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Nothing wrong with your eyes: I'm a 45yo gaming dinosaur. Started gaming at 5yo (Atari2600). Used to play NES/SNES at a cousins', but never owned any. Had an Amiga500 & GBC, after that my 1st console: N64. Besides Dreamcast & Xbox360 I own most Nintendo systems, because of the 'Nintendo difference'.

Fri 19th Oct 2012

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TheRealThanos commented on Nintendo Drops Out of Interbrand 'Best Global ...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR Wow man, thanks for pointing that one out. I was so focused on being annoyed by yet another top companies list, that I got too lost in the financials of it all while the actual premise of this list was staring me in the face all along. Color me visually impaired...
@rjejr Normally, nobody would notice, I guess. This is the internet after all, and if anything defines comment sections on the internet it is tons of bad grammar and typos, so you wouldn't stand out, but because you hardly make any mistake in your comments otherwise, it is somewhat understandable that people ask: to me it is also still a bit strange to see that one word continuously being typed wrong while most of the other words are correct. And they may not know (me neither) if you use a PC/laptop or a tablet/phone to type. My guess is the latter, since I don't have any auto-correct issues when making comments.



TheRealThanos commented on Nintendo Drops Out of Interbrand 'Best Global ...:

@Mister_Wu You're welcome. The thing, or my original point is that I would like to know what criteria they used other than profits to put companies on that list, because otherwise based on the enormous amount of negative figures, some companies shouldn't even be on there, and Apple certainly shouldn't be number two. I'd put Microsoft in second spot myself, or arguably even first place, since they have a very stable profit margin.
If you want to have a complete and accurate top companies list, you must juggle all the numbers, not just the ones that make a company look its best...
@rjejr "Occam's Razor... "
I don't think "Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity" covers a single continuous misspelling in comments where most other words are spelled correctly, my friend... (and how would you explain that part, then? Happenstance?)
Funny thing is, by my account you have already explained the "Nitnedo mystery" to so many people already, yet every now and then another curious George pops up to ask you wtf is up with that. Maybe time to dedicate a forum topic to it and link the sh** out of that topic in every comment you make to prevent any further questions?



TheRealThanos commented on Rumour: Nintendo and DeNA Will Be Revealing th...:

This is a bit disappointing: 100+ comments and nearly all of them fail to grasp the meaning of the term "expect the unexpected", coming up with the most standard game titles instead, simply because it is going to be mobile, so apparently it either has to be an endless runner or a puzzler, right? Go figure.
Oh, well...



TheRealThanos commented on Nintendo Drops Out of Interbrand 'Best Global ...:

@Mister_Wu Most of that profit comes from the iPhone, which I already acknowledged in my previous comment. That doesn't take anything away from the fact that their market cap has been reduced by $60 billion, no matter which way you look at it.
And saying those numbers are incorrect would make the Wall Street Journal an unreliable source, which it isn't.
I'm a sales & marketing professional myself so I happen to know a thing or two about financial facts and figures...



TheRealThanos commented on Nintendo Drops Out of Interbrand 'Best Global ...:

@PlywoodStick "That tells you everything right there"
Strangely enough, it doesn't: I have no idea what kind of formula they use to come up with their list, but if we look up some reliable sources and simply take the financial figures reported last July, then we can see that in that quarter, even though the iPhone did them a world of good, Apple suffered a total loss of $60 billion, where Nintendo's losses in that same quarter where nowhere near as big. (to my knowledge it was somewhere around $128 million, which was also slightly mitigated by a favorable yen and some changes in the company and investments) And them going into mobile also hugely increased their share value.
These kinds of lists always remind me of the richest people lists and so on. It has almost no factual value whatsoever and it won't deter any company that wants to do business with you if you're not on this list, and Nintendo has never been very high on that list to begin with, so if it would really mean something, then being nr. 38 would surely also be damaging.
Who in their right mind would want to do business with a company that is nr. 38, right? Luckily, companies hardly take notice of useless lists such as these...



TheRealThanos commented on Nintendo Download: 24th September (North America):

@rjejr Ha! If it isn't Rowdy Roddy rjejr, my favorite senior gamer (next to myself obviously). Well, I will still vouch for that game if you like a game that has elements of Mini Ninjas, Mario and Zelda, so it's a platformy, Zelda-ish action adventure in an Asian setting.

Back in the day it was a real hidden gem and with it looking even better now and having some of the rough edges taken off, I can only recommend it even more.

Then again, everybody has a different taste in games, so what I like isn't necessarily appealing to somebody else, but I'm going to take a gamble on this one and I'm pretty sure that at the very least you will come away finding it a pleasant experience having played this game, so let me know when you've had some time to dive into it. Cheers...



TheRealThanos commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

@russellohh Oh, I agree with most of that AND I get were you're coming from, it's just that I hope that you do us the same favor in return. We can't just go around and make up standard components just because we THINK they should be incorporated by default.

