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Mon 5th Aug 2013

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TheYorkMan commented on Feature: The Making of Super Play Magazine:

Super Play was one of the pivotal monthly experiences of my late teens. But it's a shame that as a 'moment' in time, the magazine (running for 47 issues) serves to highlight just how short the SNES's lifespan was.
In the UK the SNES was the the 'forefront' console for a fraction over three years, as the Sega Saturn was released July '95.
However, this hindsight doesn't diminish the fact that Super Play introduced the UK gaming fraternity to games which never got an official release here.
(Several friends who didn't own a SNES would always read the magazine for the sections on Anime and Japanese culture, and 2 die-hard "I'll never own a Nintendo console" friends decided that they MUST get one, and a copy of FFIII, only because of the Final Fantasy Forum and the revelations about the depth of the game which went so far beyond anything on the Megadrive).
To put it simply, it was something that (for those who read it) part of a life experience that youngsters today can't get by 'LOL'ing on some meaningless gaming forum about how a review on a certain website is all wrong.....