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Sun 25th Jan 2009

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themortalangel commented on Sony Expects Wii Owners To Upgrade To PS3:

I did get a ps3 recently but only cuz i wanted more gun games, more Final Fantasy, and a blu-ray player. Technically you could say i upgraded from my dvd player to a ps3, but it will never replace my lovely wii.



themortalangel commented on Sony And Microsoft Suffering From Wii-nis Envy?:

I recently got the ps3 because as much as I love my wii...and ds (and I do love them every night.) There are times where I don't wanna like put that much effort into my games and I wanna lie down and relax. My final decision of why ps3 over xbox...well I wanted a blu-ray player too. Anyways I saw there E3 vids using there motion thingy-majig, and I have to say what i saw was impressive accurate and well done. Granted I don't see it being a threat to the wii, however I think having one of the more "adult viewed" systems having this feature will be good for the industry. Eventually some motion control franchises wont be just for wii. Developers will get to chosse how they want to design their game control style, no matter what system. Then to top it all off maybe the ps3 or xbox could jump start some more adult motion based games for us wii lovers.You have to admit in general that sony and microsoft see more intense and mature games than we do. So maybe having more in common with another system could get us some similar software.



themortalangel commented on Bonsai Barber Coming To WiiWare This Monday:

WTH who was on crack when this idea was pitched?? Seriously is that a talking potato if so bravo...we just a new level of high...this now topping the term "California Baked."

I dunno I really want to put more faith in this guy since he kind of was a big deal on one of the leading pioneer FPS games. However I almost can't help being ashamed at the sight of this. I really REALLY hope this is better than it looks.



themortalangel commented on Luc Bernard Is Back With New Studio, Oyaji Games:


Great to have you back Luc...I remember you starting to announce Eternity's Child for steam and WiiWare way back. I was so amazed at the nickname several people described you with..."the Tim Burton of Video Games." Now to be perfectly honest your not...yet. In my opinion you have the imagination and creativity to become just that. I hope that with this second birth in the Gaming Industry and the backing of your own team, you will fulfill the "prophecy."

Here's to good times ahead with creative minds.



themortalangel commented on Gamelion Studios Interview - Furry Legends:

Thanks for taking the time to do an interview guys it seems to have helped out with a lot of us. If your trailer really shows us what your hoping for then I think a lot of people here will be sold on this.

Wishing Gamelion the best of luck!!




themortalangel commented on New Furry Legends Screenshots:


Fair enough Sebastian...sorry for giving you some trouble. I think all of us here are just really want to see something original and new. (I know I am.) That being said some of the shots make us a little apprehensive. However, I know you guys at Gamelion are putting a lot of time, thought, and love into this so I really hope it turns out well.


Actually until you said that I didn't notice this, but ya it does look like Oscar a little. Although maybe the lil dude changes colors. The "Furry" thing in the Game Logo at the top of the page (he's hiding in the "G" in the word "Legends") is clearly like orange. So I dunno maybe it changes form with it's Kirby!!



themortalangel commented on New Furry Legends Screenshots:

@ Objection_Blaster and over half the others here
Good to see I'm not the only one noticing this.

@Sebastion Gamelion
I'm not trying to like bash or hurt your game. Honestly if I saw these screens years back before Lost Winds and Niki...then I'd still be hyped thoroughly. However if the game really is turning out to be a crossbreed of the two, then there's no point in me buying it. I already have those games, and to top it off Niki wasn't that great sadly.

I dunno my friend...even a short clip of this in action though may settle my nerves if you can prove me wrong. Hope to hear more about this game from you soon.



themortalangel commented on New Furry Legends Screenshots:

Umm so I was excited til I saw the pictures. It honestly looks like you reskinned the world from Lost Winds and stuck a cousin of Niki Rock n Ball in there to be the main character. Also adding the fact that Night Game has released shots and a video a day before you featuring another ball to control. It just doesn't seem that original anymore.



themortalangel commented on ESRB Update: Four New WiiWare Games on the Way:

Hmm could be rathrer intruiging...of course we all know to at least keep an eye on Square's work in general. Very rarely do they half a$% anything. Even their remakes are well done (although theres too many remakes right now.) Depending on a price range the FFIV sequal may or may not be worth it though.

As far as the Family Pirate game...well I really hope its good for Aksys sake. I'm not holding my breath though.

