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Thu 9th Feb 2012

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TheRegginator commented on Talking Point: Competitive Gaming With Super S...:

Sm4sh at Evo was a snoozefest. Only 90K watched it versus the 200k+ that watched Melee. The amount of entrants it had turned out to not reflect the game's popularity. Expect even less people to enter and watch it next year, if it even shows up at Evo again.



TheRegginator commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

If anything games on Nintendo platforms don't drop in price and/or go on sale enough. If a developers games aren't selling enough it's either because they're not good, they aren't price competitively enough, and/or they aren't marketed well. Please don't place the blame on consumers.



TheRegginator commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

"I understand the business logic here - some are manipulating the system to get their games on a 'shelf' regularly through the discounted section. Yet it's a strategy that's damaging, as it's trained eShop gamers to wait and expect - often demand - a quickfire discount. Consumers don't like to feel like fools, and excessive discounting can have that effect."

This isn't true at all. Just look at Steam for example. Games on sale all the time, but when asked about it developers have said that the sales have never hurt their launch sales.



TheRegginator commented on Video: We Reckon This Fan-Made Ryu Intro for S...:

It's just a mediocre looking model ripped and modded into Brawl. I've seen way better. Of course NintendoLife would only report on this because Ryu possibly being in Smash 4 is just a buzz topic right now.

It's sad that stuff like this gets recognition while all of the hard work put into Project M or 20XX doesn't.



TheRegginator commented on Playtonic Releases First Animated Footage From...:

1. Please stop calling it a successor to Banjo Kazooie. You're doing that to garner more clicks, which is wrong.

2. We don't even know what platforms this game is coming out on right now. Why are you even reporting on it at the moment?