And the fact that we have now already spent quite a few comments on that should be somewhat of a giveaway that what is obvious or only natural for one person, isn't necessarily so for the other.

And then there is having to interpret other people's text without the benefit of hearing the words being spoken or being able to read a face to get the true intent of the comment right straight away. Another one of these slightly less great things of online forums...

But either way, we're actually pretty much on the same page, except for the slight misunderstanding that sparked this whole discussion. In the end, no harm done, I guess...



TheRealThanos commented on FAST Racing NEO Developer Shin’en Multimedia...:

@Jimtaro #55 Well, if you don't really know them yet, then you might be in for some pleasant surprises then. I already posted this WiiWare video ( in my previous comment, but have a look at their other games, going backwards from Wii U to Game Boy Advance...

And you also might want to take notice on how close the handheld versions resemble their console counterparts; these guys really know their stuff, and on a regular basis they pull some nifty tricks to make the hardware do things that it originally wasn't designed for (such as in the case of the Game Boy Advance games at the bottom of this list) or they simply shame other third parties with their decidedly humbly sized team by making better looking and more playable games than a whole bunch of bigger developers/publishers.

And if there are genres of games in this overview that you like, you can hardly go wrong buying one of Shin'en's games to satisfy your needs in that department, just look up reviews of the game in question and you'll see that most of them are quite positive.

Anyway, here goes, enjoy:

Wii U: (skipping FAST Racing NEO since that is already shown in the article)
Art of Balance (
Nano Assault Neo (

Art of Balance Touch (
Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai (
Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! (
Nano Assault (

WiiWare: (also skipping this version of FAST Racing, since I already linked to it earlier)
Art of Balance (
Jett Rocket (
Fun! Fun! Minigolf (

Nintendo DS/DSi:
Nanostray (
Nanostray 2 (

Game Boy Advance:
Iridion 3D (
Iridion 2 (
GBA Racer (prototype, never released) (




TheRealThanos commented on FAST Racing NEO Developer Shin’en Multimedia...:

@Jimtaro In all honesty, those are some valid examples, but like I said earlier: they aren't ALL like that, so you can't just condemn one company based on what a couple of others do.

And Shin'en does have a VERY good track record of delivering the goods, so they haven't really done anything so far to warrant any suspicions concerning their motives, so I don't think this is going to be a lousy game that they desperately want to sell in order to cash in or something like that.

Maybe try and keep an open mind?



TheRealThanos commented on FAST Racing NEO Developer Shin’en Multimedia...:

For all the people being so incomprehensibly negative about this: "To glasses always half empty!" Cheers, I think I'll pass...

People that know Shin'en and have played their games know full well that they always put a lot of effort into their games, so except for maybe one or two not so great titles, all of their games are consistent in both their quality and playability. They are masters of getting the most out of the hardware, and this game is yet another testament of their skill.

They performed miracles with the 40MB limit of the Wii's Wiiware, making games that looked even better than some of the Wii's commercial offerings on disc. In essence, you can buy most of their games in the blind, since they are nearly always good.

This game, from the looks of it and from all the play sessions I've seen, seems to deliver in spades, something the original already did on the Wii. and now they have made it look gorgeous as well, and it is ridiculously fast, so it certainly does honor its name...

For those who have never seen or played the original, here's an extensive review: (and remember: this is a 40MB game)

As for their "foul" tactics to make people buy this game: they are a small company and they have invested a lot of time and money into making this game the best it could be on the Wii U, so you shouldn't just put them on the same heap as larger publishers that make similar claims, because their reasons for doing so are entirely different.

And with the level of quality they deliver, why the heck wouldn't you want to see their games on the NX? Seems like a no-brainer to me...



TheRealThanos commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

@russellohh Not to be an @ss, but how so? You said: "My WiiU is 3TB." while as we all know, Wii U's with that capacity don't exist. Of course it is an obvious conclusion that you forgot to mention that it was because of an external hard drive, or you assumed that we would understand anyway. Well, apparently I wasn't the only one that wasn't too sharp that day, since you got more than one comment about it.

And then you follow it up with "If a system released 4 years later has a SMALLER harddrive, i'll be shocked." which is also slightly strange, since there is no console that has a standard internal hard drive bigger than 500 GB or 1TB, so you saying you'll be shocked if a console comes out with a hard drive smaller than 3TB is a bit weird, since even 2TB would mean it is the biggest hard drive in any console EVER. Up til now, that is.



TheRealThanos commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

@Squid_Gangster First off: third parties are important, but neither Microsoft or Sony are theirs to command as they see fit. Obviously they'll listen and will incorporate some stuff to cater to the developers, but in the end it is Microsoft and Sony that decide what kind of console they make. It takes years to design a concept and develop that into a working prototype, and third parties definitely aren't leading in that process.

