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Mon 12th Aug 2013

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ThePanMan commented on Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope Could Come to Wi...:

For everybody who keeps calling this game a "ripoff," Ghost Song originally started out as a Flash game on a Game Maker-esque software called Stencyl. The fact that Matt White, the creator, largely programmed this by putting blocks together (yes, Stencyl's programming is like that) is already an impressive.
Stencyl being a "Game Maker," however, Ghost Song largely had numerous limitations set upon it. It being a Flash game, Ghost Song was largely restricted to being playable within a browser, so its derivative nature wasn’t necessarily a choice so much as a required limitation. So yeah, what you’re seeing is gameplay of a Flash demo, not a console version.
The dev shots you see are completely nonindicative of what the final product will be, as the developer plans on completely rebuilding the game from scratch.