Your assumption is a bit on the "it's either black or white" side. Taking myself for an example: I am indeed over 40 (45 to be exact) and I do still own a VHS recorder, and an expensive one at that. It's a JVC with six heads and it's region free.

As an American living in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and suffering from a heavy addiction to all things anime, I've started collecting a lot of series and movies in that genre decades ago when DVD's let alone Blu-rays weren't even a thing yet.

I've got a serious collection of around 400 tapes, both NTSC and PAL and even if some of these titles could now be found on DVD or even Blu-ray, it would cost me a fortune to buy them all again on one of these mediums. Every tape is still in as good a condition as it can be and the VCR is also still in mint condition, having been serviced and cleaned last year. So while I also own a Blu-ray recorder and HDD mediaplayer, I still hold on to that VCR for as long as it will work, so I hope that will be for some time to come. And I don't watch these tapes with a stretched image, by the way. Although I did have to get used to those annoying vertical black borders in the beginning...

I have looked into devices to transfer my tapes to DVD, but the higher quality ones aren't very cheap and I have other priorities right now.

So there, that's just me and there are probably thousands if not millions of people all over the world that have a similar situation, except maybe not because of an anime collection.

And then there are also the people that have made a lot of recordings of their own, with a VHS camera. All those family movies on tape are also a reason to keep a VCR around, unless you can afford to get these movies converted to DVD or buy a converter yourself.



TheRealThanos commented on Nintendo Indirectly Co-Funded An Ambitious Pla...:

@Crimzonlogic As far as I'm concerned, Lukie Games is one of the best bets you can make on scoring anything related to older systems and games. You can order directly from the site or call/email them first if you want to know a bit more. I've bought several articles from them the last couple of years and I'm very satisfied with their service, the quality of the refurbished products and the speed of delivery.
Here's the site:

I've checked and they still have several PS2's available.
Good luck!



TheRealThanos commented on SNES PlayStation Prototype Gets Turned On, Ope...:

@Kafei2006 @palatinus Well, seems that we actually all meant the same thing then. Thanks @Kafei2006 for dropping in and putting it all together. For the record, @palatinus, I didn't think that you were THAT dense to begin with, but it did puzzle me a bit because of the way you said it and how I interpreted it in turn.

The adjustments that @Kafei2006 made to my statements are a welcome correction, and one I forgot to mention. The sound unit was indeed for all intent and purposes an autonomous device, although having only the sound work as in the example he gave, would somewhat defeat the purpose of the device as a whole, but that is another discussion...

Anyway, in the end what's important is that we have an agreement here. The rest was based upon me understanding you incorrectly and based upon that I made my response, which got the ball rolling in a slightly wrong direction.

As some people on here that know me could tell you, I'm actually quite a relaxed person (for an older guy) but I can imagine how some of my reactions came across. I've found that I'm still quite passionate about gaming and some discussions bring that out more so than others. Never any personal offense meant though, so I hope you didn't take it as such either. Just a slightly heavier discussion, is all...



TheRealThanos commented on SNES PlayStation Prototype Gets Turned On, Ope...:

@palatinus Talk about completely missing the point: you explicitly said "When Sony and Nintendo built the SNES" which they didn't. Nintendo built the SNES all by itself. They bought components from Sony but also from several other companies and the manufacturing process wasn't aided by Sony or any of the other component suppliers, so they did NOT build the SNES "together" with Nintendo.

That would be similar to saying that Samsung helped build the iPhone or Texas Instruments helped build the Xbox One, since they supplied the most number of components for that console.



TheRealThanos commented on SNES PlayStation Prototype Gets Turned On, Ope...:

@palatinus In what alternate dimension did Sony help Nintendo with the SNES? The only component in the SNES that was Sony related, was the audio sub-system, a component that was made to order and Nintendo needed no further assistance from Sony for that to be incorporated into the console, since Nintendo itself was responsible for the whole manufacturing process.

They did build the prototype from this article together, but that is hardly a sales pitch for how wonderful a collaboration between the two could possibly be.



TheRealThanos commented on Video: A Wii Wave Race Project Got Far Enough ...:

@dkxcalibur #19 Yeah, tell me about it. It's just us oldies fighting against all the anonymous keyboard warriors...
On a serious side note though, you do have to see Wave Race for what the series is, and that is an arcade racer, so I personally don't expect a lot of depth in games like that, same as with 1080, F-Zero and you could also replace these 1st party titles with any third party title (Ridge Racer, WipeOut, Amped to name a few similar ones) that falls into the same category.

They generally all have a similar setup: 3 difficulty settings, 10 or 12 tracks, extras in the form of stunt or time trial tracks, 4 or 5 characters, some upbeat music and more often than not no realistic damage/collision physics, but all of that is what you can expect from an arcade racer.

And Wave Race Blue Storm did improve upon the N64 game in many ways, so it may not have an enormous amount of depth, but it still offered quite a nice package for an arcade racer, so maybe you should take that into consideration when making a final verdict on the depth of it, regardless of one's personal taste...

@Xenocity So you're saying that they never made any good games?
I checked the entire list here: and lo and behold: many classics, so maybe it is just you. Nothing wrong with personal taste, but saying for a fact that they never made any good games is quite a ways removed from being correct...



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In before sour statements about Teens React. Oh, wait...
I almost never understand why people could get so annoyed by something like this. It's just some lighthearted entertainment and there are certainly tons upon tons of videos and channels on YouTube that are a hell of a lot more annoying than kids or teens reacting to things they haven't seen before or haven't seen in a long time.

Funny thing is that (coincidence or not) more often than not, the sour reactions are from European members. There are some natives that are equally annoyed, but they are a minority, so that makes me wonder if part of the annoyance is also directed specifically at American kids, or American mentality.

Since moving to Europe, I've experienced a lot of that myself, initially. Sentences in discussions often starting with "You Americans... " but nowadays it's all cool...



TheRealThanos commented on Video: Teens Discover That Finding A Weapon In...:

@nessisonett @day playing them with a Wiimote feels like a perfectly fine replacement for a mouse to me since it's just as precise if not more so since you only have to point, and I play these kinds of games on PC as well as on consoles with no trouble whatsoever.

On the tech side of it, console versions of games like COD are almost always made to react a fraction slower to compensate for the travel of the stick of a joypad, so the relative time of seeing an enemy and being able to shoot them is nearly the same as on PC.

However: in actuality, this slight difference would make it an unfair fight if you could pit console and PC gamers against each other in an online match while playing on their own platforms, so the console gamers would lose.



TheRealThanos commented on Rejoice, The Wii U Has Finally Outsold Sega's ...:

@Rafie More Dreamcast love here: I still have my original system, several controllers, the microphone and Seaman game, plus over 200 other games. And it is still resting comfortably next to my TV in the living room, readily available for a quick play every now and then...

I even updated it with this nice little gizmo around 1,5 years ago, to make it look a hell of a lot better on my 42" HD TV: