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Re: Review: Magic Destiny - Astrological Games (WiiWare)


I'm still waiting for that wiiware phrenology game to come out. I have this one bump on the top of my head, and I am not sure what it means. I'm guessing "carelessness" but I'm not sure.

I still don't understand what numerology, tarot, and palmistry have to do with astrology, besides the fact that they all depend on blind chance.

Re: Cross Shanblue's Palms With Silver for a WiiWare Astrology Game


At least they admit it is supposed to be magic. You would think that if they went to so much trouble to make a game based on nonsense they would at least get the nonsense right. Most of the stuff in the game has nothing to do with astrology. Equally effective (that is, as effective as blind luck), but unrelated.

Re: Review: Dive: The Medes Islands Secret (WiiWare)


It is a fun game, lots of exploration, and certainly no where near as calm as endless ocean (there are hazardous animals everywhere, especially in later levels). Although besides the invisible barriers (which I have only encountered once), I have also had the game freeze outright on me twice and almost freeze another time. I had to force-reboot my wii in both instances.

Also, as a nitpick, there are no hazardous plants in the game. When you mention plants, you are probably thinking of either the purple spiky things, which are a type of animal called sea urchins and are relatives of star fish (and pretty closely related to us), or the swaying purple/blue and red/yellow things anchored to the walls, which are a type of animal called sea anemones and are relatives of jellyfish (which are also in the game). Then there are octopi and a bunch of true fish. But there aren't any hazardous plants, or much in the way of plants at all (there is a little bit of seaweed, but most of the backdrop is coral, also a relative of jellyfish and also an animal).