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Nintendo, Sony, and Valve are cool. Microsoft and EA are not.

Thu 9th February, 2012

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TheRegginator commented on Resolution Doesn't Matter With 2D Games, Says ...:

He shouldn't be speaking on accord of all 2D games. What he's talking about certainly applies to games with pixel art, but in the case of games with hand-drawn or vector assets, higher resolutions certainly compliment the smoother, curved art styles that they have. Sprites can begin to look distorted, grainy, and their colors may bleed a bit at higher resolutions when upscaled to resolutions that aren't multiples of the original resolution, so I hope the developer isn't shooting himself in the foot here.



TheRegginator commented on Talking Point: An Unplanned Flash Sale Looked ...:

Lol at all of these people that think they're economists and think flash sales would be bad for business. Steam has demonstrated time and time again that publishers get more profit during digital game sales and that the sales do not devalue the game. The games continue to sell just as well did before the sale.



TheRegginator commented on Precursor Games Relaunches Shadow of the Etern...:

"8-10 hour playthrough"

I'm never going to get the game now, not even when it's $5 or less on Steam. I expect more content from games these days, especially from one with a budget of a few million dollars. There are plenty of better indie games on Kickstarter to pledge money to. Be smart about what you fund guys. There's not even any gameplay footage yet.



TheRegginator commented on Miyamoto: GamePad's Touch Screen Primarily Use...:

Developers shouldn't feel obligated to use the touch screen for anything. I don't want every game for the Wii U to have forced touch screen gameplay much like a lot of Wii games had forced waggle gameplay. Developers should feel comfortable with what they use the touch screen for. A simple menu is fine. As a long as the Wii U gets games I'm happy. Not knowing what to do with the touch screen shouldn't deter developers from making games for the Wii U.