As for Microsoft supporting the Xbox for 10 years or not; either way my point stands and that is that Nintendo could still make the NX have a regular life cycle and move onto the next console at approximately the same time as the other two, and that was also the only point I was trying to make with that.

And I'm sorry, but if you think that Sony is making the most money out of the Playstation branch, then you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Obviously the PS4 is doing them a world of good right now, but things certainly weren't as sunny before that. And as far as what I said about that in my previous comment is concerned: I meant the bigger picture, not just the snapshot of their current financial situation.

By the way: turns out that concerning that, my own info was also slightly dated: even though the movie industry is still making them tons of money (and overall still more than the Playstation branch) it is actually the life insurance branch that makes them the most money:
and they even make quite a bit of money because of their components being used in iPhones:
All in all, if the PS4 wouldn't have been as successful as it is now, then there would be no more Playstation, since in general, it is definitely not the department that makes them the most money, so they could survive without it. They have also repeatedly hinted at some sort of streaming/digital only solution for their next generation, so it is very uncertain if there is even going to be a next true Playstation console, and the same goes for the Xbox. So many media have written articles on that, so you will have no trouble whatsoever finding some conclusive info on that.

And I don't know what you've based your 4th point on, because financially and commercially, that would make no sense whatsoever. Both Sony and Microsoft aren't going to bring out new consoles in 2018, it's not just a simple case of looking at what they did with previous generations. It just doesn't work that way.

They have to take into account several factors and I'll bet that both of them won't be all too worried that Nintendo is going to trump them in the power department, unless the unique idea that Nintendo is continually hinting at is indeed so original that the competition has no other choice but to respond by coming out with new hardware themselves, but the investments done in the Xbox One and PS4 are way bigger than any previous consoles, so they will definitely want to keep them around for as long as possible, and just two or three more years definitely isn't anywhere NEAR that ballpark.



TheRealThanos commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

@aaronsullivan "First of all, I wasn't trying to imply anything about who came up with the idea first or even when it originated." My apologies if my comment came across as such, that certainly wasn't my intention, but generally speaking I'm so sick an tired of all the mindless drones calling the GamePad a "tablet controller" or any other variation of that obvious misnomer, since to any one even remotely familiar with Nintendo's way of designing it is very well known that they always incorporate some part of their previous devices into their new ones, and in this case it was the DS technology, among others things.

Besides that, I hope you'll agree that Nintendo is definitely not known for copying others' ideas, and the way they work is also never to look at other companies to see what works or not. All this is how them "making the GamePad more tablet-like" comes across to me, so you'll have to excuse me if I understood that incorrectly.
I don't know if you've ever read the two Iwata Asks episodes that relate to the GamePad, but here they are:

Nowhere in these documents are there any references to tablets or similar tech, and although most companies always hold back some info, this kind of low interest information is not part of those kinds of restrictions, so I trust that Iwata told all he could and it explains everything that is necessary to be able to assess what's what.

Ergonomics are more or less a given when making something that you need to hold in your hands for prolonged periods of time, and that too is totally disconnected to tablets; they have no ergonomics to speak of, other than being as small and flat as possible, while still retaining a decent screen size.

Well, quite a bit of text again, but hopefully it makes my point a bit clearer.



TheRealThanos commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

@Grumblevolcano I was about to agree with your comment #196, when I read the next one. I honestly don't see your point. And either way it still doesn't change anything I said. They can support higher capacity drives, but they aren't the default model, which was really all I said.

That and the fact that there are no 3TB Wii U's, to which you agreed.



TheRealThanos commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

@Mr_Zurkon Well, that may be the case and in fact I already knew that, but that still doesn't change the original point I made. I stated that "there isn't ANY console that has a higher default capacity than 500GB", and that statement will remain true forever, since the 1TB you are talking about is a newer model available since June, so it's not the default model in this generation.

And even so, if the new default capacity for consoles will be 1TB, it is still a VERY long way from a Wii U with a 3TB drive...



TheRealThanos commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

@aaronsullivan #76 Some good points, as usual except for the "if they weren't trying so hard to be a tablet at the time" comment, because that is incorrect. It has been explained several times by various people at Nintendo such as Mr. Iwata and Mr. Miyamoto that both the concept and the initial working prototypes of the GamePad were made LONG before an iPad (or any tablet for that matter) was ever even a thing. It is simply an evolution of the DS technology, hence also the similar type of touch screen.

And they also haven't changed anything afterwards to try and make it look more like a tablet. The only thing Mr. Iwata has ever said is that he thought that many people would very easily understand how to use the GamePad because of so many people now owning tablets.

@SahashraLA Good and elaborate comment, you know your stuff. Except for the "Discs are needlessly expensive and fuel isn't getting cheaper. Nor is the oil required to produce these discs." part, since nearly all plastics/synthetic materials are made from oil, so both discs and cartridges are comparable in the production process as far as those ingredients are concerned, except for the fact that cartridges, depending on their size, can contain considerably more plastic than discs. So the cost story is subject to several factors.