Hey so freaking shot in the dark, but since Square just pulled three games pretty much out of nowhere. Any chance the WWW staff might try to do an interview. I'm sure we all have a ton of questions, and to top it off maybe we'll get lucky and here some rumors of some other upcoming games. You never know what our friends at Square (Taito) are cooking up.



themortalangel commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (25th Feb):

In a way I'm not at all surprised by Pokemon's resurge. With the upcoming release of a new DS game (which if memory serves is Platinum) I'm sure some past games will get some hype. Nice to see Onslaught jump up a little although I still need to really sit and play it.



themortalangel commented on Diatomic:

Interesting...looks a lil like centipede and spore. Waiting til I hear/see more on this before I make any strong opinion on this.



themortalangel commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (11th Feb):

I think WoG will drop out of top 3 soon...even though I really don't want it to. However tkubas1 prob has the right idea it is probably the most bough Wii Ware Game so chances are a vast amount of people already have it by now. Which means sales were EPIC for 2DBoy so hopefully we'll here news of a new game coming from them.



themortalangel commented on Even More Onslaught Screens Break Cover:

Looks like I started quite a nice debate here. Listen all I meant was that within my circle of friends it's hard to get a group to play wii online at the same time. Most of my friends don't have a Wii actually, so an online deathmatch would be nice, so that I'm not left playing solo all the time.

It just seems that in order to do co-op you'd have to trade friend codes and such. Deathmatch you don't which would make my experience on this much more enjoyable.



themortalangel commented on Even More Onslaught Screens Break Cover:

Ok so i just went through ALL of them, and now I have to say I'm slightly less psyched. I see no sign of a versus multiplayer. All of this WFC talk is centered around 4 player co-op. Which is cool and all, but I'm gonna take a guess and say that you have to of traded friend codes to do this. Meaning you need to get you and three friends all on at the same time, and I have like 2 friends with Wii. None of which really download games, and one of them is away at college.

It would just seem to make more sense to have a competitive game online more than a co-op....even though it is pretty cool. I dunno I hope one of you WWW mods or can hear me and let me know for sure. You guys are the reporters, work your magic for me please.



themortalangel commented on Bubble Bobble Plus Out On WiiWare Next Week:

I was gonna say...out this week!! As much as I want to see this game, I don't have the extra points to get this and LIT, let alone DLC. Also I really want LIT to do well so I don't want a big shot like Square or Hudson to have a release on the same day.



themortalangel commented on Onslaught:

@ Mickeymac
I din't mean like permenantly convert them...heck I love Gears of War, Halo, FEAR, as much as the next. However I got a bro who just won't play Wii the majority of the time cuz he's lazy. So holding out a wiimote and moving his arm instead of his thumb to play is too much work for him.

Also does anyone know whether or not this may have Downloadable Pay2Play content. I'd really like to see extra maps and weapons come out after it's release, just to keep it fresh.



themortalangel commented on Last Flight:

I read about this in an issue of Nintendo Power a while back....still surprised it's not out actually. Any chance you guys can reach them and find out some Idea of a release....maybe a lil interview with Boober....I mean Bloober Team.



themortalangel commented on Onslaught:

I really hope we get this soon like around the same time as Europe if not BEFORE!! Which I doubt the latter but i can dream...right? All I ask is that it please support the Classic Controller as well as Wiimote + Nunchuck. I can't tell you how irritating it is to play a shooter like that after a long day when you want to lie down. The other is more fun yes...but adding the Classic makes it good for the casual gamer...also may help convert some 360 and PS3 gamers.



themortalangel commented on Hudson's Upcoming WiiWare Games Revealed:

FPS on WII!!! Holy Crap!!! AMAZING!! Hudson is really pulling out the stops here on Wii Ware and they are doing an amazing job. I have truly gained an all new respect for them these past few months. They've always done good work for Nintendo though, so I guess it's not surprising.

Also can anyone tell me what Adventure Island is?? I've never heard of it before.



themortalangel commented on Bubble Bobble Plus Gets Rated for Western Release:

To be quite honest I've never played Bubble Bobble before...kinda missed out on that one. However now I think if the ratings are decent then I will give it a shot via this new BBP. I'm not really worried bout the game in general though...I'm sure it will be good. I mean cmon guys this is SQUARE ENIX we are talking about. When was the last time they really put out something half baked.



themortalangel commented on LIT Coming To US WiiWare on February 9th:

Very much looking forward to this. Can't wait at all, 800 points is a steal too loving that. However I have to ask...and maybe you can answer this Corbie....wth happened to Mart Racer? I mean it just kinda disappeared.