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Wed 13th Nov 2013

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TheMartianGeek commented on Bravely Default: For the Sequel To Serve as Te...:

Yeah, I really hope they don't drop turn-based combat in the sequel as well. There are far too few turn-based RPGs nowadays. Though I do agree that straight turn-based combat is not nearly as interesting as when there are action commands like in the Mario RPGs. (I think Mario & Luigi: Dream Team had the best battle system of any RPG I've played yet.) I would not, however, mind them getting rid of the random encounters. If you ask me, random encounters have no place in any game made after the turn of the millennium, no matter how "old school" it is supposed to be, and even the PS1 era is pushing it. Thank goodness there is supposed to be an option to set the encounter rate during gameplay (let's also hope it doesn't take an eternity to level up and gain new abilities). That at least should make them a bit less obnoxious.