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Hello, Nintendo fan (duh) and student here! I mainly visit for the news but sometimes I'll give my opinion - I hope you like what I have to say

Tue 27th May 2014

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Thecoolmana777 commented on Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima to Stick ...:

@rjejr I don't think the ND were failures at all. I think your reasoning that they failed as advertising to help the WiiU sell is correct, they didn't help it sell much more as they aren't viewed by the general public. But they were never supposed to be advertising, they were a medium to deliver news to the fans and to the media, something they were very successful doing. As @ShikabaneHime13 said almost every gaming website was abuzz with speculation before they were aired and after they were aired the fans were usually riding the hype train to hypeville. The were a super way of giving people news whilst building hype and support at the same time. So I don't think they are at all a failure



Thecoolmana777 commented on Chieftain Bob Meets Gunman Clive, You Won't Be...:

Woop Woop! This makes me happy! I loved the game anyway but I'm definitely gonna pick it up now! And to all the people hating just pretend its a "Big Ol' Straight Masculine Kiss™" and they're "Just Friends".
But in all seriousness if your not going to buy a game because of one kiss I really do question your sanity- I mean I could kinda understand if they were doing anal, but a kiss... come on!



Thecoolmana777 commented on Rumour: ZombiU Is Shedding Its Wii U Exclusivi...:

I would be more than fine with this coming to over consoles! I pick this up day one at the launch of the WiiU (I got the ZombiU bundle!) and loved it. The thing I hate most is that whenever I talk to people about it they just dismiss it as a gimmicy WiiU game.
Nintendo had its years of exclusivity and it didn't sell amazingly, I don't think Ubisoft are doing anything wrong by finally porting it over to other places- I just wonder how they'lll make the gamepad features work, especially the multiplayer!



Thecoolmana777 commented on Free-To-Play Puzzler Pokémon Shuffle Gets Upd...:

Really don't get the hate for this game, the fact that I have not paid a single penny for a fantastic licenced Pokemon puzzle game is amazing! And there really isn't any need to put money towards it either, 5 tries before waiting is perfectly long enough for dip in and out gameplay which fits well with the genre!



Thecoolmana777 commented on Pokémon Shuffle Available to Download Right N...:

@Mercy_Lost I think that if one had the ability to outright purchase the game after a certain point then most people would choose to do so, however this is probably not that desirable to the developers as they would make no where near as much money out of this structure. Also on similar mobile games I've played where a 'buy outright' option has been included they have been selling the game for upwards of £50 which I think is very steep for games like these!



Thecoolmana777 commented on Poll: Which New Nintendo 3DS Will You be Buying?:

@snoox I know in Europe at least they have been selling systems without the chargers in box since the launch of the original XL. It baffled me at first but since then retailers are automatically bundling it with a charger anyway, and it means that they system gets a slimmer more stylish box meaning I don't really have a problem with it



Thecoolmana777 commented on Nintendo Rolling Out New In-Store Digital Dist...:

@Pigeon Exactly! I only buy downloads from a shop when they have sales on, this system sounds kind of stupid imo
A better system would be allowing us to buy games from the eshop on our phones or through an internet browser whilst on the go i.e. at work etc. Perhaps even allow the 3DS/WiiU to start downloading the game straight away (if its on standby) so its ready for when you when you return.



Thecoolmana777 commented on Nintendo Download: 25th September (Europe):

@C-Olimar Not sure if Fantasy Life had the DLC day one in Japan when it was released a while back. If not then that fact might excuse it a bit (also it sounds like quite a hefty package for what you pay)

Might pick up Armillo this week - I've heard good things about it.
It goes without saying that I can't wait for Smash Bros next week! Definitely going digital for the 3DS version!



Thecoolmana777 commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (Europe):

Probably wait until Hyrule Warriors is a bit cheaper (probably go on sale near Christmas) In the meantime DuckTales is finally a reasonable price and I will be able to play the Mercenaries 3D properly for once (First time I picked it up from cex and didn't realise about the perma save file).

@MeWario I feel fine with the current VC offering - there are some games which I wish would come out but if Nintendo released them all at once then I wouldn't have anything to get during the dry spells. I prefer the slow and steady method of release they are using. Just out of interest what VC games do you especially want to see?