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Mon 11th Jul 2011

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TheEternalGamer commented on Review: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (Nint...:

This was the game that made me want an N64, from when I saw the TV adverts featuring the Hoth levels, I didn't rest till bought it. All in all, I wasn't disappointed.

Up to today, even though I own more recent Star Wars releases for the GC and Wii, I still play and love SOTE. Lucasarts did a fantastic job with the BGM. The graphics immerse you into the Star Wars universe and the gameplay, whilst not quite up to the heights of other N64 releases is a lot a fun. The fact it also ran full screen without borders (a rarity for PAL releases back then!) increased the appeal.

If you're a Star Wars fan and see this going cheap, buy it - you won't regret it. @elkangaRoo I used to have the PC version and it ran under Win2K. XP should work too.



TheEternalGamer commented on R-Type:

An amazing conversion for the time and a feat of programming considering the hardware limitations. During the 80s this was 2nd only to the X68000 version.

Definitely fun to play but the "Pan&Scan" style vertical scrolling prevents you from seeing the entire game area at once.

Only get it if you're a former TG16/PC Engine owner and want to relieve some nostalgia or you're curious about the different home versions of R-Type. Otherwise, play the actual arcade machine via MAME.