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Sun 26th May 2013

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TheFozboz commented on Talking Point: Wii U vs Xbox One - Online Requ...:

I have read through most of this discussion and am horrified at some of the borderline brainwashed statements for pro-drm/anti-share. I understand the point of view "the developers deserve every dollar from their work". At the same time, do you pay royalties on the refrigerator design that you are selling? remember you only payed to use the finished cooling product, there was a lot of research and work put into the final design, so lets give those engineers some credit huh. Or even better we all like music right? I have a few guitar tab books, I suppose you should pay the artist of these books if I decide to lend or even........gulp sell it to someone.
Some of you have to remember that it is not the 'poor' developers who are trying to change the used game paradigm, it is large money centric corporations who are the shakers of this movement and I am pretty sure it is not so that the developers get their "fair share".
sorry for the mini-rant but jeeze.....