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Wed 18th Dec 2013

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Thaurane commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

everyone that is complaining about the graphics/art style and gameplay of HW just needs to stop. if you were a true zelda fan you would know by now that nintendo is going to do whatever they want with their LoZ graphics/gameplay and nobody (especially fan haters) is going to stop them.

with WW we dove into a cartoony world that at first didnt feel right at first. but after all this time it has found a special place in our hearts. they even went a step further and introduced more moves outside of the 4 basic attacks that plagued OoT and MM (dont get me wrong they were still awesome games).

TP brought a dark and sinister look with it that was released on both bc and wii. not very many games do that anymore. especially pointing at sony and microsoft. yes i'm aware there are a few recent titles they have done this. but they (sony and microsoft) messed up with the graphics pretty bad expecting them to do well on both systems. but TP did not have this issue cross platform. mirroring it from gc-wii was difficult to get used to if you played gc and then switched to the wii version. understandable why they did it but still... i personally loved the major improvement onto the other moves they introduced int WW.

SS introduced a different concept (at least for the LoZ series) of having everything appear drawn with a hint of realistic style with it. hell they even released a hard mode with this game. to my knowledge that is the very first time they have ever done that. i got my butt kicked in that mode. they even went and greatly improved onto the special moves system that was improved on in TP. as far as hardmode goes, the original LoZ doesnt count. it was an entire different playthrough altogether.

HW is delivering as promised with SS graphics with a better engine behind it. with gameplay that is outside of the normal 1vs1-3 combat that has been mainstream throughout the LoZ series. yet again they are introducing more moves that go far beyond what was in TP and SS. i cant wait for it. yes, it might be sooooo similar to previous dynasty games. but i really dont care. the fact that this is coming shows that nintendo will never stop being innovative. the fact that they are building the game AND engine from the ground up shows a lot more promise than previous dynasty games.

so suck it up. buy it or leave it alone. i'm personally welcoming the new look yet again as well as the gameplay. i personally love being outnumbered in the LoZ series 1vs1-3 combat bores me to death. although it looks like the horde is just leaving the player alone in the video. my guess is they plan to change that. otherwise they are just target practice. my end point being: graphics and a teaser trailer showing some gameplay IS NOT everything. pervious LoZ games and throughout LoZ history beyond what i mentioned here proves that you cant just judge a game by it's trailer. for all you other fanboys/girls this is NOT the main zelda game to hit wii U. stop getting your panties in a bunch.