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I usually go by the name "The Great Lord" may be named "Great Lord" if not enough space and "TGL" is abbreviation.

Sun 20th Oct 2013

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TheGreatLord commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 DS - 2004:

I actually preferred this than the original. I remember I was too lazy to get all 150 stars before so I replayed it from beginning and got all 150 stars on the game. (although I emulated it to do that)



TheGreatLord commented on Talking Point: Pokkén Tournament May Not Be a...:

I wonder how it will turn out in sales, better than smash bros? I could see the future of this game will be good, but I can't guarantee it will be amazing and successful considering other games. The Wii U probably can't do anything at this point because it started off badly, and it is viewed as a bad console by many. Lemme see the sales:

Splatoon - 1.13 million
Mario Kart 8 - 5.01 million
Smash Bros. Wii U - 3.49 million (not considering 3DS)

Smash Bros. was more hyped than Mario Kart 8 but the Wii U version sold less than Mario Kart 8. MK8 sold half of the Wii U sold while smash 4 sold bit less than 1/3rd... pretty disappointing. This game will probably end up very hyped but not expected sales. We thought Smash Bros. was going to save the Wii U right? I hope Pokken Tournament would but I don't think so... they probably should have waited for NX. Otherwise day one buy for me!



TheGreatLord commented on Play: Beat Each Other Up in the Nintendo Life ...:

When will the next tourney be up? I find myself only joining NL and I never find good regular tournaments. But can I have just one request? Can mii fighters please be allowed? After all they are like any other fighters, just because they fall under name "Mii" doesn't mean they aren't :/ I heard if you do mii fighters only but customs off then they can't have equipments. Don't have to put customs because then everyone will use healing equipment...



TheGreatLord commented on Eager Fans Have Broken Down Fighter Changes in...:

I really really... REALLY wish Falcon's back air was not nerfed on its knockback... So many times it would have killed if it had its strength from before patch for me. Now his dair is really the only reliable kill move. His fair isn't reliable but of course very strong. I don't have many chances to pull it off. His smash attack to side and down are very predictable and a bit laggy so not the best options. His up smash is OK in my opinion because you can dash with it. Only tilt that can kill really is up tilt and you won't find yourself KO anyone with it often because it's too predictable. I don't think Falcon is high tier now, even his jab got nerfed.



TheGreatLord commented on Super Smash Bros. Is Getting A Massive Update ...:

I like everything but K Rool costume... I have no idea what to think of that. There's Link and Mega Man costumes. Hopefully this hints that K Rool will be a fighter instead of just a costume. K Rool was a big part of my childhood



TheGreatLord commented on Diddy Kong Nerfed In Latest Super Smash Bros. ...:

I completely agree. I wouldn't be surprised if people start finding ways to complain about another character. When everyone is complaining about whoever the current top character is, that character will be nerfed in the next patch. Then Smash Bros 4 will have like 10 seconds of endlag to every single move just because of people complaining.


Even if the game is balanced there will always be a character on top. That is because there will be a character that has advantages over more characters than not. Just stick to the game people... How did you all survive Brawl then? No one cared about Diddy Kong until Rosalina got nerfed. Now that they both got nerfed I wonder who is next...