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Mon 18th Nov 2013

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TheRiverKing commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants the Wii U Zelda's Hyrule to ...:

OK... Cracks Knuckles Futuristic/Steampunk Setting in the Adult timeline 1000's of years after Spirit Tracks... Mood and Feel Similar to Majora's Mask... Link is an assassin for hire living in Castle City, the Capitol of New Hyrule. Freerun style of control similar to Infamous merged with the targeting system of Zelda. Starting items can include a katana like sword and Clawshots... Clawshots used as a way to get around city and explore the ups and downs of the entire city Spider-Man/Bionic Commando Style. As well as use of a flying Mech Loftwing/Roc/Green Goblin Glider type vehicle later in the Game. Dungeons consist of places like underground "Water" Systems, Foundries with molten metals and "Fire", Ruins in a surrounding "Forest", or even a Space Station. And all through out the Castle City there should be sidequests and side stories similar to Majora's Mask but on a larger scale. I'm talking days completing one quest. And here's the kicker instead of the "New" Link being a boy/man growing from the middle ground of just a normal person... He must rise from his dark life as an assassin to become the Hero he was meant to be. I would also like to add that PVP Multiplayer and Co-Op Would be much appreciated... Character Customization and VOICE ACTING as well. Map and Mech-Wing Control from tablet-like wrist mounted computer that is extended to the game pad screen

Hylians-Believed to be extinct along with the Zora and Rito people, the country held by humans is the namesake of the hylian people who came before humans.
Humans-The last of the Goddess's Chosen people... Though they do not bear the looks or the Magic of the Hylian people who came before them they still call their country Hyrule. They are the Ruling Race of Hyrule and Govern most of the Country with the Help of the Gorons.

Goron-They have Risen to the top of society alongside Humans with their use of explosive weaponry and Rocket Technology. Evolution and Nuclear radiation have changed their bodies to resemble humans only with rockhard greyish/brown skin, and stone-like extrusions from skull instead of hair.

Mogma-Once a proud race of miners the Mogma's social, economic, and religious structure change with the coming of technology. They wished to stay true to old the old world by keeping Magic and Spiritual power alive and Now live as a race of Nomadic Shamans and Priests. One Notable Difference between the old Mogma and the New is that they no longer slouch down but stand erect. They have also lost their strange goofiness and now have a more serious attitude.

Deku Scrubs-Likely the most changed of all the races throughout the history of Hyrule. Once small in stature the Deku Scrubs Now stand over 8 feet tall. No one is quite sure what caused the growth of the Deku people but size was not the only change. Their mouths No longer protrude from the head but now form a wide wicked smile that is constant and unchanging. Their bodies once bushy and plump are now slinder and lose all trace of greenery after reaching the age of 15. They are rarely seen within the walls of Castle City but do show up from time to time to trade. They are seperated into to types based upon how they react to other races... Savage Scrubs and Civil Scrubs... Where they live is a mystery. They are masters of poisons and potions.

Just a few ideas... lol