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And from the ashes rose the legend.

Male, 30, United States

Been gaming since the NES. Zelda is my favorite series and I love Nintendo products, but I don't discriminate against other consoles.

Tue 4th Feb 2014

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TheLegendary1 commented on Retro Studios Talks Up Wii U And Has Been Work...:

I like the idea of a new F-Zero, but Sega should make it. They make excellent arcade racers and have been doing so for decades. They would absolutely crush an F-Zero game. As for Star Fox, it's hard to continue that series because on rails shooters are too short and every other genre Fox has been in has been mediocre at best. That one should sit on the shelf a little long, or be released as an wahoo exclusive for both WiiU and 3DS....
Lastly, Metroid. I love Metroid and have played every game in the series aside from Other M. The problem is they sold poorly on every console but the GameCube. The question is why? Each entry on the cube launched next to a Halo, and didn't get near as much notoriety though it was arguably the better single player campaign in both entries. Prime 3 in the Wii barely even registered at all, but that one was awesome.

I honestly have no idea what Retro will do, but I hope it's NOT F-Zero or Star Fox related. Metroid, sure you can't go wrong. Nintendo needs a system seller after Zelda (Which us supposed to come out this year btw) and Retro us tackling that I have I doubt. Something tells me it's new IP, but I really hope it's RAVENBLADE!!!!



TheLegendary1 commented on The Harvest Goddess Appears In Harvest Moon: C...:

I've kept up with the Harvest Moon series for quite a while but never made a purchase. I am heavily considering it if I have beaten all the games I have now. Working on Luigi's Mansion and Fire Emblem and just finished Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Pokemon Y. There are so many games on the 3Ds I want to play that it's hard to keep up. It is filling the void that my Wii U is leaving though so that's a plus.