@crimsontadpoles thanks for that level-headed comment, it is always good to get info from someone who actually knows what they're talking about.

@ikki5 Couple of good comments. Some people clearly have no idea whatsoever about how fast or capable SD cards have become.

@russellohh How is your Wii U 3TB? Certainly not out of the box and there isn't ANY console that has a higher default capacity than 500GB. External HD's don't count, so if a new Nintendo console arrives 4 years later and it contains a 1TB hard drive, then that is actually a HUGE improvement over the Wii U's 320GB.

@Squid_Gangster If the NX would be just as powerful as the Xbox One, that wouldn't be an issue at all, so you're sorely mistaken. It is very well documented that both Sony and Microsoft want to keep their current consoles around for at least 8 years, possibly even longer. (Microsoft has even spoken of 10 years)

So, if the NX comes out in the first quarter of 2016, then it can still exist side by side with the other two for well over 4 years, which would give it the same lifespan as the Wii U, and obviously they could still support it after their next console comes out, extending the life of the NX for another 1 or 2 years.

And it being just as powerful as the Xbox One puts it in a perfect position to also receive third party support again, so it really isn't as bleak as you seem to think it is, and we should also be taking into account if there is even going to be a next generation of consoles, because both Microsoft and Sony might very possibly not even make another dedicated console, as opposed to Nintendo, since they would have to literally transform as a company since designing and manufacturing consoles makes up more than 50% of their core business.

The other two companies could easily survive without: Microsoft has Windows and Sony has its movie department, both of which generates billions of dollars for both the companies.



TheRealThanos commented on Video: Metroid in Unreal Engine 4 is Shiny and...:

Well thanks ever so much "Vader", for completely and unnecessarily erasing an entire comment that took me quite some time to type.

Great way to make a point. I like @theblackdragon's way of correcting people WAY better. You could have just edited out the offensive part that was, if I remember correctly a SINGLE word or line, instead of ripping out multiple segments that I will never be able to reproduce in the exact same way. Way to go, sport...



TheRealThanos commented on Video: Metroid in Unreal Engine 4 is Shiny and...:

@Koniec None of the versions of Unreal are officially supported, although the Wii U can run everything below v4, as has been shown by most of the Xbox 360 ports that run on v3.5 or higher. Although as we all know now, many games are nowhere near being optimized enough towards the Wii U's hardware, since the Xbox 360 is CPU oriented, while the Wii U is GPGPU oriented, resulting in lousy ports on a console that is quite capable of outperforming the console those games came from in the first place.
@The_Mysteron "Surely I'm not the only person who thinks this looks absolutely hideous?" Well, I thought I was quite elaborate...
@DefHalan Actually I did. Haven't finished it, though so maybe the shiny castles come after the first half of the game... The only ones I haven't played are Judgment and the Xbox One remake. As far as I can recall, there is nothing near as shiny as this castle in Gears. This building looks like it's made out of porcelain.



TheRealThanos commented on Analysts Suggest That Nintendo's Quality Of Li...:

Quite a few misunderstandings on what the QoL branch would actually represent, and how it came about.

First off: it has NOTHING to do with gaming, so mentioning QoL and Wii Fit in one breath is rather short-sighted.

Secondly, It did not come about because of Mr. Iwata's illness: besides the ill-fated Vitality sensor for the Wii, they have been looking into breaking into the medical sector for much longer than that.

Also, the picture that is used for the article is only one of reportedly several ideas that would fall under the whole QoL category, so it's hardly representative for the entire department.

People also seem to have completely forgotten the talks with Sharp that Nintendo were in to look into using their free-form displays for (some of) the QoL products. Again: nothing to do with gaming. Back then a lot of people started to fantasize about some sort of customizable handheld, with holes in the display to place buttons in and such and even several media got it wrong, by writing about it entirely disconnected from QoL, once again hinting at it being used for a new handheld or so:, and even NLife joined in on the rumors:

If I would have to think of free-form displays with holes in them and then connect that concept to QoL, I would much sooner go for screens that can very easily be connected to hospital beds BECAUSE of that form factor. Simply put a bar or handle on the bed that the display could be mounted on by means of the free-form display.

All sorts of data could be displayed and even though it isn't truly game related (as in the hardcore console gaming division) monitoring and the relevant displaying of the data could be "gamified" to cater to sick children, to name one example.

As for Pachter: as @Kage_88 already showed in his comment, even Pachter himself claims we shouldn't take him seriously, hence the reason why I never do. For obvious reasons, as so many before me have already stated.

Oh, and lol at the people who continuously keep calling him "Patcher".
If he truly was a patcher, he would at least have had some use to speak of, other than creating sensationalist journalism...

