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Sat 6th Feb 2010

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TheUrinator commented on The Grinder Gets a Release Date, Goes Multi-Pl...:

I think The Grinder will for the most part be the same game on all platforms with some exceptions. Wii will have motion controls, the PS3 and 360 versions will play out in HD (sorta like the HD version of "No More Heroes"... same game but in HD). And the PC version will allow some customization and other usual stuff.

So basically, the dev is going to save money just working on one version and adapting it to several platforms. And by having it on several platforms, they expect to cast a bigger net in order to make the most profit.

I don't think they expect The Grinder to sell as much as Left4Dead on the PS3 or 360 (as some users here seem to believe). Nope. Just enough to profit seems to be the goal.



TheUrinator commented on Guides: How to Get Your Wii Online:

Here's a tip:

If you're using a wireless router to connect your Wii to the net, don't place it where there is metal surrounding it. Like for instance, inside one of those metal computer desks. I had placed my own router within such a metal desk and I would have constant connection problems whenever I went online using the Wii.

I tried to fix that problem and that's how I learned that wireless routers and metal just don't mix. So I moved it to an open area where there was no metal (on top of a table made out of wood) and had zero problems with the connection since.



TheUrinator commented on Review: Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth (Wii...:

Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth DOES have a level select option.

Choose "Game Start" and hold LEFT on the D-pad to unlock the Level Select screen.

However, this only works if you have at least "unlocked" or beaten a level or two (i.e. if you only got to level 4, then when you use the level select cheat you'll only see the 4 levels you beaten but not the ones you have not).

So now you know!