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Wed 14th May 2008

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TheNewestBooM commented on BIT.TRIP FLUX Gameplay Revealed, More or Less:

yall are right - no one s forcing me to buy them, but that doesnt mean i cant have an opinion. and negative opinions shouldnt be scorned; its feedback like mine that makes people strive to better themselves.

$40, at least, for a quickly made series isnt worth it. im not spending near retail new release prices for a series of games that can be completed in a matter of days. i dig quality as much as anyone else, but quantity definitely bears weight on my purchases.

kudos to the three vegans for making a game that has a captive audience, but we all know they have super powers (scott pilgrim says hi) so it isnt too far a stretch to assume theyre controlling ur minds through media. i know, my words are like a bucket of water on your sleeping faces, but it had to be said.



TheNewestBooM commented on BIT.TRIP FLUX Gameplay Revealed, More or Less:

oh for the love of.. ANOTHER one? really? is it at all necessary? this series is milked more than mario! im not buying this or anything else bit trip related on principle alone.

give it a break people! the gameplay in all of them sucks, it looks like garbage, and u overcharge the @#$% out of each one as it probably takes u 6 months to develop each!




TheNewestBooM commented on Review: Where's Wally? Travel Pack 3 (DSiWare):

theyve been using the same frickin pictures it seems for everything. im fairly certain ive seen all of the pictures referenced in this review, and ive only seen the first 3 or 4 books. theres a total of 7; come on...

EDIT - and to stop the america bashing, heres the answer to the waldo question...

quoted from Christine at yahoo answers:
"I live in Canada and I've always known him by Waldo.
Apparently, his name is different everywhere though. He's called Charlie in France, Effy in Israel, Walter in Germany, Willy in Norway and Holger in Denmark.
I can't find an exact answer, but Wikipedia says the names just changed with the language translations, and when they did that, they also gave them new personalities...?
So, it's probably just to be able to see the difference between all the Wally's/Waldo's, I guess."



TheNewestBooM commented on Let the Warm Glow of this Golden Sun Trailer B...:

@Rensch - me either. its been a while since i last played a GS game, but it looks pretty much the same in ways of gameplay. if im not mistaken, the people are the children of those in the previous titles, so that means well have to learn the same moves over again... for a third time. itd be nice to see that the characters have the basics down from the get go (move, lift, cyclone, etc) to keep the monotony down a tad.



TheNewestBooM commented on Nintendo Download: 6th & 7th April 2010 (Japan):

woulda figured bonsai barber way sooner in japan than in america... but newho, its one of my favorite wiiware titles. ive had it since last april and i still keep finding new stuff.

and btw... is it strange that firefox doesnt list the word japan (in lowercase, mind you) as a typo, yet america (in same case, mind you again) is?

dun dun DUNNNNNNNN!!!