And I don't believe the idea is shelved either, or even put on the back burner: Nintendo is a VERY private company, so any info they don't want to share, will in most cases not reach the ears of people outside of Nintendo. And it has already been stated in quite a few articles that Iwata-san has carefully laid out an entire trajectory filled with plans that he would still like to see come to fruition, and he did that quite a while before his untimely passing.

So, him not overseeing the QoL department anymore has no essential meaning whatsoever. As we speak, someone else will definitely have taken over the reigns, except it is probably not in their best interest to mention what they are doing there right now, so Nintendo simply redirects the outside focus to where they want it to be, and that is on Wii U and (The New) 3DS.

And every now and then they drop a few bread crumbs about a little thing called NX, something they supposedly don't want to talk about anymore. But obviously, the media are forcing their hand...



TheRealThanos commented on Pokkén Tournament Trademark Surfaces In Europ...:

@MadAdam81 Nintendo don't do arcades? That depends on how you look at it. Maybe they don't manufacture all the games themselves, but back in the day of the GameCube & Wii you had the Triforce Arcade board and the Mario Kart Arcade games. And there are a few other games as well and recently an Arcade version of Luigi's Mansion was added to the list.



TheRealThanos commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

@Aromaiden Not to be smart about it, but although I get you, you will know the difference once you start to get around my age, or somewhere in your thirties. Although I also know some younger people that are more thoughtful, it is usually something that I only find in people of my generation.

And I've always been very social to begin with, so I'm even more relaxed now, so I wasn't sugarcoating, it is exactly how I feel and how I see it. Another thing that came to me with age: seeing no reason whatsoever to beat around the bush but just say what you mean and mean what you say. I don't feel the need anymore to pretend or to show off, I'm just me.
And I think no matter what age, most of us can agree that there are WAY more important things in life than getting frustrated or irritated over some comments on a gaming website, yet another reason to not mind people acting the way they do sometimes, be it online or even in real life. Have a good one, I'm off to bed...



TheRealThanos commented on Video: Here's How Zombi Shapes Up Against The ...:

@FargusPelagius I don't think that could be it. At home I use WiFi for web browsing on my phone, so that is the same network. It smells a whole lot more like Google preferring its own browser over others when updating their services. Hopefully they will add Firefox support soon, or it is the other way around and the Firefox update that was done yesterday is what f***ed things up...
Come to think of it: could also be a Flash vs HTML5 thing...



TheRealThanos commented on Video: Here's How Zombi Shapes Up Against The ...:

@FargusPelagius Actually, from what I remember back then there were several dev kits, but the final one was the most capable, so if they first had an earlier version (for example v3 or v4) then they should have had a v5 or v6 by that time, and that was the final kit, that only got some minor upgrades.

It seem highly unlikely that a game would have been downgraded when ported over to a newer and better dev kit. That would only have been necessary if they had up till then developed the game on their own workstations and then ported directly to the dev kit, but if they were already using an older model, then the later dev kit would actually have been an upgrade, both in available tool sets as in capabilities.



TheRealThanos commented on Video: Here's How Zombi Shapes Up Against The ...:

Wtf? Since the whole update on YouTube (that has apparently only initiated itself on my PC since yesterday) I can't select any video quality anymore in the "new and improved" YouTube. Now the options are either Automatic or 360p, while I can easily stream full HD.

Besides that, even in 360p it is visible that we don't have to feel sad that this game has gone to the PS4 and Xbox One, since the loss of the filter means loss of atmosphere and although the PS4 version shows some more advanced lighting here and there, the other updates are very, VERY minimal.



TheRealThanos commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR See? And that is why you are on my list...
And as for that last thing: no worries there, it has to be something REALLY spectacular or shocking for me to become warped by. I'm 45yo and I won't say I've seen it all, but I've seen a lot more than other people of my age and have gone through some really rough patches, yet somehow I'm still here, so it's going to take some doing to ruffle my feathers...


In case you are wondering or haven't noticed, I mean this list:



TheRealThanos commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

@Aromaiden Must be something that comes with age. I am not so quick to be angered anymore, once I am, it's the other way around as well, but that's another story. As for the topic at hand: for starters, let's change "very rude" to "very passionate" (and a little unaware of other people's toes) and that'll go a long way to stay calm and continue to be able to communicate instead of starting to become angry yourself. Everyone of us is a different person, so you simply cannot expect everyone to act like you or have the same morals and values.



TheRealThanos commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR Yeah, I agree with you as well. As the leader of a sales team I have also had the displeasure of having to tell some new people that they weren't exactly what we were looking for and I have also been on the chopping block myself, so I know that even though it sucks, it's just business and it's part of the world we currently live in.

Having said that, as far as Kirk is concerned: the thing is that even though in my view he certainly is a bit too much on the negative side and was going for a bit of dramatic wording where this topic is concerned, we all only know each other from behind the keyboard, so not being able to look into someone's eyes or get into someone's head makes me a bit more careful to judge, so I try to communicate with most people on here in a normal way as long as they do me the same courtesy.

