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Sun 3rd Nov 2013

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TheDavyStar commented on Outside the Realm from TreeFall Studios to Lau...:

Doesn't look like a particularly good game, but by all means a vast improvement over the letter. The thing that ticks me off is the shoody-looking collision detection and the immediacy with which the astronaut moves considering it's bloody space. Will likely be worth the price, that much is true.



TheDavyStar commented on Here's Exactly What Has Changed With Fire Embl...:

I suppose this is unnecessary, but I do wonder to what extent do we tolerate western editing? In the case of Xenoblade it was alright because, I mean, it was a 13-year-old, but in fatal Frame the replacement of the bikini really butchered the writers' message.



TheDavyStar commented on Review: Level 22 (Wii U eShop):

Sounds good, but I always tense up when I hear about bugs. Some can be tolerable, but you never know if it's going to randomly affect gameplay detrimentally.



TheDavyStar commented on Jools Watsham Wants to Know if You Want a Deme...:

The toxicity in the comments here shocks me and basically confirms the 3rd Party problem on Nintendo. No 3rd party games? Well, it's obviously their fault for callously ditching Nintendo even though they tried their best, yeah? Don't want another AC but would like the option!

The reason Jools hasn't brought his games to Europe before is because it's too expensive. He's American, of course he'll make games for specifically American audiences. What about all them japan-only games?

I have yet to play a Dementium game, so I'd be a hypocrite to say that I wanted more, but by all means I hope to pick up the first when IARC is on place, then I'll have an idea.



TheDavyStar commented on Fire Emblem Fates Removes 'Petting' Feature in...:

Uggh, I'm really not sure about how far this localisation should really go. For underage girls, yeah, surely. I know this is a silly part of the game but I don't like the idea of slashing out pieces of content for the sake of a T rating.



TheDavyStar commented on Dementium Remastered Targets a February Releas...:

Pumped that Jools is getting on board with Europe once more! However, I find myself not easily scared by horrow games, probably because I have pretty delayed reactions :/ That said, I'll support this if it means I get to play Moon Chronicles eventually!



TheDavyStar commented on 2015 Brought a Decent Year of Sales for Ninten...:

I like France. Everything that is a niche in the UK - graphic Novels, Japanese manga/anime/games etc has a significantly larger audience in France. It may still be a niche there, but here's the deal: The Tale of Princess Kaguya, a Ghibli film, was released in france 10 months before it was release in the UK.



TheDavyStar commented on Gunman Clive HD Collection Has Sold 9000 Copie...:

Well, I have Gunman Clives 1 and 2 already, so there's not much reason to get the HD collection even if you already have one. Guess you could say the game fell victim to its own existing fanbase, but it deserves to sell more because they're both brilliant games!



TheDavyStar commented on Weirdness: Conceptual Artist Attempts Tetris W...:

I thought it was an idea grown from communist ideals: you gotta arrange everything in exact order, even if not everything fits into said order. However, some time you run into a problem, try to fix it and spawn even more problems as a result.

Would make more sense seeing as Tetris came from a communoist country.



TheDavyStar commented on ​There's a New Yu-Gi-Oh! Game on the Way to ...:

The inclusuon of Yami, if the thumbnail on this page suggests anything, gives me a bit of hope that Konami knows about the Yugioh faithful. I heard the PS/Xbox one recently was rather good, so here's hoping that this one follows a similar trend - but with online multiplayer on 3DS this time?



TheDavyStar commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Owners ...:

"The stick apparently doesn't support Mac, though this was made clear in small print on the packaging."

"this was made clear in small print"

"small print"





TheDavyStar commented on Parent Trap: ​Is 3DS Download Play The Perfe...:

It's rarely used by companies because they want to make you buy multiple games. Street Fighter 4 is an example of such corporate stinginess. I mean, you weren't asked to buy multiple copies of the games on PS3, 360 and PC just so you could play it when you have some friends around!