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Wed 23rd Jul 2014

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TheTeaStirrer commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015 - Q4 ...:

I guess I'll be buying all the major games, and. Poncho has been on my radar since February. Plus, I have played it at GEEK. The mechanics are pretty awesome. This may be a decent year for Wii U; just a shame we get some crappy board-games.



TheTeaStirrer commented on New Pokémon XY & Z Anime Trailer Unveils Zyga...:

Instead of making all these new forms of Pokemon, I wish we could have a new game in the series like HG and SS, where we could explore 2 regions. Or maybe being able to travel to different planets and/or solar systems...

@DarkKirby I only just realised that. I prefer to watch a lot of videos on at least 720p, because it looks beautiful then. For me 360p or below is somewhat blurry or not great to look at.



TheTeaStirrer commented on Mega Man amiibo Supported In Mega Man Legacy C...:

Before this announcement popped up, I'd never seen any use for me with having the MegaMan Amiibo, since I barely use the character in Smash. But now that it's compatible in the Legacy Collection, I'll be using him a lot more, which will (hopefully) be awesome!



TheTeaStirrer commented on 3DS Exclusive Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Slips Int...:

Who fell for Official Nintendo Magazine's trick into giving the original Sonic Boom 99% making y'all buy it? I wish ONM was still alive; such a great mag and I enjoyed picking it up from my local newsagent just around the corner from my house.

On-topic, I highly doubt I'll try this out, since SEGA has been disappointing me a lot lately with their Sonic games. They seem to be getting worse and worse. Maybe if it gets positive and non-sarcastic reviews, I'll pop in and have a look.



TheTeaStirrer commented on Video: This Performance From the Splatoon Band...:

Now that looks splawesome, and must be very enjoyable! The music is absolutely fantastic, and most of the tracks have been stuck in my head since day one! I might even try to learn some of the tracks from Splatoon on my guitar and then play along with the music!



TheTeaStirrer commented on Tatsumi Kimishima Named As New Nintendo President:

"Nintendo announced Tatsumi Kimishima as its new president earlier today. In a followup piece from Japanese outlet Nikkei, Kimishima shared a few comments through an interview. Nikkei also provides the following information about him:
– Personality is described as “soft and friendly”
– According to the Nikkei, Kimishima predicted Wii U’s failure when it was introduced by warning it was too similar to the original Wii
– Despite his business background, he is quoted as saying it’s wrong to lead a gaming company on numbers alone
– The Nikkei claims Kimishima wasn’t Iwata’s favorite choice
– Nintendo was first looking for somebody younger but didn’t have the personnel
– The article also suggests the troika was a rushed decision because the holiday season, where Nintendo makes 50%+ of sales, is near
– Accordingly, Kimishima is quoted as saying one task for him will be to develop the next group leadership structure for Nintendo"



TheTeaStirrer commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

I just want Ninty to get back to their good ol' ways, and blow our heads off with shock, in an amazing way. Everyone loves their Marios, Bayonettas, Splatoon, and whatnot, but I just want Ninty to give us more and better things. This will shake the market, and give Ninty a chance to rocket up to the top, again.



TheTeaStirrer commented on Feature: Our Hopes and Dreams for Nintendo at ...:

@rjejr I have to agree with the Wii U thing. Hardly any of my pals, or in general people at my school or near me have a Wii U. Around 6 people have one in my year, which is quite devastating. We need something big to move everyone from Xbox and PlayStation to Nintendo!



TheTeaStirrer commented on Splatoon Grabs Second Place in UK Chart Début:

@BLPs I have to agree with you on being bullied because you play on a Nintendo console. I am currently still at school, and although I don't get bullied (I only used to get asked why I post about Nintendo on my Instagram as its childish), I've seen many of my friends get called "Nintendo kiddy" and things like that due to them playing on a Nintendo console. And I know others who are scared to say they have a Nintendo Wii U or 3DS, because the Call of Duty kids will start bullying 'em. It's also impossible to bring out your 3DS in public without them all seeing.