I'm even taking the time to sit through the whole 2,5 hours of documentary that he sent me, I'm still curious enough to try and see where he's coming from. Maybe in the end we'll have to settle for "agree to disagree" but I have also had some normal and pleasant discussions with him in the past, so I'm certainly prepared to keep doing that.

We can't all be friends, but in my view we can definitely be civil to an extent and that is why I will stay polite for the most part, even when I'm criticizing someone. You're a bit more "in your face" than me, but not that offensive in general, in my opinion at least. There are obviously some topics that get more of a rise out of us than others, and most of that is colored by personal experience. Besides some lousy "extra pocket money" jobs when I was young, I have largely always had jobs that I enjoyed, or colleagues that I had such a good time with that it made the day a whole lot lighter, but I also realize that not everyone is that lucky.

Often times when topics like this come up, a lot of people only compare in terms of "the Western society" yet there are also a lot of other countries and there they may very well have both a horrible life and a lousy job, with no prospect for any decent future whatsoever, so at least in part there certainly is a point to his story.

Now excuse me while I'm going to start that documentary from where I left off...



TheRealThanos commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

@darth2d2 Hm, who knows? (Nintendo, obviously)
But while I mull that over for a bit, here's a little something for you to pass the time with. A friend sent it to me and I thought it might add something to our talk since the article couldn't be more relevant even if it tried...
And in the meantime I'm also trying to find the time to watch this 2,5 hour documentary ( that Kirk shared with me in the Nintendo dismissing Chris Pranger article, since I am apparently one of the very few ones that is willing to try and have a normal conversation with him, even though he is slightly negative minded...



TheRealThanos commented on Talking Point: Considering the Future of Ninte...:

Nintendo Directs should definitely stay, and not just in honor of the path that Iwata has laid out, but simply because it works and it's a great way for them to keep in touch with their fans, same as the Digital Event and Treehouse Live sessions at E3 and the Nintendo Minute videos, but if they would also do a yearly live event again (not necessarily at E3, just on any one of the big events) then that might definitely be interesting as well and bring them back in the spotlight of the general public again too.



TheRealThanos commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

@darth2d2 No need to apologize; I had to get used to editing my walls of text as well.

Well, you achieved at least one thing: ARM is now firmly nestled in the forefront of my brain as a very likely candidate.
I also like your idea of a Nintendo version of Sony's failed attempt to do the "Take the game on the road" thing, I really wonder if they would be able to pull that off successfully, seeing as Nintendo's handhelds are always a huge step behind their home consoles.

In the case of Dolphin, their is no need for porting: all you need is a rip of the original on a disc or in an iso format on your PC, so if Nintendo would go for emulation, all they would have to do is stick the original game on a disc or make it a downloadable iso on your NX's hard drive and it could then be loaded into the emulator, since that program in itself takes care of providing the right environment for the NX so it could read the disc.

And like I said: Dolphin runs on x86 as well as on Android so whichever solution Nintendo will choose, it will definitely be a possibility. It could also be interesting if Nintendo bought the company that made the program, adds some changes to prevent piracy (like making a newer version of the program that is not compatible anymore with the older ones).

But knowing Nintendo they would rather make their own program if they are still planning to provide for backwards compatibility, and a small part of my brain even reserves the possibility of another system on a chip, although that will probably not happen because of the decline of PowerPC technology.

Or they could solve that with ARM, since that still has some ties to the whole RISC architecture...

As far as Sony and Microsoft are concerned: you make it sound like them going for x86 is more of a quick fix than a solid solution, so that would possibly mean that if they will make another dedicated console after this that they will go for something else as well.

The AMD story still needs some fleshing out and that will probably happen in the coming 5 to 6 months, and then we may know a bit more. I can't imagine them making a chip for the Amazon box, they were hinting at a real console, and to me the Amazon thing doesn't qualify and neither does the Steam Box. And AMD = Steam? I didn't get that one. I remember reading something somewhere about Steam enabled games running on AMD but other than that...

Interesting point on the public R&D thing that Nintendo seems to do with its consoles. They do indeed have a tendency to reuse a part of the technology that they had in their next consoles. But it is a bit more nuanced, because sometimes that tech is also left unused. A nice example is the GameCube having a 3D chip that was going to be implemented in some way but in the end that never happened, even though the chip was never removed.

The technology also wasn't used in the Wii and in the end, the first time we ever saw 3D tech (not counting the Virtual Boy) again was in the 3DS, so they transferred the idea from the home console to the portable one.

And the whole generation thing continues to baffle me too. For me the term next gen simply always pointed to something new, unseen, interesting. so a next gen console should offer you all these things, but then somewhere along the way someone decided that next gen was supposed to be HD, Dolby 5.1 and super realistic graphics so even though the Wii was indeed something new, unseen and definitely interesting, it didn't "qualify" as next gen because of the SD graphics, the wacky controls and the kiddy games. So apparently we can change the meaning of words or a label at will. Go figure...

And I fully agree with you that the industry needs a kick in the behind so let's hope that Nintendo does indeed come up with something exciting.
They did say it would once again change the way we play and how we think of consoles, but I do hope it's not too alien again or else we will be stuck in the same hole again for another "generation"... (sorry for that, the word seems to be carved into my brain, maybe we should replace it with "console run" although that also sounds rather lame... )

And what's with that emoji? is that a monkey? I wish we would have stuck to smileys, nowadays there are so many of these things that I hardly know what some of them mean anymore...



TheRealThanos commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

@Kirk Oh man, I really don't know what else to tell you. I can only speak from my own experience and view on the world and it seems that mine is a bit less bleak than yours, to say the least. Doesn't mean that I'm walking around with blinders on, actually far from it.

I could say I would like to rephrase the "most people sign contracts at companies that they actually WANT to work for or in a line of business that they studied for" but I won't because literally EVERYBODY I know does that or has done that, having only menial jobs in their early careers, but nearly all of them have landed the job they wanted and the rest of them have simply started their own company.

Something I am also in the middle of, because I have some ideas that don't work in large companies, but that is my own thing and not a disagreement with the rules within the company, because I enjoy working there. I am just looking for a new challenge/more challenge and starting my own b2b sales shop seems to be the ticket for me.

Logic also dictates that people that study to become a certain professional do that by choice or for reasons that are largely voluntary, other than the obligations of needing a job to pay the bills. Most kids choose a certain education long before they realize what all these bills are that they are some day going to have to take care of themselves...

"All I'm really doing here is arguing and fighting for the last shred of that truth, real human decency towards each other, that is still left in the society we have created, ESPECIALLY when it comes to business (which most of the world is at this point in time; just one big business), and that a few of us are still trying to preserve—because if we ALL just blindly accept it as "the way it is", without any fuss or fight (actually defending it in some cases), then it REALLY WILL be the way it is and that will be the end of it.

Then we really will all just be reluctant slaves to the machine, without any rights or freedoms—and THEN WHAT?"

I could jokingly say that either the robots or the animals would probably take over then, making some lame reference to The Terminator or The Planet of the Apes, but seriously: I'm afraid I disagree there too, my friend. From all the comments that I've read it seems much more like you are fighting windmills instead of you being the one and only truthsayer. It's simply not as black and white as you seem to want to express to all of us. that first sentence is particularly overly dramatic in my humble opinion, no offense intended.

And as an empathic person, I hate to think of all the unnecessary struggles you almost certainly will have to face in the hopefully many more years to come that you will still spend on this little mud ball called Earth.

You don't have to betray your principles or change yourself to a point to where Kirk is no longer recognizable as Kirk, but principles are only good as long as they work for you, not against you...

Mull over that for a while if you please.
It's almost 1pm over here, so I'm about to catch some zzz's..



TheRealThanos commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

@Kirk Erm... I already told you that I have read everything before I even decided to comment? I've read each and every comment from #1 to #351 including your whole battle with all the others and all the links that people posted to, and these last few comments are my two cents.

I've thought them over quite well, I even thought of not commenting at all initially, because all the virtual fighting kind of put me off at first, but I think I just called it like I see it, and I added a bit of my own business insights to it from the perspective of how I operate when at work.

Just referring me back to comments that I've already read (and quite thoroughly, I might add) isn't really going to change my mind. No offense, though...


Yes you need a job to pay the bills, but other than those awful teenage jobs at Walmart, McDonald's or doing newspaper rounds, most people sign contracts at companies that they actually WANT to work for or in a line of business that they studied for, so that also equates to a job that you would like to have, otherwise you wouldn't have taken a couple of years to get a diploma for it.

I don't know where you have been employed other than Rockstar, but I have NEVER signed any contract that I didn't agree with. And if I was offered a contract, the company wanted me, so we would go into a negotiation on those few occasions when there was some small print that I didn't like, but those were few and far between.

People that sign contracts that they actually don't want to sign, should probably check to see if they have a backbone...

And just to be on the safe side: obviously taking into account exceptions where people have to take a lousy job because they are in debt or any other personal situation that makes it necessary to except any and all jobs offered to them, but I was talking in general, so most people will have a job that is at the very least okay to them.



TheRealThanos commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

@Kirk I've already read all that and I am truly glad for you that you won that, and if I was your friend I would support you in the court case instead of saying what your friends said, but with all due respect: other than that I feel very strongly that your comments are WAY to influenced by what you yourself have experienced, which, to some extent is understandable. (also taking into account how I've come to know you a bit from earlier discussions we have had.)

Everything I said in my previous comments is factual and certainly the norm from a company's standpoint. I even addressed an earlier point that you already correctly made: "there are certain things that you don't have to accept as an employee and those things can be fought in court, if need be" pointing to ridiculous rules in contracts, but if you sign knowing those terms, then the first and biggest mistake is yours, whether things would hold up in court or not. A judge would at the very least question you on the reasons for signing if you knew and understood what the contract said.

I have also been fired a few times in the past when I was going through my, let's say, less responsible period in life and in several occasions I also got the "Dear John" letter stating they wish me well in the future and all that, but that is just a copy/paste template that almost every company uses.

They could hardly say "he was a f***ing pest and a detriment to the department so we are so very, VERY glad to be rid of him and hugely relieved that we don't have to pay this SOB's salary anymore" so it's a bit silly to mention that part. It's politics indeed, but a necessary evil if you run a company.

And that same necessary evil makes that you can't just say anything you want, whether or not you claim to only represent your own views and not the company's. That you think otherwise, since you stated "imo" is okay, but doesn't automatically equate to the truth.

And like @coolerz I can completely see where this could go pear shaped for the company, he has explained that very well. I also saw a lot of similarities from my own field of expertise, so in that aspect HR and sales & marketing shares some common ground.

And no, Chris is not playing the reasonable guy: he just realizes that he is in the wrong and at least he has the balls to acknowledge it. As an experienced (14 years) sales and marketing professional it's my job to either cut through the BS or to make up some BS that sounds plausible enough to be able to make things sell, so I'm pretty sure I can see through people's intentions from experience.

And I also already addressed your other point and agreed that if it is unjust, you should do all you can to take the company to the cleaners, but if not, you should accept it: "if it was wrong for Nintendo to fire him, then he could obviously say so, now that he has been fired and fight any contract that he was under.

I would do the exact same thing. If you screw me, then I will damn well screw you back. If however, they are within their rights to fire me, I will cut my losses and take it like a man."

It is the world we live in, my friend. Accept it or step out of the train. Individuals will only very seldomly change the way things work, so no use holding your breath for that to happen. Not saying you should always just bend over and drop your pants, but moderation is key. What you suggest is more than a bit Utopian to say the least: companies where you can freely speak your mind. Most businesses don't offer that option simply because having the rule set that they have is what is needed to drive their business forward.

Everybody speaking for themselves and having their own ideas may well create such an amount of chaos that it would run any company into the ground. Which is EXACTLY why companies have spokespersons, and Chris Pranger isn't a media spokesperson, so he shouldn't have spoken out in the way he did, he was far too low on the ladder to say the things that he did. Although I did listen to the Podcast, even if you don't and you read the transcript of it on NeoGAF, it's pretty damn clear to me what's what.

There are only a few sectors that would benefit from true, open discussion and most of them are in the creative sector, so software development could indeed fall into that category but only to an extent, and like it or not, disagree with it if you want, it doesn't change the facts that are on the table for all to see.

Each of us has to either find the job that suits us most or make your own way in the world; whatever it takes to survive and make a decent living so some enjoyment can still be had, because live is short enough already, so too much negativity will do none of us any good.

I don't like bad things happening to anyone, so also not to Chris Pranger, so I do wish him good luck for the future, but it truly is an understatement to say that he did something really, REALLY dumb and he should probably have applied the "think first, talk later" method to the Podcast interview.

And cognitive dissonance? I'm not going there with you, buddy. Besides having an analytical mind, I am also one of the most social persons you will likely ever meet. I have once been categorized as "highly empathic" by a psychologist, because I can truly pick up on other people's pain and in some cases it also has an effect on me, like making me intensely sad or even angry, but I'm also a person that likes logic and basic common sense, devoid of feelings, because that is a tool that you will need quite a bit in your professional career, whether you like it or not.

And I don't just do whatever anybody tells me either, but I do what I am paid to do since that is what having a job amounts to, and if there is something that I don't like, I step into the responsible person's office and we discuss it in an adult manner, and most times we reach a decent middle ground.



TheRealThanos commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

Also, I would never be stupid enough to go public with ANY information on internal affairs, no matter how innocent it may seem. Some of that could always come back to bite you in the @ss, even years later.
You can't just talk to the media, add a disclaimer that you're not talking on behalf of the company and then go on and talk about stuff that we aren't supposed to know about in the first place. let alone mock your target group, since it truly does reflect badly on Nintendo, so it would almost be the same as they themselves not taking their buyers too seriously, so he IS damaging the company.

Work sometimes goes along with some frustration and stress, but you vent that in meetings or in one on one talks with your manager and it doesn't have to be published all over the web.

Luckily, Chris Pranger saw the logic of that himself and has now acknowledged his mistakes numerous times. And that is also a huge clue to what happened: if it was wrong for Nintendo to fire him, then he could obviously say so, now that he has been fired and fight any contract that he was under.

I would do the exact same thing. If you screw me, then I will damn well screw you back. If however, they are within their rights to fire me, I will cut my losses and take it like a man.

For his family's sake I hope he finds another job soon. Times are hard enough as it is.